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Monday, November 30, 2009

Its good to get some letters :)

Email sent 29 Nov 2009

Ya sorry about last week! we came early to the cafe because we were playing the Assin Fosu zone in a football match.. and yes we did beat them! and i even scored a goal it was way sweet! im just getting better and better at football! im thinking about going pro when i come home... jk

But ya about last week after i sent you guys the email i kept refreshing the page to see if you guys would send me something and it wasn't until i had like five minutes left at the cafe when they loaded :( so what i did was a took pictures of the email and brought those back to the apartment so i could read it! ill be answering some of the questions from that email today, but i wrote you guys a letter that ill be sending today and it should probably get to you in about two weeks or so! hopefully you guys can read it because i wrote as small as humanly possible to fit all of it onto one page! i was actually pretty proud of myself when i finished it! lol

Ok so this week i am gonna make up for my really crappy letter that i wrote to you guys last week. i was sad i didn't get a letter so i kinda wrote a crappy one to tell you guys i was mad, then i felt way bad after i recieved your guys emails and i didn't have time to write you back but oh well! So you asked what i took money out for and i took the money out because i wanted to buy a new thing of luggage. So i did, i bought a new luggage thing for 25 citis which is like 17 bucks! It's a little smaller than my big luggage so its way sweet and im glad that i finally got it! I don't know how or if you guys are looking to see if you find any good camera's or anything, but i was looking last week at prices and stuff and asking to see how much they costed. For what i think would be a 180 dollar camera in the US it costed 450 citi's so i think that if we are gonna get a camera it would definitely have to be bought in the US because the electronics here are so freaking expensive!

You asked about how pouch mail works, well what we do is we write the letter and then we give it to our zone leaders. The zone leaders then give that letter to President Sabey and then President sabey puts that letter in a package that gets sent to America, once there they just regularly mail the letter in the normal post, so for in state mission you don't need pouch addresses or anything, i hope that makes sense, its kinda confusing though.

So this week has been kinda crazy, it all started last sunday when our power went out... Our power was out for 4 days straight and we had no lights or anything so that really stunk when we came back at night and there was no way to see, or to have a fan to cool us off. Then on wednesday the power came back on, but only too half of our apartment, and the half that didn't have power was my room, so we still didn't have lights or fans in my room. We went to the electricity company trying to figure out this problem and they had to send a guy out to fix it... well the guys didn't end up coming out till tomorrow, so i went a whole week without any power whatsoever! but it is all back now and i am so thankful for that! You also asked about how the clothes washing was going.. It really isnt that bad! I always dread doing it, but when i am actually doing it i kind of get into a zone and just scrub my little heart out! LOL but ya i usually wash monday after i get back from football and just knock it out. My hands never really get raw or anything when i do it,maybe i just have really strong hands or something. But now i really do see what a blessing having a washing machine is, and maybe when i come home ill actually help with doing the wash :) lol ok i will definitely help with the wash when i come home! The sun really hasn't been a problem either.. except for the days that i forget to put on sunscreen at the start of the day and that has only happened like twice! When that happened though i got sunburnt really bad on my face, but that was a long time ago and im all better now! So as long as i continue using sunscreen i will be fine! I'm actually starting to wane myself off of sunscreen so one day if it is more cloudy i won't wear it so im working up a nice little base so that i won't have to wear it anymore in like a year or something! lol

So now about the week, it wasn't a too exciting week, we had a little thanksgiving feast on thursday with our district which was sweet! We all went to the sekondi chapel and brought food, for me i had fufu for thanksgiving and it was way good! Fufu looks kinda like mashed potatoes and the soup kinda looks like gravy so it actually did feel like Thanksgiving, and then after we ate we went around the table and told 3 things we were thankful for. Then last night we had another kinda thanksgiving feast! Elder Whaikawa (a guy from New Zealand) is going home today so he made a huge feast for the 4 elders in his apartment and the 4 in ours! it was way sweet and we just got to have a nice time there eating some really good rice and stew with all of them and it was really fun!

