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Monday, February 22, 2010

I find it strange

Email sent Monday 22 Feb 2010

that the winter olympics are going on right now, ha but that is really sweet that there is a Ghanaian in there! ha the people over here don't even know what the winter olympics are! but thats ok im just glad that i am not mission the summer olympics on my mission! i probably would have died if i had to miss all of those sweet track events and world records! but thankfully i was born at a time that i don't have to endure that torment of not knowing what happens in the summer olympics! ha thanks!

This week was pretty sweet, and also it was very stressful. on wednesday we did a service project that was really cool. all of the 8 missionaries in our district went to do a service project at a school were we taught the kids! each companionship had a class that they taught and a subject to teach them. So we actually taught for an hour about science! They were just little kids so it was really easy stuff but it was fun to do that and it was a good experience. This whole week we have been preparing the Sam Family for baptism. we have basically been over at there house every single night teaching them and reminding them and everything. Finally the baptism came and the husband wife and two of their kids were baptized! it really was a way sweet baptism and i feel so blessed that i was able to baptize them! ha and also we baptized one other person her name is Agnes Ntiako. This women has been coming to church for like more than a year now, but she has never been baptized because she always misses her baptismal dates. but this time we got her! she was so happy to be baptized and you see her smiling and it was sweet! so ya that is pretty much how this week went.

This week we have transfers again, we will get the call tomorrow night on whether or not we are leaving or staying, and i really don't know what will happen! i could see it going either way so we just have to wait and see what is gonna happen. but ya and the best thing that is happening this week is tomorrow we are going to Cape coast and we get to hear from and apostle!!!!!!! yes that does deserve that many exclamation points! so Jeffrey R. Holland and Steven E. Snow are coming to speak to our entire mission and it is gonna be way sweet! I also get to see all of my MT's (people i went to the MTC with) that i haven't seen for six months that have been in Kumasi so that will be really sweet.

Oh and PS i don't know if you noticed this but yesterday i hit my six month mark on mission! crazy so now i am 25% done. so that is a really cool thing. We celebrated in our apartment last night with a coke. My appreciation for coke grows more and more every day now. i really didn't like it back home, but now i don't know why because i love it! ha so maybe instead of drinking vault all the time when i get home it will be coke.....probably not i think ill stick with vault but coke is good!

ha so that is all for today, youll have to wait till next week to find out what happens with transfers and everything!

i love you


PS we are going to the beach today to play games or something so that should be sweet too :)

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