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Monday, March 29, 2010

wow im tired

Email sent Monday 29 March 2010

so im at the same internet cafe as a couple of weeks ago and lo and behold i get the same computer that the space bar doesn't work on so sorry once again if some words or sentences run together. first of all i would like to say thank you for teaching me how to type when i was young even though ihated it! because i couldnt imagine how it would be to be a bad typer and struggle to write things so thanks!

at this point we just got back from our p-day activity where we played football and even we played some real football as well! Elder holmes parents send him an american football so we can play now! the africans don't know how at all though so we weremostly just playing catch and kicking today. today both ofthe zones in kumasi got together and we just played sports and stuff so that was fun but now i am soooo tired so i need to go back to the apt and sleep!

last week for p-day we went to the cultural center in kumasi and it was pretty cool they took us on a tour of a little museum and they then showed us how they make some of the art stuff inghana. i got to weave kinte even! ha so that was really cool and they showed us a pottery place and i really wanted to jump on the wheel but i couldnt so maybe ill be able to ceramicise when i get home sometime!

I got the package on Saturday! unfortunately the camera is broken so i don't really know what to do i am really angry.....psyche! im joking the camera works fine and it is way freaking sweet thank you very much! so now i have acamera that ican carry with me and take allsorts of pictures! i haven't gotten the letter yet though :( knowing my luck with letters i am sure that it has gotten lost :( stupid ghana mail

so when brandy has races and stuff and even if there are big college races you guys should send me the results ok! ha because i can't get on and look at them but if you send them to me its fine so you should send me results periodically during the letters!

we don't get to watch general conference unfortunately, but at some point in the next two months well be able to watch part of it. tell me if anthing important happens!!!

that missionary stuff you guys gave me i gave some away to memebers of the ward in kojokrom and stuff like that i still have some of it but i havent given it away yet im waiting though. i don't play the piano anymore here we have a ward member who is very good so i don't have to do that anymore which is kinda nice. the piano we have here is nicer than the one in kojokrom. the ward here is nice and stuff, but they are not fully engaged in the missionary work, so it is kinda a slower ward, but we are working on changing that by serving the members alot. i think ill be here for a while so hopefull ill be able to see it change!

im tired so that is all!

transfers are next week but im most likely staying and so is jeppesen so i don't think we have to worry about that

I love you


Email from Elder Joseph - I asked if there were spring flowers and if people plant flowers and gardens

Re: Spring is here

this week has been a lovely one as the days goes by i am growing older and i am gradualy enjoying the work and i know that i the decision i made is the right one

here in Ghana they plant more of tree and little of flower but there are some in some area but no spring since i have been in this area i have not seen any

our investigator are doing great and some of them are progressing and we are planning to have a baptism on the 11 of April

we have find some other investigator but majority of the investigator are those we have before elder petersen left to Kumasi

sometime we have to listen to the general confernce on the stake center or most of the time read them from the liahonal given to us by our mission

have a wonderful week for me this is my ten month on mission and that is sweet like today our zone will be having a fufu party and that is wonderful


Monday, March 22, 2010

So many questions i forget to answer them all

Email sent Monday 22 Mar 2010

Hey sorry that sometimes i forget to answer all of your questions but sometimes there are so many i don't have time or i just forget the question after i have read the other 100 that you send to me each week :) this week i will strive to answer most of the ones that you sent!

((Take Note:  Quinton's new email address is quinton (dot) petersen (at) myldsmail (dot) net  (Substitute the appropriate signs for the words in parentheses!))

so yes i did get a new email address, and sorry it just kind of slipped my mind and i forgot to tell you, but ya you should probably tell the other people that it has been changed if anyone wants to write me. for now the ones sent to my old email are still transfered to this one, but i don't know if that will last forever so definitely try and get on telling people that. sorry that i forgot

I haven't gotten a letter from you guys im sure that it is lost in the mail. i really think that i have terrible luck with mail i think more than half of the letters that have been sent to me have been lost so if i never write some people back its not because i hate them...most of the time.. its probably just because i haven't gotten the letter cuz it got lost lol. i haven't got the package yet but i am hoping that i get it soon im really excited. with the envelope packages that you guys send those ones are not checked when they recieve them. and so on those ones also we dont have to pay duty so continue sending those packages that your sending because you pack them full and i don't have to pay duty for them!

Sundays are pretty much normal days of proselyting except for the fact that we have church 3 hours of the day. we have church starting at nine which is alot nicer than church starting at 1! ha im sorry that you guys have to have that it stinks! but i had that down at college so i have had to endure it as well.

Kumasi is different than kojokrom the people up here are alot more educated and can speak english more, but with that they are also alot more prideful which stinks. it is alot tougher of an area than kojokrom was but we are working it out. we don't get as many investigators at church but i think all of the stuff will come in time we just need to work hard and rely on the lord and everything will be cool.

