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Monday, March 22, 2010

So many questions i forget to answer them all

Email sent Monday 22 Mar 2010

Hey sorry that sometimes i forget to answer all of your questions but sometimes there are so many i don't have time or i just forget the question after i have read the other 100 that you send to me each week :) this week i will strive to answer most of the ones that you sent!

((Take Note:  Quinton's new email address is quinton (dot) petersen (at) myldsmail (dot) net  (Substitute the appropriate signs for the words in parentheses!))

so yes i did get a new email address, and sorry it just kind of slipped my mind and i forgot to tell you, but ya you should probably tell the other people that it has been changed if anyone wants to write me. for now the ones sent to my old email are still transfered to this one, but i don't know if that will last forever so definitely try and get on telling people that. sorry that i forgot

I haven't gotten a letter from you guys im sure that it is lost in the mail. i really think that i have terrible luck with mail i think more than half of the letters that have been sent to me have been lost so if i never write some people back its not because i hate them...most of the time.. its probably just because i haven't gotten the letter cuz it got lost lol. i haven't got the package yet but i am hoping that i get it soon im really excited. with the envelope packages that you guys send those ones are not checked when they recieve them. and so on those ones also we dont have to pay duty so continue sending those packages that your sending because you pack them full and i don't have to pay duty for them!

Sundays are pretty much normal days of proselyting except for the fact that we have church 3 hours of the day. we have church starting at nine which is alot nicer than church starting at 1! ha im sorry that you guys have to have that it stinks! but i had that down at college so i have had to endure it as well.

Kumasi is different than kojokrom the people up here are alot more educated and can speak english more, but with that they are also alot more prideful which stinks. it is alot tougher of an area than kojokrom was but we are working it out. we don't get as many investigators at church but i think all of the stuff will come in time we just need to work hard and rely on the lord and everything will be cool.

My cooking is coming good i just made a new stew and it tastes really good so im happy with that. i have become alot better at managing my sub! and that is cool. Today i bought some MTn dew and also some rootbeer so i am going to enjoy tonight when we go back to the apartment! i haven't had rootbeer since i came here and i miss it but now i have a can so everything in my life is fine right now! you can tell i am easily pleased

I don't need another journal i just bought another one from the distribution center here. don't worry about sending me anything church oriented here because if i need it i can just get it from the distribution center here and it is like ten times cheaper! ha thanks though i have almost finished my first journal so that is exciting!

I was kinda sick these last couple days but it wasnt malaria i was just feeling kinda dizzy and stuff, but i am better now so its fine. me and elder jeppesen were proselyting and we went into a christian bookstore and were looking at some of the funny religious books they had there. so obviously we had to do something. there was an empty space on one of the bookshelfs........just a little bit of information right now im listening to Nsync bye bye bye, some guy in the internet cafe is playing it on his phone and im singing along.........ok back to the story so there was an empty part on the bookshelf and we put a book of mormon there and wrote our name and number in it and read ponder and pray and just left it there! ha so hopefully someone finds it and reads it and is converted that would be sweet!

We had a zone conference thing this week were Elder Dickson (the second counselor in the Africa West ARea Presidency) came and talked to us. it was way sweet and there was some really good talks it was very spiritual and there was some serisouly freaking good food that we had there! ha ya

so the only thing else i have to tell you guys is that my body is slowly disintegrating! ha jk but serisouly it kind of is. my arms and legs are getting so skinny, im losing all of my muscle, but maybe thats a good thing idk i cant tell. so the outer exttremeties of my body are getting skinny and my stomach is getting bigger. the craziest thing my belly button has changed from an outty to an inny i didn't even know they could do that! ha but ya

so thats all for this week i think that was actually a really somehow long email!

i love you


(Note:  Quinton sent his email at the end of his day at about 4 PM, which is 10 AM our time.  We were on the computer and sent emails back and forth.)
idk maybe i am getting fat i cant tell! ha i think that i weigh about 130 right now so im not weighing more but i don't look as slim and cut as i used to but im fine with that ill get back into shape when i go home! unless i get a kenyan companion then i will run him into the ground! i didn't get a hair cut this week but i think im cutting it today, it is pretty long and needs to be cut, although the sweet combover will be missed

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