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Monday, April 5, 2010


Email sent Monday 5 April 2010

wow there is a lot of stuff that happened this week and even just like an hour we got transfer calls, and do you want to know what is happening im sure that you do because it surpised all of us... Me and Elder Jeppesen will no longer be companions, but we will be still living in the same apartment. Elder Jeppesen will be training a new missionary and i will be getting a Samoan missionary named Elder Togogae or something like that. i knew the guy in takoradi. So i will still be in UST but i will have a new companion...weird, i don't know if i like this but whatever. Elder Adjei just left we took him to the STC station to ride a bus to cape coast and he will be going home tomorrow which is crazy. Sometimes it feels like i will never go home, but im sure that one day that time will eventually come.

Im sad that me and jeppesen aren't going to be companions anymore :( i thought we were gonna be that way for a while, but i guess not. we were just starting to get along really welll and had finally figured each other out and now he throws this on us. oh well you gotta roll with the punches because its what the lord wants and not what i want that is the real important thing here.

im not in the best mood right now, because we just went to this resteraunt called queens gate and ordered pizza, we were really excited to eat there and the last time we went everything was cool. but seriously this time we were there for 3 hours and they didn't bring out our food! we were pretty chapped to put it lightly, so eventually they put out some of the food and some people ate, but they didn't bring all of it, then we asked them when the rest would be finished and they said in like 15-20 minutes. so they kept saying that and eventually we just got up and left and seriously chastised them for making us sit there for like 3 and a half hours. obviously we payed for the food that they brought us but we had four more pizzas coming and we just left because they took to long. well they just missed out on 40 dollars worth of food so there gonna not be too happy tonight! ah so ya i was a little bit angry about that, and i wasn't able to eat any pizza :(

So up here in Kumasi is this guy that makes Kente scripture bags and he sells them for 8 citis and i was wondering if you guys wanted any! they are normal bags, but there is kente stuff on both sides so its kinda cool, and if you had them you would be the only ones in our ward that had them so you could have it be a cool fashion thing! ha ya so you should tell me if you want them and maybe add some money to my account so i can buy them or whatever. and how many you want!

i don't have a really lot to say this week. we were pretty lazy this week because elder adjei was leaving and he was incredibly tired, but now he is gone and we are ready to start kicking some butt out here and teaching tons of lessons. New companions can be hard, if we don't have alot in common that means that we will just work that much harder to try and fill all of the silence with lessons!

Im sending a picture here today that is just of the four of us in our apartment. Elder Holmes is the other small guy and he is the one that we are related to through marriage of some sort. Elder Adjei is from Ghana and he is going home right now! and Elder Jeppesen is that tall guy from Idaho! ha so ya that is just at the front door of the apt.

im glad i was able to fool you all with my camera joke thing. i thought it was funny though you probably didn't think it was too funny! My duke blue devils are gonna take it all the way the one year im gone. ha i hope they win. but who knows knowing them they may choke like they always do.

I weighed myself a couple days ago i weigh 58 kilgrams which is 127 pounds, im remaining pretty normal. i need to start working out again im a flabby guy lol. i don't know why elder Joseph does that things with the email. but hes pretyy smart with computers stuff so maybe it is just a glitch or something like that.

this email is boring i think but whatever you are just gonna have to deal with that this week so there!

im excited to hear conference 2 months from now ;)



Elders Quinton Petersen, Timothy Holmes, Kirk Jeppesen, Adjei in apartment in UST Kumasi

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