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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So much happening!

Email sent Monday 31 May 2010

I remember those last couple of days before i left for the MTc it was crazy! we had to do so much stuff, and i am sure that this week was the same way for you guys it sounded pretty hectic, but im glad that you guys got through it ok! sorry i havent sent pictures for a couple weeks. the card reader i have been using I let elder Jackson borrow so he could use it becuase his broke or something, but hopefully by next week ill have it back and ill be able to send you some pictures.

We had zone conference this last week, where both Kumasi zones came together and got to hear from President and Sister Sabey and the Ap's. it was a good zone conference so i enjoyed it! they also told us that on the 14 th of june we will be playing a full football match on a full pitch zone versus zone in Kumasi and President sabey will be the ref! im freaking pumped for that because i havent played on a legit field for quite a while, because the chapels fields here are small. but ya, im also thinking about buying some soccer boots (cleats) because ive always wanted some since i got here, so next week im gonna go to one missionaries recent convert and buy some legit boots for like 30 citis! so i am excited for that. i think that our zone will win the football match.

Over here in the UST area we have just had the college students leave from school, so our proselyting area is alot more empty. its kinda sad seeing it so deserted right now, it reminds me of when i was leaving from college like a year ago. i seriously didn't want to come back home. no offense to you guys but i seriously loved college! ha but ya so our ward has reduced in size a little bit cuz most of the college students are gone but its still going good. our district is making some really good strives to complete the goal. because as of now we only have 5 weeks left to do it which is not much at all. but we should have two companionships finished next week and then two very soon after! Rebecca (the lady we are teaching whos husband is a member) is way sweet, we werent even able to see her this week because she traveled but she still came to mid week and church! we are planning to have a baptism with her and a few other people on the 20th of June, so be excited for that cuz im pumped!

Ive noticed something, whenever people write me they always talk about the little kids here in Ghana, they say oh their so adorable and all this sort of stuff. but i have come to a conclusion, there are only two types of kids in Ghana the ones that are adorable and you want to put in your suitcase and take home with you (with an oxygen mask of course) and then there are the ones you want to dropkick off a bridge. haha some of them are seriously annoying and the constant yelling of oburoni kinda gets to you sometimes. but i love the kids most of the time, its just those few instances that is like ahhh!

The Elders in my district right now are Elder Jeppsesen from idaho, isagara from uganda, togagae fro Samoa, Harrison from Sandy, Clements from idaho, Matheson from West jordan, and ekaette from Nigeria. i like our district, its fun. for district meeting last week we played scum! ha it was awesome.

Thats all i really got for now, but enjoy these days relaxing! oh and you should send me that ensign soon! because i wanna read it! ....and look at the pictures

love you


Email from Elder Joseph (former companion)

Re: Melinda is Off to the MTC

That really is a large group of mission at a time in the mtc (note: We dropped Melinda off at the Provo MTC on Wednesday and they said there were 500 missionaries coming in that day) in our we were only 38 missionaries and we think that it is too plenty for one mtc president to train all of us i think she will wonderful experience will the missionaries

i hope your other daughter will still go on a mission that will be a wonderful family i pray that mine will one day be like that. that has been my plan from the time i started my mission because i have seen many blessing that come from serving the lord on a mission

the lord has been helping us as the day goes by and mission is gradually becoming interesting and my prayer is that the people i teach should people that will remain as our president will always tell us

have a wonderful week

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