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Thursday, June 24, 2010

10 months! seriously...

Email sent Monday 21 June 2010

so ya i have been in Ghana for 10 months now... that is pretty cool im happy with myself it has been along time but it also feels like it really hasnt been that long. This week was good we have a ton of really good investigators and even some baptisms coming up. You were correct i did have my baptism for both Rebecca to complete the goal, and one other guy! unfortunately i wasnt able to go to the baptism. my companion had malaria yesterday and we were planning on going but he was totally out. he was throwing up and pooping tons so we just stayed inside all day. im happy they were able to get baptized though. we have another baptism coming up this week for my new ward in Bantama! we will be baptizing a 9 year old girl and then like a 18 year old girl. and we have some other ones coming up soon. Bantama is a sweet area.

Right now it is pouring rain outside...

so sometimes i forget that i am actually in Ghana, but this week was a reminder of that. we were at a members house and we were eating i had some fufu which was sweet. they told us they were serving us bush meat, which is called grass cutter, or a really big rat. so we were kinda like ok. Its supposed to be a big delicacy here. ive had it before and its not actually too bad but i was eating the thing. and was kinda preoccupied but then looked down at the meet and saw two big teeth........ Indeed i was eating a rat face! haha it first of all scared the crap out of me, but then i took a picture and everything was cool. i kinda didn't want to eat the rest of the rat face after i new what it was, but whatever. When in Ghana do as the Ghanaians. so i ate rat face...

The apartment in Bantama is kinda crappy, let me give you a list of reasons.

There are cats living in our ceilings

Rats/mice live somewhere in the apt...we find mice poop everywhere

Our rooms are small

the bathroom is puny

This is an ongoing list but its ok i don't care we have fun there.

Im sorry im not sending a picture again, the card reader that i have wont fit into the plug cuz its too big, so next week for sure well send some.

Elder Lunt has a washing machine in this apartment which is a lifesaver. im gonna die if i have to go back to handwashing, my hands are all soft and everything now. but hopefully i just get good luck and move into apartments with washers.

we were at the cafe on friday because Elder Lunt was just sent a camera that somehow got broken in shipping so he had to email his family to find out what to do.

I think i told you about football last week, after we came home i had a freaking sick sunburn line and i took a picture of it and was planning on sending it to you but it will have to wait. its funny, its a total distinct line between red and white. i guess that is the curse of being a Petersen. i hope i marry a tan person so my kids don't have those genes!

We heard America got robbed and should have won there game in the world cup which is really dissapointing. Ghana has gotten lucky with both of their goals being from penalty kicks, and the whole nation still goes crazy even though their just getting lucky. ha but ya. Ghanaians seriously think ghana will win the world cup, which definitely wont happen. i would love to see a Ghana vs USA match. the US would kill them!

i can't believe its already time for the country fest back home, thats so weird. the time is coming by, before you know it it will be December....!

love you


Email from Elder Togagae (former companion)

Re: Baptism this week!

thank you the baptism is going well. I miss him in this baptism he call me on Saturday he told me him and his companion they come to the baptism. on sunday he text me they not come to the baptism because of his companion have sich. thank everything going well in this area. According to the new goal we have boy in the new goal he 28 year old he came to church two sunday and he want to be baptise we will still teach him.thank you hear about sister Petersen she doing well. the work is find if pray and fast that why we see more blessing. because of my time, wants again thank you very much.

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