So some things about Ghana that are really funny. Alot of the really little kids have never seen a white person before so when they see us for the first time they freak out! They start bawling there eyes out and stuff like that and they won't let me come near them without them screaming louder and louder! Ha so that is when you just run at them and give them a huge hug! LOL and as they are screaming they then just realize that your a normal person it is really funny to see and it probably happens 3 times a week. Also another thing about mission that i always pictured different is the setting in which we have our lessons. When i always thought about mission i always pictured teaching lessons in a very reverent and quiet room where we can here each other and don't have to speak loudly to be heard... well i would say that Ghana is the complete opposite of that. almost all of the lessons we teach are outside sitting on these puny little stools that they use, and there is usually a woman breast feeding or like thirty kids that yell "o brunie" during the lesson. So its not the most reverent of places... at all! but i really do love it and the people are so receptive and willing to hear the gospel which is pretty sweeet!

I am playing the piano every sunday in our ward for all the hymns and that is working out really good... for the most part. The Ghanaians sing most of the songs right and so when i play them it isnt a problem, but there are a select few songs so far that i have played and the people sing it either way to slow, or way to incredibly fast so i have to adjust really quickly to whatever crazy way they are singing it.. its frustrating, but eventually ill teach them!

On a more sad note my watch band broke :( i am very sad because i haven't not worn a watch since 8th grade and i feel really weird not knowing the time at all times so if you guys haven't sent my christmas package yet that is the one thing right now that i would say i really want! Not just any old watch though.. the same kind that i have had before! The Ironman Triathlon Timex watch, with the rubber wristband because those are the best watches ever and im really needing one!

Packages if its a flat rate package usually takes about 3 weeks to get here, so yours that you sent should be coming soon!!! but if you are like sending a box or something those can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 or 7 weeks, just for future reference!


I can't believe footlocker is already this week! that was always one of the best trips and most fun races of the year! i really do love that course! just remember one thing before the start of the race.. DO NOT go out too fast! the first mile is all flat so everyone will be running and gunning from the start, but you need to make sure to stay relaxed and not go out too fast so that once the hills come you can dominate and have a blazing finish! Also remember one more thing, once you get onto the track you have only 250 meters left and you need to be sprinting full out as fast as you can. Even if it hurts terribly bad you will feel so good after the race after doing that, and then you won't have something to regret for the rest of the whole next year. That little sprint will also help you pass about 10 people and that could be the difference between medalling and not so just remember to go for it :) You'll do great i know! Elder Hill and i are very glad that you liked the Middle Distance Runner song, he says that you should look up the whole album, its called Leaves in the River! so do it! I hope you have fun at Footlocker!


Seriously one of these days you have to get a whole in one! you are way close every single time that we go golfing so one of these days it has to fall right! i know it will, i just hope that im there to see it! Also im very glad that BYU won! that sounds like a crazy intense game! If you are reading books about Ghana you should check out one called Walking in the Sand! Its about how the church came to ghana and sort of the beginning of everything, plus i met the guy that wrote that book so that is pretty cool as well! I hear it is very good!

Thanks for sending all of the addresses and stuff! i hope you guys have a great week!


Quinton - squanto

Monday, November 23, 2009

So no email??

Email sent 23 Nov 2009

Why didnt you guys send an email this week......

Whatever im not exactly sure why you guys didnt get time but you better have a pretty good reason.

This week was normal nothing too excting happened. We had a fufu party with all of our zone last monday and we had a limbo competition, for some reason i didn't do as well as i usually do, but i still dominated, so it was a little frustrating though. While at the party we were talking about family and me and Elder Holmes (the kid from south Jordan) were talking. i told him i had cousins that went to Alta and i didn't think he would know them, but i said i was cousins with Corie and Catie and Cam. Well wouldn't ya know it me and Elder Holmes are related lol. Elder Holmes brother is married to our cousins cousin. ha thats a little funny coincedence i guess. So now whenever i see Holmes i call him cousin. We are playing another zone from our mission in a football (soccer) match today which is gonna be sweet! im really excited because we'll get to see alot of our friends from other zones and then get to play a football game. I bought a Soccer Jersey the other day, it was only 5 citis, or about 3 dollars!! ha its a Manchester United Jersey! I like it but it is possibly a little small, but they didn't have any other sizes so i bought it. Other than that it was just a normal week of proselyting where not much happened.


You need to check out a band called Seawolf. They have a song called Middle Distance Runner that sounds really cool! I have never actually heard the real song i've only heard elder Hill play it on the Guitar. but i think you should check it out cuz it sounds really good.

So im not really sure what else to write about this time because you guys didn't send an email..

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving though! and you can send me stuffing in my next package :) lol jk

PS i am now 3 months on mission! im one eighth through so that is exciting as well!