My cooking is coming good i just made a new stew and it tastes really good so im happy with that. i have become alot better at managing my sub! and that is cool. Today i bought some MTn dew and also some rootbeer so i am going to enjoy tonight when we go back to the apartment! i haven't had rootbeer since i came here and i miss it but now i have a can so everything in my life is fine right now! you can tell i am easily pleased

I don't need another journal i just bought another one from the distribution center here. don't worry about sending me anything church oriented here because if i need it i can just get it from the distribution center here and it is like ten times cheaper! ha thanks though i have almost finished my first journal so that is exciting!

I was kinda sick these last couple days but it wasnt malaria i was just feeling kinda dizzy and stuff, but i am better now so its fine. me and elder jeppesen were proselyting and we went into a christian bookstore and were looking at some of the funny religious books they had there. so obviously we had to do something. there was an empty space on one of the bookshelfs........just a little bit of information right now im listening to Nsync bye bye bye, some guy in the internet cafe is playing it on his phone and im singing along.........ok back to the story so there was an empty part on the bookshelf and we put a book of mormon there and wrote our name and number in it and read ponder and pray and just left it there! ha so hopefully someone finds it and reads it and is converted that would be sweet!

We had a zone conference thing this week were Elder Dickson (the second counselor in the Africa West ARea Presidency) came and talked to us. it was way sweet and there was some really good talks it was very spiritual and there was some serisouly freaking good food that we had there! ha ya

so the only thing else i have to tell you guys is that my body is slowly disintegrating! ha jk but serisouly it kind of is. my arms and legs are getting so skinny, im losing all of my muscle, but maybe thats a good thing idk i cant tell. so the outer exttremeties of my body are getting skinny and my stomach is getting bigger. the craziest thing my belly button has changed from an outty to an inny i didn't even know they could do that! ha but ya

so thats all for this week i think that was actually a really somehow long email!

i love you


(Note:  Quinton sent his email at the end of his day at about 4 PM, which is 10 AM our time.  We were on the computer and sent emails back and forth.)
idk maybe i am getting fat i cant tell! ha i think that i weigh about 130 right now so im not weighing more but i don't look as slim and cut as i used to but im fine with that ill get back into shape when i go home! unless i get a kenyan companion then i will run him into the ground! i didn't get a hair cut this week but i think im cutting it today, it is pretty long and needs to be cut, although the sweet combover will be missed

Monday, March 15, 2010


Email sent Monday 14 Mar 2010

Wow these weeks are just coming by really fast right now. just so you know the space bar that i am using right now is pretty hard to press down so sorry if some words are connected or something!

It sounds like you had a ton of basketball to play! ha we actually played basketball one time this week. we live by alot of hostels and one of them has a basketball court and we saw some guys playing there so we went to play for second. This was right after we had finished a service project so we were in normal clothes. now usually Ghanaians are not good at basketball at all! but this oneguy that we played was really good. we were playing barefoot so i actually got a huge blister on my foot but it definitely was worth it to be able to play for like tenminutes. Even thoughim pretty crappy at it right now!

You will be happy to know that the shoes that we got me are holding up really really great. i wear the slip on ones more because they are easier to put on, but i really like both of them and i could see them lasting all the way too the end of my mission. They better for how much we payed for them!haha

I forgot to wish you a happy birthday last week dad, but i promise i was going to. i am in the process of writing you a birthday card that i will probably send through the pouch, and so youcan write me back! 57 wow your getting up there aren't ya! :)

The transfer is already half over which is crazy it feels like i just got here! we are teaching this one really smart guy and we were teaching him about the book of mormon this past week, He is the first investigator that i have ever had to do research on the church he asked us about poligamy and stuff it was weird and i didn't know how to best answer those questions. but we got through it fine! i bet that missionaries in the states have to explain that stuff alotwhich would be weird. I'm thankful to be in ghana thats all i can say.

Fufu is probably the best food on the planet. The more that i eat it the more i like it. somehow you guys need to try it sometime even though it is weird the first time you eat it. I have been eating more and more lately and right now ive really only been eating Indomie (ghana's version of Ramen) But it is way better! i go through about 40 packages every two weeks now lol. i need to start eating more rice though because it is less expensive!

Elder Jeppesens first name is Kirk, like Captain Kirk. but his parents aren't trekkies i already asked him. He lives in a small town called Sugar City in Idaho...its kinda by Rexburg I Think.

Thanks for buying the camera!!! i am excited because that means i can start taking pictures again soon! wooo! thats crazy that you gotsuch a sweet deal on it! Woaye adee.(that means well done in twi)

sorry about the omg incident people should just know what i mean... maybe next time ill say omgosh! ha

Thats all for now this keyboard is really angering me and my hands aregetting tired ill send a better email next week

Im sending two pictures this week. one is of me playing a sweet mancala game that i was dominating at, the other is me pointing to a sign. Aparently someone has figured out the day for the end of the world! lol

i love you


Playing Mancala

End of the World?

