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Monday, October 26, 2009

me ma mo a ha

Email sent 25 Oct 2009

I think that that (or something like that) means good afternoon in fante! haha Im way glad you guys got to go to Elder Hursts homecoming! im sure it was a good talk because he was a good missionary... most of the time ;) lol jk I am glad that you guys enjoyed all of your Christmas presents... i tried to think of things that you guys would like and also things that would be not to expensive for me to buy! so its a good thing you guys liked it otherwise i would have been sad.

So mom you really don't have to be worried about anything, ha the beach is a totally legit beach and it is fine for bare feet. and the reason i look soaking wet in the pictures is because i went for a swim right before :) just kidding, we had been playing ultimate frisbee and it is really hot and humid so i sweat really bad, and so that is all sweat and pretty much no ocean water! yes we can play with face cards haha we play hearts and stuff sometimes at the end of the day just for fun. Surprisingly i dont get any food on my clothes but i do always make a pretty good mess of my hands and sometimes face! I have seen some small results but really most of the stuff i see is what you guys send me so keep the results coming, its nice to know what is happening out there in that world! haha

At first we had six in our apartment Elder Hancey and Musetsi, Elder Hill and Elder Jackson, and me and Hurst. Hancey and Jackson were both in the MTC with me and we are really good friends and we get along well! Now in the apartment we only have 4, Elder Jackson and Elder Hill are still there, and then me and Elder Joseph. Elder Joseph is a really cool guy. he has only been out about 4 months now so we are both pretty new on mission so it is a totally different feeling then when i had elder hurst there to make all of the decisions. In alot of ways right now i feel like i am actually training Elder Joseph because he is new to the area and i have to show him where everything is and were our investigators are and stuff like that. Its kinda hard but it is a total different experience and i am already learning alot from it. So Nigerians.. did i tell you it was hard to understand my companion in the MTC.. well with elder Joseph it is the same way, but i am working on it and i can understand him more and more everyday so everything will be fine. Elder Hancey moved to the new apartment that is close to where ours is, and then he got a new companion and 2 others came. so that apartment has Hancey and his new companion Elder Smith, and then Elder Whaikawaa from New Zealand and he is training a new Elder named Russel! so its cool now that we are not the youngest in the mission anymore and we are actually getting pretty old! lol

So this week has been lots of showing joseph around to all of our investigators and stuff but here are some cool things about it. The ping pong table you guys saw the picture of is pretty sweet, and we get to play pretty often. none of the tables that we play on are the actual size of a standard ping pong table, they are alot smaller so that is hard to get used to. and sometimes the paddle we use is just a block of wood! lol its really interesting. Just two days ago i played on a table that was about 2 and a half feet long! the kids here are really good too, but i can still lay the smack down on them! Thanks dad for teaching me the ways of the ping pong! Do you have any idea though how hard it is to correct for wind when playing ping pong? its SOOOOOooo hard. the kid could hit the ball way off the table and then a gust of wind will hit the ball and it will fly back onto the table! and you just have to play it.. its way funny and makes the game alot harder and interesting! you guys should try playing on our kitchen table sometime outside and you will know how i feel!

Me and Elder Jackson cut each others hair on Saturday, and we cut it pretty short! cuz i guess that is the thing to do.. when in Ghana do as the Ghanaians. Ha so we cut it to a two and its really short, but now my head doesnt sweat as much so that is really nice! now i have to put sunscreen on my scalp though otherwise i think it will get roasted like a pig in the Tongan islands!

With this new group of missionaries that have just come from the MTC there is one of them named Elder Holmes, i don't know him, but apperently he is from South Jordan.. small world huh? lol but he went to Copper Hills so thats probably why i don't know him, but its just cool that its so close to where i live!


good job at state i am proud of you and your team! you ran really fast, but i still think i can run faster :)... maybe! That stinks that barnes is quitting because he was a really good coach. The 12 hour run sounds a ton less intense and way less fun then the 24 hour run! SOrryy! ha but im sure you will get over it!


first of all when i get back from mission im gonna dominate you at ping pong :) ha and you will have to reteach me how to golf because i have already forgotten! but plus 3 isnt bad! and i am glad that your back is getting better. You will have to keep me up to date on if anything cool happens in the sports world! like how tiger is doing, or the jazz and stuff like that!

I do play the keyboard at church now, and i definitely try not to play in slow motion because i seriously hate when people do that! so now that you say that you are a bad typer i think that you will be able to have lots of practice in these next 22 months so then by the time i get home you'll be a typing wizz! you can have mom set up Mario teaches typing for you like we did when we were like 10 if you want ;) ha

thanks for the letters and enjoy your christmas in October!

I love you,


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