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Monday, March 15, 2010


Email sent Monday 14 Mar 2010

Wow these weeks are just coming by really fast right now. just so you know the space bar that i am using right now is pretty hard to press down so sorry if some words are connected or something!

It sounds like you had a ton of basketball to play! ha we actually played basketball one time this week. we live by alot of hostels and one of them has a basketball court and we saw some guys playing there so we went to play for second. This was right after we had finished a service project so we were in normal clothes. now usually Ghanaians are not good at basketball at all! but this oneguy that we played was really good. we were playing barefoot so i actually got a huge blister on my foot but it definitely was worth it to be able to play for like tenminutes. Even thoughim pretty crappy at it right now!

You will be happy to know that the shoes that we got me are holding up really really great. i wear the slip on ones more because they are easier to put on, but i really like both of them and i could see them lasting all the way too the end of my mission. They better for how much we payed for them!haha

I forgot to wish you a happy birthday last week dad, but i promise i was going to. i am in the process of writing you a birthday card that i will probably send through the pouch, and so youcan write me back! 57 wow your getting up there aren't ya! :)

The transfer is already half over which is crazy it feels like i just got here! we are teaching this one really smart guy and we were teaching him about the book of mormon this past week, He is the first investigator that i have ever had to do research on the church he asked us about poligamy and stuff it was weird and i didn't know how to best answer those questions. but we got through it fine! i bet that missionaries in the states have to explain that stuff alotwhich would be weird. I'm thankful to be in ghana thats all i can say.

Fufu is probably the best food on the planet. The more that i eat it the more i like it. somehow you guys need to try it sometime even though it is weird the first time you eat it. I have been eating more and more lately and right now ive really only been eating Indomie (ghana's version of Ramen) But it is way better! i go through about 40 packages every two weeks now lol. i need to start eating more rice though because it is less expensive!

Elder Jeppesens first name is Kirk, like Captain Kirk. but his parents aren't trekkies i already asked him. He lives in a small town called Sugar City in Idaho...its kinda by Rexburg I Think.

Thanks for buying the camera!!! i am excited because that means i can start taking pictures again soon! wooo! thats crazy that you gotsuch a sweet deal on it! Woaye adee.(that means well done in twi)

sorry about the omg incident people should just know what i mean... maybe next time ill say omgosh! ha

Thats all for now this keyboard is really angering me and my hands aregetting tired ill send a better email next week

Im sending two pictures this week. one is of me playing a sweet mancala game that i was dominating at, the other is me pointing to a sign. Aparently someone has figured out the day for the end of the world! lol

i love you


Playing Mancala

End of the World?

Ghana Cape Coast Mission Conference
December 16, 2009
6 of the 8 zones
The other 2 zones held their conference in Kumasi

Email from Elder Joseph

Indeed the week runs very fast i can`t just imagine that two weeks has gone by when elder petersen left for kumasi i am raelly enjoying the lord work in this mission though sometime i feel try but the though that i must work for the lord it always push me going and i know that lord will provided a way for us that the work will not be streeful but that we will serve and return with honour

i am really grateful for your prayer and my the lord bless you more

Thanks bye

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  1. Thanks again for posting these emails. It's always good to hear his updates.