Ghana Cape Coast Mission Conference
December 16, 2009
6 of the 8 zones
The other 2 zones held their conference in Kumasi

Email from Elder Joseph

Indeed the week runs very fast i can`t just imagine that two weeks has gone by when elder petersen left for kumasi i am raelly enjoying the lord work in this mission though sometime i feel try but the though that i must work for the lord it always push me going and i know that lord will provided a way for us that the work will not be streeful but that we will serve and return with honour

i am really grateful for your prayer and my the lord bless you more

Thanks bye

Monday, March 8, 2010

Re: Tell us about Kumasi!

Email sent Monday 8 Mar 2010

Hey parentals and sisters! its been a crazy week with alot of stuff happening i will try to answer all of your questions that you guys sent to me even though there was a buttload of them! haha.

First off about the camera i absolutely do not want a camera that takes AA batteries. Those kind of rechargable batteries are super super crappy and they don't last long at all. Ok i just want one that is the same thickness as the one i told you about. it doesnt necesarrily have to be that one, but one like it, because any bigger than that and it wouldn't fit into my scripture case with everything. Just go to costco and look at them. The batteries that those cameras have a lithion batteries and they last a long time and if you sent me one battery it would be fine because i would be able to charge it once or twice a week and everything would be ok. But ya definitely nothing bigger than that, and definitely definitely not anything that takes AA batteries. because theyre crappy thats all there is too it! When you buy the camera it should come with the battery charger and the battery too so everything will be cool. Just take like 150 out of my bank and buy the thing :) Melinda can help if you need it. ha sorry Thanks for listening to my littledeal on cameras

AFter we went and saw elder holland we took a big tro tro with the rest of our zone back to the house and we were just waiting in our house washing clothes waiting for the phone call. We finally got the phone call and i had to pack all of my stuff that night! the drive to Kumasi is about 5-6 hours so its not totally long, but longer than you would like to sit in a vehicle for. We took what was called an STC bus and its just one of those big nice charter busses like we used to take to footlocker and stuff. all of my stuff fit nicely inside of if so it was cool. Kumasi is a totally different beast than Kojokrom i think i told you last time that it was a lot like america! haha they actually have really big houses here and stuff and really nice places and it is a ton bigger! My area now is probably like 2-3 times bigger than my last area, at least it seems that way! we do a lot of walking during the days but most of the are is flat which is a nice transition from the hilly place of kojokrom

Elder Joseph is still in Kojokrom and he is training a new missionary that just came! He is actually training an Ethiopian! crazy huh, but the guy doesnt run so we wouldn't have gotten along because he is wasting his god given gift by not running! lol just kidding but seriously he is.

The UST apartment is pretty cool, it is smaller than the one in Kojokrom but its still nice. We actually live in a compound with plenty of people and we live on the third floor of the building, which is the top floor. we actually have a nice little balcony thing that looks out onto the city of Kumasi and that is cool. And Both Elder Jeppesen and Elder Holmes have washing machines that they bought so i can use them and i don't have to hand wash for the time being :) yay!

We had our zone conference this week and President Sabey announced a new goal that we would be having as a mission. That every missionary needs to baptize one wife and husband family befor July 4,2010. It should be a sweet goal. i know that it will be tough but we will be able to do it with the Lords help!

Kumasi is a lot different in the fact that there is less humidity than kojokrom, but it is a lot hotter. I sweat a ton up here and i don't know why. But i guess ill get used to it i just have to drink like 3 liters of water a day. Lately i have been growing my hair out! ha so right now y hair is somehow long for a missionary in ghana and i have been rocking a sweet comb over the past couple weeks! i figure that this is the only time ill be able to do that and so ill keep my hair for a little bit and maybe cut it in like a week or so...or maybe more idk.

Elder Jeppesen has had malaria this week so we have actually been in the apartment alot, which stinks. we get way bored but he is getting better so we'll be able to go out again tomorrow!

Kumasi P-days stink so far. we have not had any planned activities and we have been basically staying in the apartment but that is gonna change next week i am gonna organize at least our district if not our whole zone to come to our chapel and well play some football because i miss it! so thats what we are going to be doing! My stomach is much more developed than Elder Lehrs and so no i don't get runny tummy when i ate there. But did i tell you that there is a sweet track there? im making plans that one P-day we are gonna go there and im gonna see how fast i can run a mile! ha hopefully i can brake 6! maybe lol

Im glad that Julianne likes my text emailing! lol hahaha rofl idk... should i go on :)

i love you guys ill talk to you next week :)



Email from Elder Joseph

Re:  Tell us about your week!!!