I better be recieving an email from You next week because monday really is what us as missionaries have to look forward to each week, and hearing from our family is what keeps us going. and when its not there its kinda sad. So i will be talking to you all next week. Sorry this was so short...



WOW did we mess up!  We were up writing Quinton's email and checked to see if his had come through.  It had come 11 minutes earlier (1:11 AM), which was a half hour earlier than he has sent it before.  So immediately emailed ours, but he must not have checked to see if he received anything before he signed off.  OOPS!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Email sent 16 Nov 2009

Wow, so much is happening i really do love to get emails, it is definitely one of the highlights of my week!!

This week went by so incredibly fast it was really weird! i dont exactly know why, but for some reason when you are putting in a full day of proselyting the days seem to fly by. It really does just seem like yesterday that i was emailing you guys, but that was a whole week ago... I don't count my time here in days, if i did that would be way to depressing so i count it in weeks and it is weird how i can really just see the weeks speeding up as time goes by! Not much exciting did happen this week though except for a few things. I had another baptism this week! We were supposed to be baptising 4 people, but for some reason only two of them showed up and i don't know why this one boy didn't. We will have to have a little talk with him tomorrow and find out why. And the other lady that didnt come to her baptism her name is Agnes... she has now been given at least five baptismal dates and has not showed up to any of them :( i don't know why) so for this baptism she actually did show up, but she showed up an hour and a half late and we were already done with the baptism so maybe she will actually be able to get baptised next time!...hopefully. The two that actually came to the baptism were both 17 year old girls one is named Felecia and one is named Esther. Esther has been coming to church now for more then a year and noone really knows why she wasnt baptised before, but its ok because now she is! Before i started teaching her i actually thought that she was a member lol. And Felecia we have been teaching for some time, even before i came Elder Hurst was teaching her, and so right after he left we were able to give her a baptismal date and she accepted so that is sweet!

Im not sure if i told you guys about this or not, but about a month ago there was the under 23 world cup (soccer) going on, and Ghana was doing very well in it! we could always tell when ghana was playing a game because there would be noone out on the road and noone would want us to teach them because they were all watching the game. Then randomly as we were walking down the street the whole country would erupt into cheers and yells as Ghana scored a goal, it was really funny! Well Ghana actually won the under 23 world cup!! which is sweet and is a really big deal if you guys didnt know. so i am proud to be in Ghana if only for there amazing football (soccer) skills!

So i am trying to keep you updated as well on weird things that i eat... this week i ate goat stomach!! it was so weird, but actually didnt taste that bad at all! When you look at the stomach it looks like one of those balls that children play with with water inside and spikes on the outside, do you know what i mean? sorry if you don't, but i ate goat stomach which was really cool, and im happy to say that i did it!

Now to answer some of your guys questions. A transfer is 6 weeks in the mission field. Each transfer you might or might not be assigned to a new area with a new companion, but sometimes you can stay as well. So when Elder Hurst left that was the end of the transfer and so i am on my second transfer in the mission field right now. Me and Elder Joseph could stay together for the next transfer or we could be assigned to a new companion, we never know until two days before so it is always a big guessing game. At the last transfer there were 20 or so new missionaries that came into the mission, and this next transfer we will be getting 14 more, that is right at the start of December, so there is a possibility i could be training one of them, but really we are not sure what will happen.

Elder Joseph doesnt speak Fante as good as me, which is funny because all the Ghanaians try and talk to him in fante because they think that he is Ghanaian, when he is not, so he doesn't understand, and sometimes i have to save him, and sometimes he has to save me. He can understand the fante a little bit better then me, but i can speak a little bit better then him. Its a weird combination, but our ward missionaries are way freaking cool and they go out with us almost every day so that helps us out a ton!

That christmas idea sounds totally fine! it will definitely be easier then having them ship me something that would be really costly or something! Maybe you guys could give me Spencers pouch adress if he has one! because it is alot easier for us to send mail here then for us to get on the internet because we only have a certain amount of time. so if you can get me his adress ill definitely send him some letters, and also if you can still work on getting some of my friends adresses as well :)

Im way excited to be getting the package :) its kinda like christmas when stuff like that comes because we get to kind of unwrap a gift! lol


wow bingham is doing pretty legit in football right now! Its funny because I went to Bingham and Elder Hill went to Davis so whoever wins will have bragging rights in the apartment for a little while! go Bingham! Im way jealous of your day activity because that sounds freaking sweet! you are probably gonna have to take me to do that when i come home... you know me i love shooting guns :) Im glad you had fun at the dance it sounds fun!

