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Monday, October 19, 2009

Another Day

Email sent 19 Oct 2009

So im just still living out in Ghana...
This week was somewhat boring/depressing. With Elder Hurst going home we had to do lots of things to get him ready to go home and stuff so i have been thinking of when my time will be to go home and it seems so far away! lol Everyone says that living with someone that is going home makes the time go by alot slower, but it really hasnt been bad at all because we have just been out working and doing things that usually keep our minds off of all of that stuff! We had the baptism this week. This time i actually got to perform the baptism so that was a pretty cool experience! We only got to baptise 2 of the 4 that we were going to baptize because one of them didnt show up (this is now her 4th baptismal date that she has not showed up for) so that is really frustrating! lol and then the most frustrating of all was this kid named Albert he has been wanting to be baptised for some time, but his parents wont allow him too. It is very sad to see him feel bad because he is not able to be baptized but i know that eventually he will be! We have a very big strong group of kids in our ward that have just been baptized recently and he is part of them, minus the being baptized part, and they come to church every week, and do all of the things that they are supposed to so its sad to see when someone wants to be baptized so bad, but they are not able too. But we at least got to baptize two of them, they were 16 and 17 years old and they are awesome kids and you can really tell that they are going to be strong in the church!

Im glad that you guys have had a good Anniversary/Birthday! sorry i couldn't be there, but i was busy being on the other side of the world! Its crazy that ive already been out for almost two months! It really has gone by way fast, and if the rest of it goes by this fast mission will just fly by and ill be home before you know it! but as you said i may not even want to come home after! lol I see from watching Elder Hurst as he is going home it is a very bittersweet thing for him, because he is very happy to go home and see his family and everything, but also he is sad to leave Ghana and all the things he has come to love about this country. In his own words he says "It's like im leaving my second home" So Ghana really does become home to you after you get to all the really weird things about it, such as people peeing on the side of the street, Roosters crowing constantly from 2 in the morning and all the way throughout the day and just little funny things like that. I think i am already over the initial shock of being like, holy crap this is all so weird and foreign to me. Now its pretty much just normal everyday life! ...But its not America obviously LOL

Brandy! good job at region, and good luck at state! i hope you guys do great and run really fast! I am sending my letter to you back with Elder Hurst along with a couple other things, so you guys can get that from him! I'm sure you will all be excited for that! Im glad that you dominated bowling on your date! even though those aren't the best scores! I have taught you well, and you don't have to pretend to stink just cuz youre a girl :) you can go out and bowl 200's if you want! LOL

When i went for a run, we probably went like two miles, it was just me and another Elder in my apartment named Elder Hancey, we probably were going super super slow, but it was fun just to get out and run some.. we got a bunch of weird looks though, two totally white Obrunei's running through Africa, i can imagine it would look weird.

My guitar is an accoustic guitar. Me and Elder Jackson got the same kind.. It's brand is givson, so its just some knock off brand and i got it for 60 citi's so not bad. Im learning some small things on it and slowly getting better, its cool though!

Im pretty sure that i got all of the letters that you guys have mailed me! but i don't really remember when i got them! sorry, lol but i did get brandy's letter on Wednesday so that took about 14 days or a little bit more.

I will be getting a new companion on Wednesday, i am not sure whether i will stay in my same apartment or go somewhere else. We will be getting transfer calls tonight actually and President Sabey will tell us whats happening and where were going! Im actually kinda nervous to find out who im gonna be with and if im gonna be going or staying.. It's like im a little kid right before Christmas and im not sure whether im gonna get an Xbox or im gonna get some coal or something stupid like that! ha but i guess that is how it always feels. Westley is leaving today to go up to Cape Coast with all of the other ones that are leaving, so i will be paired with Elder Hancey for a day, because his companion is also leaving! With all these tons of new missionaries it is very likely that i could be training one transfer from now! that would be crazy and i don't feel prepared at all for that, but if it happens i will be ready, and i think it would be really fun and a very good experience to have to train some new little greenies!

Tell Travis good luck on his farewell talk for me! and also tell him to stop being lazy and write me so i can know his address for when he leaves so we can keep in touch on our missions!

All of the American elders that came with me on the plane all went to the Cape Coast Mission, so we all got really close and are all very good friends and enjoy seeing each other at Conferences and things. Elder Mackay was in my MTC group, he's a way cool kid so thats funny that your reading his blog! ya and Elder Carton i have met a couple times and talked to him and stuff.

As for the dead guy i have no idea what became of him... its kinda freaky cuz he is not there anymore so we don't know if he died again or just got up and walked away somewhere. Whatever happened it was just weird that he pretty much came back from the dead right as we were watching him... Pretty nuts stuff lol. we were too scared to even get close to him so we just hopped on a trotro, so we were probably the bad samaritans, but really what would you have done? gone up and talk to the zombie guy that just came back to life? i think not!

On a lighter note the mission goals are going good, and me and my companion have completed our goal of learning 80% of the peoples in our wards names, going to 15 members houses, and doing five service projects! It really helped us get to know the members better and through that we will be able to get many more referalls and help from the ward!

So thats all for now.. be nice to Wes when he gets home and don't just bombard him with questions... I'm sure if you feed him dinner he will open up alot more :) lol

This is Elder Quinton Petersen signing off

Good luck and good night!

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