Quinton's sister, Melinda, is on a mission too!!!

Texas McAllen Spanish speaking - See her blog at www.melindasmission.blogspot.com

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A transfer full of meetings...

Email sent Monday 30 August 2010

This transfer has been kinda weird, because as melinda talked about in her emails we have been having alot of training sessions about the whole new lessons and stuff, but our mission president is doing it differently then hers i think. he has had a couple training sessions with all of the missionaries, but this next week on tuesday wednesday and friday the district leaders, zone leaders, and prospective trainers will be going to cape coast for some meetings and stuff. ya so i have to go to those, which means that we wont be getting a whole lot of proselyting done in this next week. my companion will be staying with the two other elders in the apartment and i will go to cape coast with the zone leaders in my zone. its kinda a hastle, but it must be important if were doing that stuff so im excited. and ill get to see alot of people there too so that will be fun.

You are correct this week we played a football match against the Assin Fosu zone. and elder joseph came. its the first time ive seen him in seven months so it was really good to see him. We won the game 6-2! so we dominated pretty well. it was a fun game and i had 2 sweet assists off of corner kicks. it was really fun. i had missed playing on this full pitch down here, because it really is a nice field. especially compared to what we played on at kumasi.

We are teaching a guy right now that was once paralyzed. he is way awesome, and hes not paralyzed anymore, but he still walks funny cuz he basically has no muscles in his legs from being paralyzed for so long. he is super cool, and we will actually be baptizing him and one other guy on wednesday. This paralyzed guys name is julius. he's a barber and lives in the air force barracks for some reason. He is also a draft master. now your probably thinking what is draft, well its a game like checkers, that is way sweet we play in our apartment at the end of the day sometimes. but seriously julius wins like major tournaments for it, so he is way legit and a way cool investigator.

i know that kalen is in the phillipines, and i heard mckell was coming here. you should get her to bring me something! that would be really cool to see her. shes not a way good friend of mine, but it would be cool to see someone from home.

I will be sending melinda seperate emails, but she doesnt have tons of time so she just writes me small emails too. but still forward me her emails, cuz i wanna read them. i havent been able to take any pictures lately because the camera is broken. its still in kumasi, and elder lunt is getting someone to fix it up there then he will send it down with the assistants. my other camera that i brought on mission i actually sold when i got this new one. i sold it to a missionary who was going home that was from ghana that really wanted one.

ya so everything is cool here. im just trying to gear up for this next year. i kinda feel like i went through a mid mission crisis and i was really having a hard time thinking i was only half way done and that i had to do another year all over again. but thats basically over now. i know why im here and for what purpose and thats what matter. i like my companion he is a really good example to me and we get along well.

i really wanna know what is going on in the running world. you should send me any results of the races that bingham and brandy are in... both boys and girls just because i wanna see how they are doing. thank you :)

love you


Email from Elder Joseph (former companion)
Thans also for your mail it has really make my pday going i also know that the gospel is true and my prayer is that the people i baptize should continue in the gospel
it was good before now i and elder Petersen has been playing on same team but now i am in Assin foso and he is in takoradi but they win us today
we still have good time together

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Going downhill feels so good!

Email sent Monday 23 August 2010

yup, so it is deinitely official, i have been out here in this ocuntry for more than 365 days. its actually kinda a weird feeling, because when i came out i thought that the missionaries that were at a year were so old and had everything together, but i dont really feel like that at all haha. i still feel new here, its kinda weird. but i am definitely happy that it has come. to celebrate our one year we went to this resteraunt called North Sea. everything is way expensive there, and i didnt really wanna spend money so i only bought some 3 cedi egg roll things. they werent even that good. but it was fun talking and just hanging out with everyone. Elder Tracy in my apartment, and he was in the mtc with me, and mackay is in the sekondi zone so he came with us too. so ya that was fun.

