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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I just played 90 minutes of legit soccer!

Email sent Monday 14 June 2010

So right now i seriously feel like i am on a runners high because we just had our zone versus zone football match on a full grass pitch. Because of the transfer i just switched zones so now i am in Bantama zone. i was playing mid fielder because they needed me to run a ton. i was playing both defense and striking so needless to say i ran a ton. i think i ran about 4 miles...seriously no joke. and im out of shape but it felt sweet! The unfortunate news is that our zone lost 3-1 :( dumb huh). Everyone gets to play... sometimes i get frustrated because im too competitive. oh well. I had some legit shots on goal but the other team had a good keeper so they didn't go, but i was really the only one who was shooting. oh ya and i bought some sweet football boots that i played in today it was way nice. There called Adidas Predetors and i got them for 35 citis, not bad for like 100 dollar shoes :)!

So yup i got transfered and now im in a new area. The area is actually really sweet and me and elder lunt get along really well. He was in the Army back home so he is kind of an intense guy but i like him and we get along and work together well. His last companion was a nigerian. Lunt is a good guy and a very hard working missionary so we'l enjoy for however long we're together. We ride bikes sometimes to get to our appointments and lunt got in a crash the other day. it was kinda funny he just went right over the handlebars. he had some scrapes but other than that he was totally fine lol. I am now in an apartment with the Bantama zone leaders as well which is Elder White from vernal, and Izekor from Nigeria. Lunt has been training elder White because he wants to get skinny before he goes home so i kinda joined this last week and my abs have never been so freaking sore! lol i don't really care about getting in shape right now but its a fun way to pass the time in the apartment! Our apartment is puny it kinda stinks. My room in the apartment is like 3x smaller than in the UST apartment, there is only enough room for both our beds and a dresser lol. but its still cool.

This area is right by the center of town so it is really really busy, but we also travel out to some smaller villages just oustide of town too so its really nice. We have some serious investigators and the ward is really helpful. The guy from West Jordan is named Elder Hernandez and this is his first transfer and he is probably one of the funniest people i have ever met! he is Elder Jackson's companion and they are in our district so thats sweet.

Its raining pretty much every day now, at one point it can be clear and sunny and then five minutes later it will be the biggest downpour you have ever seen its crazy. i really like the rainy season because its colder at night. i don't even use my fan anymore because i get cold lol. I take cold showers, we don't have water heaters here and i really don't care anymore i love the cold water it feels so freaking good after a long hot day proselyting.

The world cup is freaking crazy.. like seriously it is on everywhere it is so hard not too watch it. especially when USA was playing england. England is a very good team and everyone under estimates the US and they actually tied which is sweet! so cheer on the US for me, and Ghana. the country went crazy when they scored yesterday even though it was only a crappy penalty kick. we get updates from some members and investigators of the games so were not totally in the dark, but ya i wish i could watch... oh well.

Next sunday will be the baptism for Rebecca and well be going to UST for that so itll be cool to finally have the goal finished.. im excited. Interviews with President are tomorrow, i seriously cant believe this transfer is already over it really is going by fast now! and its almost my birthday :)

love you


Email from Elder Togogae (former companion)

thank you for that, but for me when the time president call Elder Petersen to tranfer another area, i am so sad because me and Petersen doing well in our area and also this week to complete our goal as a missionary. A part from that dont worried about that we meet him every monday. to night our family home evening we invite him and his companion for this activity. in this ward they miss him because of his good work.

the weather in ghana is to hot for me i sent a letter to my family and sent to them last week i recive a email from USA my brother in Wasington my oldest brother is marriage the work is doing well thank you very much. i hope Sister Petersen doing well in her mission may God bless her to continue to do the good work.

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