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Monday, June 28, 2010

I hate Ghana!

Email sent Monday 28 June 2010

seriously this week totally blew! first thing first. as you said Ghana played America in the world cup. Ghanaians are incredibly prideful about football and there country and they are really not even that good, yet somehow they still seem to squeeze out wins all the time. so me and elder lunt have been talking trash to all of our investigators and members saying that America will kill Ghana.....ya well that kinda back fired as you well know. America gets beat by a little country the size of Oregon. i was just sitting outside of our apartment saturday night while the game was going waiting to hear people in Ghana freak out or get really mad. i really thought that America was gonna beat them. but then 5 seconds after the game started everyone in Ghana went crazy...i looked at elder lunt and said. crap, we're finished. so ya then the next day at church we didn't here the end of it. so since im new in the ward i started to tell people i was from England because i didn't want them to brag to me about oh America cant play football! so that is frustrating.

next reason why i hate ghana. ive had a big headache for like 3 days now... that techinichally isnt Ghanas fault but i really want someone to blame so that is who.

I hurt my ankle today playing football i think it might be swollen tomorrow, oh well

This week has been kinda hard and i don't know why, my heart just really hasnt been in it. but on a good note i actually finished the book of mormon for the third time yesterday! thats sweet i guess. i really like reading it, the only problem is i actually fall asleep quite often when reading, waking up at six every day is hard. but to make that easier ive started working out. ive been doing alot of sets of stuff so i can make myself toned, but ill probably get lazy again in about a month or after i leave this apartment and all this work will be for nothing lol

Transfer day is today. we dont have the phone so president sabey could have already called, but we don't think that either of us are going anywhere.

This week we bought a super cool mouse trap. and we caught like 4 mice! we actually think that we killed all of them! so cross your fingers! this trap is sweet it totally crushed those guys and i just told those dead mice thats what you get for pooping on my stuff! haha we still have cats living in the ceiling, they get in fights sometimes and we here them its kinda annoying. one more great thing about my apt is that the kitchen sink is now clogged sweet huh! haha

i havent checked how many contacts i have left. i will this week so that i can tell you ok! but i think i should be needing some in the next maybe like three months. i wear them almost every day, and i only use them once. its so convenient just throwing it away i love one use contacts!

thats about all thats happening right now. we are going over to the Suame apartment with elder Jackson to have a birthday party kinda thing and make cakes so that should be fun. Me and elder Lunt are getting along fine. he's a cool guy i like him. hes really intense and has tons of energy all the time. he likes to walk fast i like to walk slow. he likes to spend money i try and save it. ha but everything is cool.

sorry again that i cant send a picture. these cafes arent allowing me to because the towers are inside wood boxes. so hopefully next week! ive got alot of seriously sweet pictures, also i need to burn my last SD card and send it home, ill get around to that soon hopefully ok! be excited! thanks for the package im excited to get it.

love ya


Email from Elder Togagae (former companion)

According to tranfers thi week . i dont know i tranfers or not. i will wait for that. write know the man is ready for the baptism 2 more week. everything is going well in my area. thank you.

Email from Elder Joseph (former companion)

it has been a nice time here in Ghana and we are enjoying the world cup i mean in term of the goal we have as a mission normally from the look of things i went for USA but unfortunally Ghana won but for the world cup champion is still Brazil of Argentina

The mission goal has been in our mind so this is the time to fill our teaching pool with more people becos the match will soon end and if it does then the next thing will be baptizing those we contact so for now we just focus on baptizing those people so we have been teaching many lesson

Yes this is tranfer week for now i don`t know we will be recieve the news this evening we have been getting alone. and his name is Temesgen

thanks for your prayer for the lord has help us to has one with a Baptismal date which will be the day the world cup ends also have a nice week

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