This week was a lot different of a week because we had so many different things going on that we really didnt even get that much time to do actual proselyting. Tuesday we had District meeting, Wednesday a baptism, thursday zone conference, friday was normal, and saturday we had a huge service project, and then played football with our ward and celebrated the 1 year.

so ya it was intense. i also had to do my first ever baptismal interview on tuesday night, it was actually alot easier and not as scary as i was making the thing out to be in my mind, so i was really thankful for that. it was basically just the same as a lesson, but i was the only guy in the lesson. ha but i have to do another one on wednesday so i will be getting alot of practice i think.

I am NOT living in the same apartment. im living in the actual town of takoradi, and not kojokrom. this place is actually really nice for Ghana. there are tons of nice houses in our area and stuff, its basically a 180 from kojokrom. i keep seeing people i know from kojokrom though and its sweet. one day me and my comp are just gonna go visit them!

My district is pretty sweet, it is actually our entire zone, and it has 12 people in it. Me, my comp, Tracy, Elder Kundiona, Elder Evans, NAthaniel, Stubbufield, Tweh, Sister Garba, Nagasau, Izidor, and Mkwezalamba. they are all cool people, and im liking it down here. today for P day we played card games and stuff like that! we played a big game of spoons with our district and it came down to me and sister Nagasau from Fiji, and of course i won...why you ask? because im awesome :) haha but seriously i won and it was cool.

We had the all africa service project on Saturday, and that is were all of the church throughout africa take a day for service, and what we did is we cleaned up this huge strip of road right in front of our chapel. so we had tons of members and even investigators there helping it was really cool and it was actually really hard work.

so ya thats basically whats going on. we have another baptism in 1.5 weeks, with two way cool guys so that should be cool.

my headaches are still here, but they are diminishing a little bit. the infection is gone i think, so everything down there is cool. haha i didnt have to pay the hospital bill. i only payed the first 2 cedis and then the church insurance covers the rest. we also constituted a war on mosquitos in our apartment and dowsed the whole thing with permethryn. and after we did that they really havent been a problem! cool huh. i dont get mosquito bites any more, but im still sleeping in my net because right now it doesnt bug me :)

have a great week



Email from Elder Joseph (former companion)

Missionary work goes on

that is really a wonderful experience for her (Elder Joseph is talking about Quinton's sister, Melinda, because I told him she was on her own with two seventeen year old missionaries her second week in the field and she was contacting spanish speaking people) the same thing happen to me when i came the first time to Ghana i was just sleeping during sacrament meeting because i can`t hear (understand) anything that they speak and even teaching the lesson if not that my trainer was a Ghanaian who do all the teaching and i just bear testimony after but as time goes on she will come to understand the language and the people and then missionary work will be sweet

it has been a wonderful time in my new area and my days are drawing to an end and i am doing well next week we will be have a football match with Elder Petersen in Takoradi

have a wonderful week

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One lap down...one to go

Email sent Monday 16 Aug 2010

haha i like to live my mission through an 800m race, so right now i have raced the first 400, well at least by Saturday i will have done that! im actually pretty stoked about it. everything from here on out is downhill! sweet!

Ya so i have plenty of things to talk to you about this week! because there was alot of things that happened. me being transfered was the most prominent thing that has happened. Basically on monday and tuesday i packed and didnt do a whole of a lot we just hung out with the other missionaries and stuff, and we actually went to town so i could stock up on mountain dew, because i didnt think they had it in Takoradi, little did i know that they do! haha so that was kinda a waste, but whatever. haha

