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Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Email sent 2 Nov 2009

Well hello!

Wow it sounds like there is tons of stuff going on while im gone! haha its weird to hear about home and everything going on while i am gone, but its really good to hear! I havent been getting a ton of mail or email from other people so if you could could you get me these missionaries addresses? I would Like Connor's, Andrews, Nate Jewkes, Zach Tuttle's, and then anyone else that you can think of that would like to write me or even just give them my address so i can be getting more letters! You should tell Mat Crook to write me as well! The more letters the better obviously lol. If you are sending a pre-paid package i do not have to pay anything to get the package because there are no duties on things like that. But if you are sending just like a box or something, i will have to pay duty on the things that are in the package. The duty is not that expensive as long as you are not sending like electronic devices or like tons of peanut butter or something. Oh i forgot to tell you we found a lady in Cape Coast that makes totally legit Peanut Butter!!! so i wont even be needing for you guys to send me any of that because i can just get it here! so im pretty happy about that! If you are sending a package their are a few things that would be cool. Tons of pictures first of all! like alot, some of our house, and my room and the rooms in our house, then of stuff that is going on while im not there, and then even like old pictures of me and stuff! because those are all really good to look at if im getting homesick or anything, and they are just cool to see! Also candy is very good, and if you are wanting to send more macaroni and cheese you don't have to send the whole box with noodles and everything, you can just send the cheese packet from it because we have noodles here i can make it with, so that will save space and weight in the package! Other than that i don't know you guys can just be creative and surprise me :)

Ha about that whole luggage thing...yes we should have sent me with a bigger one, because it was a huge hassle getting everything stuffed into that smaller one. I am even accumulating more things while im here and i have been debating buying a big luggage bag that i can use. but it would be like 50 citi's so i havent done it yet. Do you think i should? also i took money out of the ATM the other day and i think everything went well.. did it?

I just barely got a letter that you guys sent to the MTC on September 1! haha it was funny because it takes along time to get from the MTC to our mission, but i finally got it and it was a good letter! thanks! I do not need any ping pong balls LOL if i want to buy some i can get them here for really cheap haha, but thanks for asking! Ping pong is a really fun part of the day and just helps me and elder Joseph unwind (me and him are about the same skill level) I don't know if you know but the electricity in ghana is really sketchy! ha our apartment probably loses power on average of once a day! its funny, but kinda frustrating, and i have already had to take a couple bucket showers because out water stopped working for a couple days too LOL TIG (This is Ghana)!

This week was really sweet for us. while i still have to ask elder joseph what he said sometimes because i cannot understand him, but we get along very well and have been doing alot of proselyting! on wednesday we were at a members house and it started to pour! we waited for the rain to stop for about an hour and a half, but it never did so me and elder joseph decided that we were going to just walk back to our apartment. So obviously as we were walking it started to rain even more and we had about 2 miles to go to our apartment, so we were just soaking wet when we got home, i had fun though and it felt really really good!

Yesterday we finally got to listen to some of general conference! We were way happy and excited to finally be able to hear those things! So we got to watch the Saturday and Sunday morning sessions and they were really great. At the end after everyone left the missionaries were the only ones left and we made a special request so that we could listen to Elder Hollands talk because we had heard that it was so good. So they let us and man that talk was the most powerful testimony of the Book Of Mormon that i have ever heard! It was an incredible talk and we all loved it and were very greatful that we were able to hear those things! So ya thats pretty much how my week went!


A 4.0 that is pretty legit, im proud of my little sister! ha i never got a 4.0 in high school, i guess you could say that i was kinda a lazy guy...Congrats again on doing well at state! as for ceramics its sweet that your loving it, as you are finishing projects youll have to send me pictures of the good ones so i can judge if they are good or not! and you should totally take AP ceramics if you and Karen do it together! if you work in that class your pretty much guranteed to pass and you will just have fun doing it so it really is a win win situation! Its crazy that it is already snowing there, i am ashamed to say that i have actually gotten cold a couple of nights already here in ghana! lol when the coldest it probably gets at night is like 70 degrees! LOL

Thats all for now!

Stay sweet family!



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