As for clay in ceramics, next time you buy clay you should buy B-mix... it is the best clay to use for the pottery wheel, it is a little different to get used to, but once you get used to it it makes your projects look a ton better! so try that next time ok :) Mrs. Bennet is lying to you though because she is just nice to the people that arent very good so that they don't get discouraged ;) lol jk you are probably better then me, your better then me at alot of things that i started.. running, pottery! LOL but i still am going to have a higher score on the ACT then you in the end so eat it! haha.

The language is coming along small small. I learn new things every day, but it is a lot to process because you are bombarded with language every day, so eventually i will get better and better, it will just take time, but for now i can get around because i know alot of the common phrases and the things people say in normal conversation so thats good!

I am sorry you got the piggy flu! when i had that it stunk! but im glad your feeling better. Good luck in your footlocker training and stuff!

That is definitely long enough for now! haha

Ill be writing you next week as always :)



Monday, November 9, 2009

A Man Among Giants

Last night Mike and I were up at 2 AM and received Quinton's email at 2:01 AM.  We were able to email back and forth for about an hour before he left the internet cafe for the day's activities.

Email sent 9 Nov 2009

I never really noticed this, but when i am looking back at some of the pictures that we took last transfer i realized that i looked sooooo short! haha i was like more than a head shorter than everyone in my apartment! So i hope that i am still growing! Elder Joseph is only about an inch taller then me so that isnt as bad now. and the people in Ghana aren't that tall either, alot of them are actually my height, but then there is some that are alot taller, i would say the average height is right around 5'6 which is what cha cha told me when i texted them like 7 months ago lol.

I was also wondering if that shirt i sent to dad fit? i hope it did cuz i thought it was a cool shirt and i just had to guess what size would fit him because in those shirts they don't really have sizes. i believe they are hand made and however big you make them that is what you get. So definitely tell me if that fit you!

This week has really gone by so fast, and they say that as mission goes on the weeks go by faster each time and i really do see that coming true in my life. Me and Elder Joseph are getting along really well and getting some full days of proselyting in and it really does make the days fly by! We are having a baptism this weekend which we are really excited for. we were supposed to be baptising 4 people, but we are thinking that 2 of them might fall through :( we have been teaching this one girl named Felecia for ever since i came to Kojokrom and she has finally decided to be baptised and we gave her the date and everything was cool until we came to her house on friday, she said she will be going to school in Kumasi tomorrow (which is like 6 hours away) so she won be able to make it to her baptism, we were sad about that, but it is still looking like we will be having two or three people that we are going to be able to baptize which is sweet! I feel so blessed to be over here in Ghana were people actually want to listen to our message and are so open to it. This transfer is already half over which is crazy to me. we are getting 14 new missionaries i think at the end of this transfer which will be cool to see all of the new greenies and wonder if i was that weird when i first came out...i probably was, but i have really gotten into the swing of things now and we are just doing some great missionary work here!

One thing about Ghana is that people drink...ALOT! and it is not uncommon, and by not uncommon i mean this happens like 3 times a week, that a totally drunk guy will come up to us on the road and say.. White man, Preach me! ha its so funny to see them and try and talk with them because they really have no concept of what they are doing. Just the other day me and Elder Joseph were walking down the street and this guy with a scraggly beard and a cigarrette in his mouth stopped us and said he wanted to show us something, he then began to take of his shirt. We were thinking what the heck is this guy doing. LOL it turned out he had some carving of jesus that he kept on a necklace thing. ha we just laughed because the guy couldnt even walk straight and as he was smoking he is showing us that he thinks he's religious! Funny funny people!

Brandy, so your turning into a college girl? lol i remember when we went down to stay with Melinda like 2 years ago! that was fun, live it up in high school! because once its gone it will never come back :) lol

Are you going to be sending me the SD card back with the pictures on it? because you should, because it is cool to look back on the things that we did, so don't delete the pictures on the card ok! That might mean youll eventually have to send me more memory cards, but for right now i am fine! One more thing i have really been debating is for you guys to get me a new nice camera and send it to me... I know its not the most practical thing, but since being out here i have realized that i want a camera that i can carry in my scripture bag, and my camera is way to huge to do that :( Also those rechargable AA batteries that i have been using have the shortest battery life ever which is really annoying if i ever want to do something with it. It wouldnt have to be a super nice camera, just like a $150 or less one. One of the thin ones that people have, i have been told you can get a really good deal on camera's like that at Costco, or Sams club. I would be willing to buy it if you guys wanted to send it to me and you can use my money. You could send a new SD card full of pictures of our family and our house and just things that are happening while ive been gone... just a suggestion :)