On wednesday we headed to the STC staion, STC is a huge bus thing (a tour bus) like the ones that we take to footlocker, and we boarded that thing and left everyone. im gonna miss alot of the people up in Kumasi because i got to be really close to some of them. Elder Jackson, and Elder Russel rode the bus down with me, which was cool. all 3 of us started our mission in the kojokrom district, and then we all got transfered up to kumasi and then we all got transfered back down at the same time! all three of us were called to be district leaders, but we're all in seperate zones so i dont get to see them anymore. so after a long time on the STC bus, i finally made it to takoradi. My companion is really cool, he is from Enoch, UT which is right by cedar city so we have stuff in common there. im living with Elder Tracy, who went to the MTC with me. Hes a really good friend so we are gonna enjoy. and his compnion is elder Kuniando from Zimbabwe. the people in our apartment are cool. our apartment on the other hand isnt. there is a serious infestation of mosquitos in there like way bad. im sleeping in my mosquito net again because it is so bad, right now i would say i have a total of 50 mosquito bites on my feet, and thats even with sleeping in a net. apparently i taste really good. were getting some permethryn soon so we can take care of the mosquito problem.

My new area is huge, and we actually ride bikes everywhere. this area is one of the only biking areas in the mission. id say we ride like 6 to 8 miles in a day, so its pretty cool, its always nice for a change of pace, because im not gonna lie i was getting pretty tired in my other area. but now im here. my companion is super green, but its sweet. Im in the actual town of takoradi, so its not the same as kojokrom. kojokrom was like a villagey sort of thing about 30minutes from takoradi. but im in the center of town now, its really cool.

I have to play the piano in church again. its kinda scary because i havent played in 6 months now, so i messed up a few times, but it was ok. all in good time it will come back to me. My ward is cool, i guess its kinda too early to tell now, but it seems like this area will be a really good one, and i could see myself staying here for a while. the sweetest thing is that a couple days ago they were having like a youth conference thing for the whole stake at the stake center, and we went there, and i got there and there was just millions of people i knew from my old areas, little kids i had baptized and stuff, its crazy after six months how much bigger they have gotten. and then there was even tons of other people that were calling my name and saying hi to me that i didnt even remember, i must have made quite the impression over there :) haha

But now i am back in Fante town. Twi is so much easier than Fante, i could seriously understand almost everything people said up in kumasi, but here the speak fante, so im gonna need to get used to that again :( oh joy.

Now your ready for it...the sweetest thing about this new area! drum rollllllllllllllll, there is this little shop that sells hamburger like things and they are only 50 peswas! they are so good and there cheep, so basically im gonna be eating these hamburger things every day, because i love them. you probably dont understand my joy over them, but its sweet!

My headaches havent gone, but i am still taking the medicine sister sabey told me to take, so we will see what happens with that.

yup so that is basically the news for the week, i am now on my last 90 days of those contacts, so you should be getting that package ready to send me with 6 months worth in it please :) also if you could include a ton of gatorade powder inside it i would love that. i really miss gatorade.

That is all



Email from Elder Joseph (former companion)

that is really true i have seen it in my course of teaching the gospel and now i am with my mtc mate as companion and we are even Nigerian and the work has been a wonderful one in my new area and i know that as time goes on the lord will help us to finish the work

how is Melinda doing i hope she is doing well

send my greeting to your family and have a wonderful week

Monday, August 9, 2010

hey hey hey

Email sent Monday 9 Aug 2010

i have alot of stuff to tell you today! Transfers are today! i dont know if anything is happening yet because we still havent gotten the call, but im assuming that i will know sometime during when i am emailing you so i will keep you updated on that. I dont really wanna get transfered, but at the same time i kinda do. it is always good to get a change, it gives me more drive and also breaks up the monotony of things, so we will see about that.

Right now my apartment is a huge construction zone! they are redoing pretty much every room in it, and tiling the stuff, we are getting "carpet" in each of the bedrooms, which will really just be a big rug, but it will be nice. the place already looks alot nicer, they finished tiling our big front room, and now they are destroying our hall place and our kitchen haha. so maybe i will see the finished project, but maybe i wont. i don't really know whats gonna happen.

So the infection that i have been having is totally gone! there is no more pain anymore, and i am actually finished taking the antibiotics for it! what a happy day, now i can actually go outside and not have fear of getting terribly burnt. i did actually bring my umbrella with me a few places but never got it out to use it because it was pretty shady here last week.

