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Monday, October 5, 2009

Sup homies!

Email Sent 5 Oct 2009

Ha so Brandy got in a car wreck! Lol the first one in the family :). But im glad she is ok and that it wasn’t her fault! Brandy you really are doing incredible at running! And I will talk to you more about that when I write you back from your letter!
This week was pretty sweet though. Our mission is working on getting to know the members of our wards better so we are trying to learn all of the names of the people in our wards, and find out where they live so we can have referalls and stuff from them. We are also doing service projects for them and just trying to get to know them better, and it seems to really be helping as we help them they will give us people to teach. It’s very nice! We actually got the oppurtinity this week to go to the Temple! We had a temple trip for our whole mission. So my zone went on Wednesday and everyone was way excited! Then I woke up Wednesday morning, and guess what? I had malaria! Fun stuff lol. It wasn’t a bad case of it and I just went to the temple anyways because I really wanted to go. So I have been taking the medicine and stuff and I was pretty much better the next day. Im just dreading if I ever get a bad case, because they say it will just put you on your bed for like 3 days straight. But for now I am totally good!
It’s crazy that its already snowing back home! Elder Hurst is gonna freeze when he gets back because he is so used to all this hot stuff. I will take a look at the blog thing that you put up and see it, but its not like ill need to be checking it because it is me saying the things on it lol. Yes I am wearing my retainers, my contacts are fine also!
I actually already got my line of authority thing so thank you for that! We actually don’t get to watch general conference at the same time as you guys :( which really stinks, but in about a month or something then we will have the chance to watch it!
We are planning another baptism for October 17 where we hope to have at least 1 but hopefully 5 people baptized! So that should be fun! We are going right after this to play football with the Cape Coast zone! It’s about a 1 hour drive from cape coast to Takoradi so they are coming down here and were gonna play on our really nice grass field at the stake center!
Dad I hope your back gets better, ill pray for you and hopefully it will get better, because I know all to well how bad being injured is! Tell brandy not to stink at driving too :)

That’s all for now, keep the questions coming so I have lots of stuff to write about!

I love you guys!!


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