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Monday, March 1, 2010

Me ko Kumasi!!!

Email sent Monday 1 Mar 2010

Ha so ya i guess i don't get to tell you the news of the transfers since elder Joseph already told you. But i have been transfered to an area Called UST in Kumasi! My companions name is Elder Jeppesen. Kumasi is so much different than Takoradi was. it is a ton more developed and you can tell that the people have a ton more money out here! So ya my area is partially on a campus up here called KNUST. Apparently it is a really big nice university and there is tons of really smart people up here. Everyone speaks Twi up here instead of Fante so i have to change some small things about the things that i say, but for the most part it is the same language so thats not really a big trouble! Elder Jeppesen is a cool guy. He is from a very small town in Idaho and one other thing about him.... he is 6'4" haha so we have one of the tallest missionaries in the mission with one of the shortest in the mission! lol but i think we will get along well and be able to work hard together. They told me that UST is a little harder of an area because the people are more prideful because they are somehow more smart. i can already tell that from being out here so its kinda a new aspect of mission but its sweet and i am ready to embrace it and have fun. I am now living in an apartment with Elder Holmes and Elder Adjei. We are somehow related to elder holmes which is funny. Corie and Catie's cousin married his sister or something like that so were related! haha he is a cool guy. And elder Adjei is really cool too, he is going home this transfer though so he is almost done with mission which is crazy!

So ya now ill talk a little bit about the sweetest day every. The mission conference we had on tuesday was so so so cool! we traveled to Cape Coast and we got to catch up with friends that we hadn't seen for a whil and all of that stuff and then after that we got to go and sit down and wait to hear from an apostle. Finally they got there! There was Jeffrey R. Holland, Steven E Snow, and Elder Cardon, and Elder Dixon of the Africa West area presidency there! They alll gave talks and it was so incredible. All of there talks were good and i really felt the spirit a ton when i was there. We got to go up and shake all of there hands before the meeting and that was really cool so now ive shook hands with an apostle! lol so Elder Hollands talk was amazing. he is an incredible speaker. and he is way funny. It amazes me how he can go from having a whole crowd laughing to bringing in the spirit so strongly in like half of a second! so that was a really sweet experience and i think that i will remember it for the rest of my life!

Yes i did end up getting the package! thank you again for all of this stuff. it is really sweet to have some small candy and stuff that will shut my sweet tooth up! The cookies were really really good and i still have a few left even! (Note about the cookies - We sent Quinton a package with the cookies on Thurs., Feb. 4 and he probably received it on Tues., Feb. 23.  They were oatmeal chocolate chip and were a couple of days old when we packed them in a lays stax container.  So you know they were old ,but he still thinks they were really really good!!!  That tells you about Quinton's diet in Ghana :)  So now i think again i will remind you that i need you to send me a camera. because now i can't even copy pictures from elder Jeppesen because his camera is a Sony and it uses a different memory card. So please take some money out of my bank account and buy like a 150 dollar camera and send it too me :) thanks

I don't really know anything about the pouch using envelopes i haven't heard anything about that at all so i would just say to stick to using no envelopes for now.

That is cool that we finally got the windows done! now maybe in the winter our house won't be freezing cold! ha but seriously. so ya that sounds like a crappy situation that is happening with the Jordan School District. i hope something good happens with all of that stuff, so keep me updated.

it seems like there are earthquakes all over the place these days. i hope that we don't get one here in Ghana. That would really change the mission and i don't think i would enjoy phyiscal rescue work as much as spiritual rescue work :)

ha so for now that will suffice. we just went and had pizza at this stadium in Kumasi and even got to go onto the track and the field! Kumasi is cool but it is more hot and the P-days aren't as exciting, but ill get used to it!

Love you guys


Email from Elder Joseph


it has been a lovely been with elder petersen for the past few days as companion for he is a good missionary and as mission has for us wee can stay forever but atlast tranfer has divide us but am still in my former area and he has been tranfer to other area and right now i have a new comanion from Ethopia and he is also a good missionary

i started my mission in mey of last year and ihave been in kumasi where elder petersen has been tranfer to and i was with my trainer called elder Adamson from Ghana we were together for four and half month after which i was tranfer to elder petersen

it wonderful knowing you and for the wonderful things you did for me the past christmas and pray htat our father in heaven will richly bless for family


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