The head thing hasnt gone away though, so in one of the many phone calls that i have had to sister sabey in the past couple weeks we started talking about my headaches, and she said that this has happened before to some elders, so what the doctor said to do is to take 800mg of ibuprofen 3 times a day, for two weeks and see if that helps. so i started that like two days ago. i am hoping that it works, because sometimes the headaches are ok, but sometimes they are like migraine headaches and it is just really annoying to have a headache all of the time.

The Elders in Accra were convicted of their charges, we got a text from president a couple of days ago, one was sentenced to 10 years and the other to 7 years, so that is definitely a big deal.

Right now we are teaching alot of people out in a small town named Kotwi. we have one family of members out there and they are giving us tons of referalls of friends and we have really been working hard on a few people. This sunday we will be baptising a maybe 40 year old man, 50 year old woman, and her 8 year old daughter. those are the only ones that are totally prepared right now, but hopefully in the next coming 3-4 weeks we should be able to baptize 3-5 other people out there too. This one lady we will be baptizing sunday is named Grace, she doesnt really speak english very well, but she can understand it really good, so we teach her in english and then if she is ever having questions or contributions she will tell the member that is helping us teach, or me. and then we will translate the question for elder lunt. haha. she is seriously really cool, and has been prepared really well by this family. last time we met with her we asked if she had any questions and she said no, and then, in twi, she basically went on to teach us lesson one and lesson two combined, i understood but elder lunt was kinda lost haha. but she is solid and she is definitely prepared to be baptised so im excited for that.

We are helping a man rebuild his house after his house burned down maybe about a year ago or so. so basically we have just been there to do alot of the physical manual labor. i havent been feeling that good lately to help alot, but we have hauled a ton of dirt, i used a pick axe for a while to take out a concrete wall, and stuff like that. it is fun but really tiring. ill send you pictures sometime about it.

that topic brings me to my next concern...my camera has stopped working. i dont know why, it is like it is jammed or something. the lense is all the way out, and it wont close, and when i try and turn it on it makes this noise like it is trying to move but is stuck noise and then stops. so i havent been able to take many pictures for a little while and its kinda making me annoyed. maybe im not meant to have a camera out here or something haha. i dont know what to do about it because i dont know how to fix it :(

This last week the Bantama ward that we are serving in split. it was getting to big to hold all of the people so they split it into two wards, two wards for 4 missionaries. so we had our first time for the two wards yesterday and that was alot of church! haha, but eventually we will make it into 1 ward for 1 set of missionaries and the other for the other companionship. that is just a work in progress though.

well i hope that i have answered all of your questions.

well i love yall, have a good week


Next are other responses to emails as we were on together:

***yaaaaa so guess what! oh today we actually played football, and then we played volleyball afterwards.
so you know how i said we were having transfers...well president sabey just called me and guess what.. im going! haha im going back to Takoradi! to be in the Takoradi apartment! my new companions name is elder Gibson ive never met him before but he's american, and i will be the district leader down there. im actually kinda pumped to go down there! Takoradi is sweet, so i should enjoy it i think :)
***I will try the stuff with the camera. and i dont really know if the infection will come back. so ya.
its not the same area as before, this time i will be in Takoradi Takoradi, like the main town part of it, right by the stake center with the full grass football pitch :) haha im excited for that! and to see people i havent seen in along time. im not sure who else is in that apartment...but it should be cool
***There is a ton of transfers going on right now, its actually kinda crazy haha. the camera could have gotten dust in it, but i havent ever dropped it or anything so i dont know whats up with it.
Email from Elder Joseph (former companion)
It has really been a nice time i had in kojokrom and also my new area is graduadully grow fine and now i am begining to enjoy the place but unfortunately i will be leaving the area this transfer to another area called assin foso so i will be leaving
but i have really learnt a lot from this area and am sad to leave so soon
i am doing powerful well
have a wonderful week

