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Monday, September 13, 2010

This has probably been the most miserable week of my life

Email sent Monday 13 September 2010

(Please say a few extra prayers for Quinton!!!)

ya...not kidding. sorry this email is probably gonna suck, but my mind isnt really moving to fast right now. so i have been having these headaches now for about three months, and they have only seemed to get worse and worse. Sister Sabey has had me taking 800mg of ibuprofen 3 times a day for a little while and it doesnt do anything to the headaches. So then comes into play this week. this week the headaches have magnified in intensity by like 700 times. not joking. from tuesday going i have just been in bed. ive basically just had a migraine for like 6 days now. and i have been talking to sister sabey tons and she has been talking to the mission doctor tons trying to figure out what is wrong. they have basically been guessing at different drugs that might help, but nothing is helping. we have come to the conclusion that it is some sort of virus that people sometimes get, its really rare, and there is no way to cure it. basically ive been in intense pain for the last week just hating my life in my bed. President Sabey called me this morning and talked to me, he said that there is one last thing that we can try to see if helps, which is a drug called Prednisone, its actually a steroid, but they have given it to people that get these and it helps sometimes. so basically the jist of it is i am gonna try this prednisone stuff for the next week or so and see if it gets any better. i really dont know if it will. President told me that after that it just comes down to if i can stay or not, and honestly if this doesnt get better i dont want to stay. President has had to send a few missionaries home because of this, and he said that there is really no way to tell if or when it will get better. Im really struggling here. so basically if it doesnt get better in like a week or so i could be packing my bags to come home. i actually think that might help with the headaches but i dont know. President said that this Prednisone really is like a last ditch effort to see if it helps... so hopefully it does. sorry this email probably stinks but my head is throbbing right now, if you get this soon email me back and give me some advice or something

i love you


i havent thrown up yet, but i have wanted to a couple times and started dry heaving. we havent been to a chiropractor and honestly there probably isnt any good ones in Ghana. my companion has just been suffering with me in the apartment. he has done alot of cleaning while ive been laying down

this next week will basically tell if i stay here or if i go home, cuz if it is anywhere near this bad i cant be an effective missionary when i can barely go outside.

keep me in your prayers


Email from Elder Joseph (former companion)

hello how is every thing i hope all is well and the family

this week has been a lovely one as we were planning to teach some people we are planning to baptize and the number is the most i have got in my mission if all of them are baptize they will 15 of them which is really sweet

also we will be having a conferece with the new area presidency and i hope it will be a wonderful one

have a wonderful week

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Email sent Monday 6 September 2010

Hello my name is Quinton Petersen, i am your song... haha ya. This week was really pretty crazy, because we were having those leadership training sessions in cape coast on tuesday wednesday and friday. so those days i left the apartment at 630 with the zone leaders and we went to the trotro station and just hopped into a trotro to go to cape coast. so i took 6 hour long trotro rides this week, i really dont want to be in a trotro again for a while now haha. but the meetings were good. president sabey and the assistants talked about some focuses that the mission will be having and some of the changes that the guys up top have made. it really is nothing different, but it just focuses our efforts on some parts of preach my gospel that will help us to be more effective, so all in all it was good. plus i got to hang out with a couple friends i hadnt seen in along time. Elder Bahme, and Jackson. so we had fun there. but seriously going there and back all the time totally wore me out it was really crazy. so my companion was on splits with the other 2 missionaries in my apartment while i was gone. everything went well

wednesday Julius and a guy named francis were baptised it was cool. we had maybe like 20 people at the baptism and that was a pretty good turnout.

My scriptures are kinda starting to fall apart, so i decided to buy a small quad BoM. it cost 67 cedis, so ya its kinda expensive but i needed a new one. the binding of my old one is kinda falling apart. i ordered it so it should be here within like two months or so.

i got in a bike crash this week. i kinda ran into a ditch and just ejected off the bike. my companion said i made it look really smooth and like a meant to do it. haha i didnt get hurt.

Yesterday was a really sweet day on mission. i was on splits with Elder Evans, and we went to my church where julius and francis were confirmed, and then we went to elder Evans church. then after that the elders at Kojokrom were having a baptism, and the sisters had been teaching that investigator and it finished the goal for them so we went. it was way sweet to go back to kojokrom. i seriously love that area. everyone in the church remembered me and all the little kids were screaming my name. it was way cool. then the baptism went well. after it me and my comp went and saw a few other people i knew around there. it was really cool. i went and saw the Sam Family, the family i baptised right before i left, and when they saw me the wife jumped up and just yelled my name and ran at me and gave me a hug, haha. it was really cool to see them again, so ya kojokrom is a sweet place

i havent gotten your letters yet

(We asked Quinton about the mission's focus to be more obedient to the mission rules and this is his response.) so as far as that stuff about the ipod and stuff, ive already given it to Pres Sabey, so thats not a problem. i only have 3 girlfriends out here, so i have to dump them now and that made me kinda mad :) haha i hope you know im joking about that. i dont have any music anymore cuz everything i had was on my i pod. but elder tracy has a bunch of motab cd's so thats ok i dont need anything like that

my headaches have gotten worse lately. im taking about as much ibuprofen as the give a small elephant when his tusks start to grow in. haha ya, me and sister sabey are trying to figure out whats wrong but were not sure. maybe it will come in time...well i havent had mtn dew in like 2-3 weeks now so thats definitely not it. sister sabey said it might be a virus thing, but we dont know :(

sister sabey has been calling the mission doctor about these things, so its not like im doing something that is really gonna hurt me because the doctor is the one telling me to do this. if it is a virus there is basically nothing that we can do but, she said that it might just go away. i dont know. they have a chiropractor in my area, maybe ill talk to her about that sometime soon. i might start running one time a week with our apartment so maybe that will help, all this stuff i really dont know, im just hoping it will get better.

oh PS we played football against the Abura Zone today, and guess what we won 6-3. ya! ha i scored a goal as well so it was cool. it seems like physical activity makes the thing worse though, cuz right now it is a splitting headache

i drink tons of water, so i dont know. ive been talking to sister sabey alot and she calls me alot so ill bring these things up next time

love ya


Email received from Elder Joseph (former companion)
We had an all African service project day where all the member of the church in west Africa carry out service for other so for this one we join the branch we are serving with to do the service and it was a nice experience for us as missionaries but as we proselty we sometime do unplanned service with both member and investigator
the branch do most of the teaching in my current branch we just go there to contribute to their lesson also we don`t hold any responsibility
our Area is small so we don`t use bike we walk
how is the family i hope all is well have a wonderful week and greet your family for me