Quinton's sister, Melinda, is on a mission too!!!

Texas McAllen Spanish speaking - See her blog at www.melindasmission.blogspot.com

Monday, May 24, 2010


Email sent Monday 23 May 2010

Ha, i miss farewells, i wish that i could have been there.. mostly because of all the sweet food that is there :) i, much like brandy really really like food, so i miss normal food alot, but oh well ill get over it. even without all of that good food i am still somehow finding a way to become fat... well not really fat but im bigger. maybe im growing and i just think im getting fat! ya well go with that, i think im growing (probably not)

Im glad that cookie enjoyed the farwell! im still hoping that by some chance she will be alive when i get home because i don't want her to die... i didn't tell you guys this when i left but she was the only person that i almost cried when i was saying goodbye. i don't know i guess i have a thing for dogs. Especially golden retrievers! or whatever cookie is.

I need like 9 two cent stamps, so if you could send those that would be just peachy!

So this week actually quite alot happened. because as you know last week was transfers, and guess what i got transfered to the Ivory Coast! ha just kidding im still in my same area and i still have the same companion which is totally sweet and im fine with that. Elder Lehr and Harris both got transfered to Assin Fosu, and some new people came into our district. I was actually called to be District Leader which is kinda weird i still feel like a small guy that doesnt know anything lol. but ya, im actually really nervous to do a baptismal interview, but im sure once i do it it will be fine..hopefully!

Ha we are continuing to teach Rebecca in the crazy market, and she is way sweet! ha she now has come to church two times in a row and her husband said that she even wants to be baptized! were totally stoked about that because it would fulfill our family goal that we have been given! We're also working with some less actives that are part members families too but they so far havent seen much progressing. There is only six weeks left to complete the goal and right now our district is struggling so we really need to buckle down and do this thing!

I have plenty of time to write you guys so don't even worry about it! Mario teaches typing has done wonders for me. Sorry if my emails have been short lately but its just cuz not much new is happening, but ill try to keep the emails interesting and maybe spice them up a bit with false stories like how me and my companion got chased by a lion through the african jungle! ha

love ya


Email from Elder Togagae (current companion)

Re: Quinton's sister

thank again for your e mail i know she enjoy her mission one of my cozen she finish her mission from that place she enjoy she went 2004 thank you very much dont worried about elder petersen he doing well. He is my district leader in my District it is a big man . have a nice week.

Email from Elder Joseph (former companion)

Re: Melinda's (Quinton's sister) farewell

That is wonderful and i am so happy to be with your son on same mission and even as a companion i hope to be with him once more before i go home the mission is sweet for i have seen the blessing in life and i know elder petersen has same testimony about the work as i do

so now are you alone or you still have other children preparing to go on a mission or if there is any one left at home if there is greet them for me

have a wonderful week

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