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Well i'm still here

Email sent Monday 2 Aug 2010

haha ya so the lat few days have been interesting as you guys could probably assume. The infection isnt a common thing, sister sabey said that having pain sometimes is common. but for the pain to actually last like mine was is not a normal thing and not good. The doctor said that if i didn't take care of it well it could turn into something called an Absess or something like that, and that would require surgery. so that would not really be a good thing if that happened. basically i will just give you the low down of the stuff that happened this week. haha but first of all i would like to say that regardless of all this i thought that my email last week was pretty good, despite the severity of what it was i was still able to add a little bit of humor into it. :)

So last monday i played football, come to find out that wasnt really the best idea, in Sister Sabeys words it was stupid. haha but ya i was feeling fine so i played.

Then tuesday came and something weird happened, the pain in the right side had really decreased, but now there was pain on the left. I was worried because the pain was not getting worse in the left one. but i called up sister sabey again and had another nice conversation, and she said it might be normal just getting the infection out, so it might be worse before it gets better. I said great that is exactly what i want. but you just gotta roll with the punches. so she told me that i should try and rest and keep my legs elevated, therefore that is what i did

Wednesday rolls around, and i was on splits with Elder Izekor, one of the zone leaders in our apartment. about 2 hours into the day i told him we just needed to head home because i was tired and stioo had pain. so i basically just came home and slept. then called sister sabey again and she told me that the doctor said that i need to just lay down for 48 hours...and not do anything. i don't know about you but laying down for 48 hours doesnt seem like that fun of a thing when you have no TV, Halo or anything of that sort. but ya so i had my next few days planned out for me, hoping that this would make it better.

Thursday, i layed down... yup thats basically it

Friday, what did i do... i layed down. so basically for two days straight thats what i did is just lay down. it was pretty miserable. and even me the king of naps couldnt take it. you know i love taking naps, but i couldnt handle it for 48 hours. haha but slowly but surely it kept getting better and better and didnt hurt as much as it used to.

And saturday we rested in the morning and proselyted in the evening.

Right now it is feeling pretty much better, sis sabey told me just to keep taking my medicine and everything should be ok. so things are going ok over here on that front.

On another front, part of the medication i am taking is double doses of doxy, and you know that doxy makes your skin sensitive to the sun, now just imagine me, double sensitive to the sun... basically if i even think about the sun i get burnt right now. it seriuosly sucks im not gonna lie to you. im miserable right now, i walk outside and i can feel the sun just like cutting into my skin, so i think tommorow im gonna walk around with an umbrella. seriously im gonna do it, cuz im sick of it.

ya so i havent exactly been having the best couple weeks, im sick of being sick, and i just freaking want it to get better so i can feel like a normal person again, because i feel like im just a shell of a person right now, i never have energy anymore, i always have headaches and im just tired all the time. i don't know i guess im just tired haha sorry im kinda venting in this email but it needs to be done.

so ya thats really whats up with me, unfortunately we did not go golfing today, people decided 30 citis was too much to pay for golf, i still wanted to go, so sometime i will probably go with select few that want too cuz it would be cool to golf in Ghana. funny thing too as we were having our p day activity these little kids walked in with golf clubs haha. they also had a makeshift golfball, it was actually an orange peel crushed up and surrounded in tape, so obviously i took a few swings, i was using an eight iron. it kinda just felt good to swing a club again, but i had a couple good shots

yup, so im sorry this email isnt really that long or good, but next week when im not so sunburnt i will type more interesting stuff



Email from Elder Joseph (former companion)

This week has reaslly been a streeful one because i have few lesson onlike kojokrom that there there are many opportunity to teach here many of the people has know the church so teaching has been a little bit hard but with all the work has been a good one and i hope i will be a good one by the end of this week

Melinda experience was the same with mine when i was coming it was alsoi my first time to fly but it turn to be one of my sweetest one

i also hope that elder Petersen will be fine so that he can go back to work

have a wonderful week