We are heading forward and it was a wonderful one though it is really stressful to adopt to new changes but the spirit is still the same with missionaries but we are getting to known each other.

The last transfer elder Petersen was the only person who left our apartment and my new companion`s name is Elder Chewaka from Ethiopia and he is new on mission so he is trying to learn like me, he is just from the MTC not all that because we just baptize the investigator but there are others we were teach that are progressing that he left for the new missionary.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Me ko Kumasi!!!

Email sent Monday 1 Mar 2010

Ha so ya i guess i don't get to tell you the news of the transfers since elder Joseph already told you. But i have been transfered to an area Called UST in Kumasi! My companions name is Elder Jeppesen. Kumasi is so much different than Takoradi was. it is a ton more developed and you can tell that the people have a ton more money out here! So ya my area is partially on a campus up here called KNUST. Apparently it is a really big nice university and there is tons of really smart people up here. Everyone speaks Twi up here instead of Fante so i have to change some small things about the things that i say, but for the most part it is the same language so thats not really a big trouble! Elder Jeppesen is a cool guy. He is from a very small town in Idaho and one other thing about him.... he is 6'4" haha so we have one of the tallest missionaries in the mission with one of the shortest in the mission! lol but i think we will get along well and be able to work hard together. They told me that UST is a little harder of an area because the people are more prideful because they are somehow more smart. i can already tell that from being out here so its kinda a new aspect of mission but its sweet and i am ready to embrace it and have fun. I am now living in an apartment with Elder Holmes and Elder Adjei. We are somehow related to elder holmes which is funny. Corie and Catie's cousin married his sister or something like that so were related! haha he is a cool guy. And elder Adjei is really cool too, he is going home this transfer though so he is almost done with mission which is crazy!

So ya now ill talk a little bit about the sweetest day every. The mission conference we had on tuesday was so so so cool! we traveled to Cape Coast and we got to catch up with friends that we hadn't seen for a whil and all of that stuff and then after that we got to go and sit down and wait to hear from an apostle. Finally they got there! There was Jeffrey R. Holland, Steven E Snow, and Elder Cardon, and Elder Dixon of the Africa West area presidency there! They alll gave talks and it was so incredible. All of there talks were good and i really felt the spirit a ton when i was there. We got to go up and shake all of there hands before the meeting and that was really cool so now ive shook hands with an apostle! lol so Elder Hollands talk was amazing. he is an incredible speaker. and he is way funny. It amazes me how he can go from having a whole crowd laughing to bringing in the spirit so strongly in like half of a second! so that was a really sweet experience and i think that i will remember it for the rest of my life!

Yes i did end up getting the package! thank you again for all of this stuff. it is really sweet to have some small candy and stuff that will shut my sweet tooth up! The cookies were really really good and i still have a few left even! (Note about the cookies - We sent Quinton a package with the cookies on Thurs., Feb. 4 and he probably received it on Tues., Feb. 23.  They were oatmeal chocolate chip and were a couple of days old when we packed them in a lays stax container.  So you know they were old ,but he still thinks they were really really good!!!  That tells you about Quinton's diet in Ghana :)  So now i think again i will remind you that i need you to send me a camera. because now i can't even copy pictures from elder Jeppesen because his camera is a Sony and it uses a different memory card. So please take some money out of my bank account and buy like a 150 dollar camera and send it too me :) thanks

I don't really know anything about the pouch using envelopes i haven't heard anything about that at all so i would just say to stick to using no envelopes for now.

That is cool that we finally got the windows done! now maybe in the winter our house won't be freezing cold! ha but seriously. so ya that sounds like a crappy situation that is happening with the Jordan School District. i hope something good happens with all of that stuff, so keep me updated.

it seems like there are earthquakes all over the place these days. i hope that we don't get one here in Ghana. That would really change the mission and i don't think i would enjoy phyiscal rescue work as much as spiritual rescue work :)

ha so for now that will suffice. we just went and had pizza at this stadium in Kumasi and even got to go onto the track and the field! Kumasi is cool but it is more hot and the P-days aren't as exciting, but ill get used to it!

Love you guys


Email from Elder Joseph


it has been a lovely been with elder petersen for the past few days as companion for he is a good missionary and as mission has for us wee can stay forever but atlast tranfer has divide us but am still in my former area and he has been tranfer to other area and right now i have a new comanion from Ethopia and he is also a good missionary

i started my mission in mey of last year and ihave been in kumasi where elder petersen has been tranfer to and i was with my trainer called elder Adamson from Ghana we were together for four and half month after which i was tranfer to elder petersen

it wonderful knowing you and for the wonderful things you did for me the past christmas and pray htat our father in heaven will richly bless for family