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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So alot actually happened

Email sent Monday 7 June 2010

Hey whats up! today i have the card reader back so i can start sending you pictures again the picture is just of me outside of my old apartment in UST...... so now you are probably thinking why is that your old apartment in ust. Well the answer is that i have been transfered! ha cool huh. ya so yesterday i was just sitting in church minding my own business and i look down at the phone, it says i have two missed calls. one was from the zone leaders and one was from President Sabey, i thought to myself hey maybe this is important so i went and called the zone leaders and they told me to call president. So i call President and he says …… ha so I have been transfered to a place called bantama. its still in Kumasi, but i am in a different zone. My new companion is named elder Lunt and he is from Kaysville utah. so me and another guy named elder uka just switched places. so i had to pack all of my things yesterday and bring them to the Pday activity so that we could switch. I was really surprised when this happened and it kinda made me sad because me and elder Togagae were just getting our area really going and doing well, but i guess all change comes about for a reason. Aparently President thought i was the right guy to be put here.

So ya that happened all yesterday and today. this week before that was really sweet though. We werent able to see Rebecca all week. we went to the market where she works every single day, and the other ladies just kept saying "o yare" which means shes sick. which stunk so we didn't get to see her and we dont know where her house is. but she came to church again this week. she really has been prepared for us because i don't feel like we really even did anything. we taught her while she was at church and she said that this is going to be the church that i die in! ha so we were already gonna give her a baptismal date but that was sweet. we were talking about baptism and just talking about what it was, it was funny she just interuppted us and said "da ben" which means when. ha so we gave her the baptismal date for two weeks from yesterday! shes excited and so am i! even though im in a new area ill be able to go to the baptism and that will complete the goal for me! also the rest of our district completed the goal last week so we really progressed, our mission will complete it! ha

We played ultimate frisbee today, i love frisbee! so that was cool, and we also played a ton of football, my new companion really loves football so we will enjoy together. im getting better though even today i scored like 3 goals! i know im legit....

i cant really think of anything that i despereately need right now. you should just surprise me! ha switch things up and add some other stuff. but i really do like skittles so that could be something you get me... or a can of Vault idk just a suggestion :)

Yes i wear my retainers

yes it will be hard not to watch the football matches. there are tv's everywhere here and really the only thing ever on them is football, and that is all people are gonna be doing for the next month, i will be happy after it is july 12 cuz it will finally be over and i don't have to worry about that.

Oh ya im not district leader anymore over here because there is already a district leader in the district. which is totally cool with me! ha Elder Jackson will be in my district which is sweet! we just seem to always be put close together on mission. his companion is cool too its a guy from west jordan.

so ya thats pretty much how the week went! im enjoying my time here im wondering how the rest of this transfer will go but im sure it will be cool. we get along well.

sorry about the fish hook that kinda stinks...one more thing, last night was the biggest rainstorm i think ive ever seen! it was so loud inside our apartment i couldnt hear anything it was crazy! the rainy season is really starting now though so its cooling down a bit, but not enough that i don't get sunburned on Pday lol..im so white


Quinton outside UST apartment

Email from Elder Joseph (former companion)

Re: It is getting hot here

For us it has been a raining days for us because for almost all of African from the month of march through the month of September it is normally know as the raining season where we experience much rain and now we are also experiencing rain but no snow

That is really an interesting goal for us as missionaries most especially we the African but we are praying for strength to be able to fulfill the goal. like i said ghana love football and there even place where the football we be show on the street and we have to be careful

i will somehow say yes but we can`t becos we have enter into a covenant not to watch

most Nigerian (Elder Joseph is from Nigeria) love football and i think i am one of them but that would be a problem my favorite sport has been football and volleyball and i hope that our heavenly father will give us the strength to accomplish this great task ahead of us

have a wonderful week like for us we have been bless and we hope to receive more

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