Well sorry that was so long lol, me and Austen (Austen is in Brazil) are just writing letters to each other, it takes about a month for our letters to get to each other though so that is kinda annoying, but its just good to hear from my friends when the letters come! We might have to try the HELP (Re-enactment of HELP album, like they did the re-enactment picture of the Beatle's Abbey Road album, see picture in previous blog) idea, so we will see. Im glad you guys realized it was an abbey road picture! haha and i even used my little tri-pod to take that one! Hopefully your ebay selling goes good! you can start a little business on there!

Well thats all for now, i love you and am praying for you :)

LOVE Your son/brother

The following are the emails sent back and forth:

Sent 2:08 AM
Hi , we ended up being awake and Dad checked. Your email is here!!!  We are still reading the email, but sent this now.  What did you do last Monday and what are you doing today?

Received 2:20 AM
Hey! we played football last monday and we are going to play football again today in like 45 minutes! i have really gotten alot better at it and i would say i am probably one of the best white Elders in our zone!

Sent 2:21 AM
We went to bed so late, that Dad was still awake so he came to check and found your email after a few minutes. We are hoping you will receive these. As for the shirt it fits. Not sure if it will shrink any when we wash it. We will be careful drying it, too.

Sent 2:32 AM
Oh, this is fun. You guys really get to the internet cafe early. I am sure that is because you want to be done so you can play. Go team. Speaking of football - SUU is 4 and 5. BYU and Utah destroyed their teams this week, Wyoming and New Mexico this week. Is the shirt one that a lot of people wear in Ghana? How many play? Do locals ever play with you? Is there anywhere to play basketball? Do any of the elders in your area ride bikes. One of the missionary moms said her son does in Accra. Dad says maybe he will go for a ride on your bike since his back feels better and the weather is good this week for a few days before a storm wed. or thurs

Received 2:39 AM
The cameras here are super expensive, for like a 150$ camera in the US its like 600 citis, which is rediculously alot, i know my camera takes good pictures but i really want to be able to carry it with me proselyting, and it is much to big for that, which is really annoying, like a 150 dollar camera now would be much nicer then what i have here and it would be able to take a little nicer pictures, and the main point would be so that i could carry it with me wherever, whereas now i am only bringing it along when i have my backpack, which is like never because it stinks to carry my backpack around because it is so hot! I don't exactly know what the good deals are, but all of my MTC mates are saying i could get a really nice one for under 150 and the batter life would be really good as well which is another problem im having :( sorry these are just some suggestions!

Im glad that the shirt fits you dad! you hopefully it doesnt shrink or anything!

Sent 2:50 AM
We'll check and see. I can't remember. Does it have a case that you could carry on your belt? What about batteries and charging? What is your suggestion? Or what kind is better? Do you charge your batteries right before you use them. The batteries for our camera last quite a while if I charge them the night before I go to use the camera. This is kind of like IM - in slow motion!!! I guess you are not supposed to do that.

Received 2:52 AM
ya this is fun! ha we like to get to the cafe early so we get the emailing done before football and don't have to worry about it after so we can just go and buy our things in town and not waste any time! We are really efficient :) Our zone is huge so we usually have enough for a full football (soccer) game which is 11 on 11 and we get to play that so its way fun, it is usually just us missionaries that play because we do it at the stake center! There is also a basketball court at the stake center but we have never played a full game yet, we have kinda shot around but haven't played a game, most of the Africans really really stink at basketball! LOL we have bikes in our apartment, but we never ride them because it is to big of a hassle and makes us really sweaty, we just walk everywhere i would say we walk an average of about 3-5 miles a day! so my legs are getting fit! my quads have seriously decreased in size though, so that is kinda funny, when i get home i might actually look like a distance runner for once in my life :)

Dad be nice to my bike! that thing is precious! lol but seriously go for i bike ride, that is one of the things i really miss is having a nice bike with no problems!

So we are about to leave so i probably wont be able to write you back again but thanks for being up and having this little conversation with me!!

I love you guys and i will talk to you next week!

