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Monday, March 29, 2010

wow im tired

Email sent Monday 29 March 2010

so im at the same internet cafe as a couple of weeks ago and lo and behold i get the same computer that the space bar doesn't work on so sorry once again if some words or sentences run together. first of all i would like to say thank you for teaching me how to type when i was young even though ihated it! because i couldnt imagine how it would be to be a bad typer and struggle to write things so thanks!

at this point we just got back from our p-day activity where we played football and even we played some real football as well! Elder holmes parents send him an american football so we can play now! the africans don't know how at all though so we weremostly just playing catch and kicking today. today both ofthe zones in kumasi got together and we just played sports and stuff so that was fun but now i am soooo tired so i need to go back to the apt and sleep!

last week for p-day we went to the cultural center in kumasi and it was pretty cool they took us on a tour of a little museum and they then showed us how they make some of the art stuff inghana. i got to weave kinte even! ha so that was really cool and they showed us a pottery place and i really wanted to jump on the wheel but i couldnt so maybe ill be able to ceramicise when i get home sometime!

I got the package on Saturday! unfortunately the camera is broken so i don't really know what to do i am really angry.....psyche! im joking the camera works fine and it is way freaking sweet thank you very much! so now i have acamera that ican carry with me and take allsorts of pictures! i haven't gotten the letter yet though :( knowing my luck with letters i am sure that it has gotten lost :( stupid ghana mail

so when brandy has races and stuff and even if there are big college races you guys should send me the results ok! ha because i can't get on and look at them but if you send them to me its fine so you should send me results periodically during the letters!

we don't get to watch general conference unfortunately, but at some point in the next two months well be able to watch part of it. tell me if anthing important happens!!!

that missionary stuff you guys gave me i gave some away to memebers of the ward in kojokrom and stuff like that i still have some of it but i havent given it away yet im waiting though. i don't play the piano anymore here we have a ward member who is very good so i don't have to do that anymore which is kinda nice. the piano we have here is nicer than the one in kojokrom. the ward here is nice and stuff, but they are not fully engaged in the missionary work, so it is kinda a slower ward, but we are working on changing that by serving the members alot. i think ill be here for a while so hopefull ill be able to see it change!

im tired so that is all!

transfers are next week but im most likely staying and so is jeppesen so i don't think we have to worry about that

I love you


Email from Elder Joseph - I asked if there were spring flowers and if people plant flowers and gardens

Re: Spring is here

this week has been a lovely one as the days goes by i am growing older and i am gradualy enjoying the work and i know that i the decision i made is the right one

here in Ghana they plant more of tree and little of flower but there are some in some area but no spring since i have been in this area i have not seen any

our investigator are doing great and some of them are progressing and we are planning to have a baptism on the 11 of April

we have find some other investigator but majority of the investigator are those we have before elder petersen left to Kumasi

sometime we have to listen to the general confernce on the stake center or most of the time read them from the liahonal given to us by our mission

have a wonderful week for me this is my ten month on mission and that is sweet like today our zone will be having a fufu party and that is wonderful


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