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Monday, March 8, 2010

Re: Tell us about Kumasi!

Email sent Monday 8 Mar 2010

Hey parentals and sisters! its been a crazy week with alot of stuff happening i will try to answer all of your questions that you guys sent to me even though there was a buttload of them! haha.

First off about the camera i absolutely do not want a camera that takes AA batteries. Those kind of rechargable batteries are super super crappy and they don't last long at all. Ok i just want one that is the same thickness as the one i told you about. it doesnt necesarrily have to be that one, but one like it, because any bigger than that and it wouldn't fit into my scripture case with everything. Just go to costco and look at them. The batteries that those cameras have a lithion batteries and they last a long time and if you sent me one battery it would be fine because i would be able to charge it once or twice a week and everything would be ok. But ya definitely nothing bigger than that, and definitely definitely not anything that takes AA batteries. because theyre crappy thats all there is too it! When you buy the camera it should come with the battery charger and the battery too so everything will be cool. Just take like 150 out of my bank and buy the thing :) Melinda can help if you need it. ha sorry Thanks for listening to my littledeal on cameras

AFter we went and saw elder holland we took a big tro tro with the rest of our zone back to the house and we were just waiting in our house washing clothes waiting for the phone call. We finally got the phone call and i had to pack all of my stuff that night! the drive to Kumasi is about 5-6 hours so its not totally long, but longer than you would like to sit in a vehicle for. We took what was called an STC bus and its just one of those big nice charter busses like we used to take to footlocker and stuff. all of my stuff fit nicely inside of if so it was cool. Kumasi is a totally different beast than Kojokrom i think i told you last time that it was a lot like america! haha they actually have really big houses here and stuff and really nice places and it is a ton bigger! My area now is probably like 2-3 times bigger than my last area, at least it seems that way! we do a lot of walking during the days but most of the are is flat which is a nice transition from the hilly place of kojokrom

Elder Joseph is still in Kojokrom and he is training a new missionary that just came! He is actually training an Ethiopian! crazy huh, but the guy doesnt run so we wouldn't have gotten along because he is wasting his god given gift by not running! lol just kidding but seriously he is.

The UST apartment is pretty cool, it is smaller than the one in Kojokrom but its still nice. We actually live in a compound with plenty of people and we live on the third floor of the building, which is the top floor. we actually have a nice little balcony thing that looks out onto the city of Kumasi and that is cool. And Both Elder Jeppesen and Elder Holmes have washing machines that they bought so i can use them and i don't have to hand wash for the time being :) yay!

We had our zone conference this week and President Sabey announced a new goal that we would be having as a mission. That every missionary needs to baptize one wife and husband family befor July 4,2010. It should be a sweet goal. i know that it will be tough but we will be able to do it with the Lords help!

Kumasi is a lot different in the fact that there is less humidity than kojokrom, but it is a lot hotter. I sweat a ton up here and i don't know why. But i guess ill get used to it i just have to drink like 3 liters of water a day. Lately i have been growing my hair out! ha so right now y hair is somehow long for a missionary in ghana and i have been rocking a sweet comb over the past couple weeks! i figure that this is the only time ill be able to do that and so ill keep my hair for a little bit and maybe cut it in like a week or so...or maybe more idk.

Elder Jeppesen has had malaria this week so we have actually been in the apartment alot, which stinks. we get way bored but he is getting better so we'll be able to go out again tomorrow!

Kumasi P-days stink so far. we have not had any planned activities and we have been basically staying in the apartment but that is gonna change next week i am gonna organize at least our district if not our whole zone to come to our chapel and well play some football because i miss it! so thats what we are going to be doing! My stomach is much more developed than Elder Lehrs and so no i don't get runny tummy when i ate there. But did i tell you that there is a sweet track there? im making plans that one P-day we are gonna go there and im gonna see how fast i can run a mile! ha hopefully i can brake 6! maybe lol

Im glad that Julianne likes my text emailing! lol hahaha rofl idk... should i go on :)

i love you guys ill talk to you next week :)



Email from Elder Joseph

Re:  Tell us about your week!!!

We are heading forward and it was a wonderful one though it is really stressful to adopt to new changes but the spirit is still the same with missionaries but we are getting to known each other.

The last transfer elder Petersen was the only person who left our apartment and my new companion`s name is Elder Chewaka from Ethiopia and he is new on mission so he is trying to learn like me, he is just from the MTC not all that because we just baptize the investigator but there are others we were teach that are progressing that he left for the new missionary.


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