PS keep me updated on the camera thing, or at least look and see if you can find any good ones for cheap :)

love Quinton

Sent 2:55 AM
OK, no more from us today. We were thinking you were playing football as in America, then this email let us know it is soccer!!! Americans first think of football as football, not soccer.
By, love you!!!! lots!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Email sent 2 Nov 2009

Well hello!

Wow it sounds like there is tons of stuff going on while im gone! haha its weird to hear about home and everything going on while i am gone, but its really good to hear! I havent been getting a ton of mail or email from other people so if you could could you get me these missionaries addresses? I would Like Connor's, Andrews, Nate Jewkes, Zach Tuttle's, and then anyone else that you can think of that would like to write me or even just give them my address so i can be getting more letters! You should tell Mat Crook to write me as well! The more letters the better obviously lol. If you are sending a pre-paid package i do not have to pay anything to get the package because there are no duties on things like that. But if you are sending just like a box or something, i will have to pay duty on the things that are in the package. The duty is not that expensive as long as you are not sending like electronic devices or like tons of peanut butter or something. Oh i forgot to tell you we found a lady in Cape Coast that makes totally legit Peanut Butter!!! so i wont even be needing for you guys to send me any of that because i can just get it here! so im pretty happy about that! If you are sending a package their are a few things that would be cool. Tons of pictures first of all! like alot, some of our house, and my room and the rooms in our house, then of stuff that is going on while im not there, and then even like old pictures of me and stuff! because those are all really good to look at if im getting homesick or anything, and they are just cool to see! Also candy is very good, and if you are wanting to send more macaroni and cheese you don't have to send the whole box with noodles and everything, you can just send the cheese packet from it because we have noodles here i can make it with, so that will save space and weight in the package! Other than that i don't know you guys can just be creative and surprise me :)

Ha about that whole luggage thing...yes we should have sent me with a bigger one, because it was a huge hassle getting everything stuffed into that smaller one. I am even accumulating more things while im here and i have been debating buying a big luggage bag that i can use. but it would be like 50 citi's so i havent done it yet. Do you think i should? also i took money out of the ATM the other day and i think everything went well.. did it?

I just barely got a letter that you guys sent to the MTC on September 1! haha it was funny because it takes along time to get from the MTC to our mission, but i finally got it and it was a good letter! thanks! I do not need any ping pong balls LOL if i want to buy some i can get them here for really cheap haha, but thanks for asking! Ping pong is a really fun part of the day and just helps me and elder Joseph unwind (me and him are about the same skill level) I don't know if you know but the electricity in ghana is really sketchy! ha our apartment probably loses power on average of once a day! its funny, but kinda frustrating, and i have already had to take a couple bucket showers because out water stopped working for a couple days too LOL TIG (This is Ghana)!

This week was really sweet for us. while i still have to ask elder joseph what he said sometimes because i cannot understand him, but we get along very well and have been doing alot of proselyting! on wednesday we were at a members house and it started to pour! we waited for the rain to stop for about an hour and a half, but it never did so me and elder joseph decided that we were going to just walk back to our apartment. So obviously as we were walking it started to rain even more and we had about 2 miles to go to our apartment, so we were just soaking wet when we got home, i had fun though and it felt really really good!

Yesterday we finally got to listen to some of general conference! We were way happy and excited to finally be able to hear those things! So we got to watch the Saturday and Sunday morning sessions and they were really great. At the end after everyone left the missionaries were the only ones left and we made a special request so that we could listen to Elder Hollands talk because we had heard that it was so good. So they let us and man that talk was the most powerful testimony of the Book Of Mormon that i have ever heard! It was an incredible talk and we all loved it and were very greatful that we were able to hear those things! So ya thats pretty much how my week went!


A 4.0 that is pretty legit, im proud of my little sister! ha i never got a 4.0 in high school, i guess you could say that i was kinda a lazy guy...Congrats again on doing well at state! as for ceramics its sweet that your loving it, as you are finishing projects youll have to send me pictures of the good ones so i can judge if they are good or not! and you should totally take AP ceramics if you and Karen do it together! if you work in that class your pretty much guranteed to pass and you will just have fun doing it so it really is a win win situation! Its crazy that it is already snowing there, i am ashamed to say that i have actually gotten cold a couple of nights already here in ghana! lol when the coldest it probably gets at night is like 70 degrees! LOL

Thats all for now!

Stay sweet family!