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Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary! and Happy Birthday Mom!!

Email sent 12 Oct 2009

I actually remembered those things this time around! haha so i hope that you guys did have a sweet aniversary and i hope you have a happy birthday!! The maps of Ghana are never really that reliable, Kojokrom is seriously about 5-10 mile from Takoradi, but it takes about a half hour to get there because traffic is always really bad. We live about 200m from the big road that we take to Takoradi, so we just wake up in the morning and then hop on a tro tro!
I have 4 baptisms next week! its gonna be sweet we have been teaching these couple people and we gave them the baptismal date! it will be cool because i think i will be performing the baptism this time, and it will also be Elder Hurst's last baptism of his mission so its exciting stuff! We are going to the beach again today with the whole Takoradi zone ( about 22 elder's) to play ultimate frisbee!! Its so much fun i love it. Oh and PS i bought a guitar last week! ha i am learning all the different chords and stuff now so im going to be an accomplished musician when i come home!! ...hopefully

The area authority is coming to give a talk to our whole mission on wednesday, so we are pretty excited for that, we are headed up to Cape Coast for the day so he will give us some instruction and we'll be able to see alot of the kids that i went through the MTC with! This is the last week of Elder Hursts mission so it is really hectic because we have so many things going on at one time, we are teaching tons of lessons, we have to go to cape coast, we have a baptism, and tons of other stuff so it really does feel like the days fly by, but we are having fun and doing the things we need to be doing! It really is a great experience!

So its story time now.. Yesterday two of the Elder's in our apartment (Hancey and Musetsi) came home last night sorta freaked out. They told us this story, they were riding there bikes on the road and as they were going they looked to the left and what did they see? There was a dead guy just laying in the gutter! :S They said he had had part of his calf ripped out or something and he was just laying there dead... And that's not even the weird part at all! So today right before we went to grab a tro tro we walked past were they said that the guy was laying, and he was still just laying there seemingly dead... then right as we were leaving he somehow started moving.. he moved his arms and then sat up! it was really creepy because literally he should be dead with how bad his wound was and stuff... it was nuts! the guy is kinda like this homeless crazy guy that walks around all the time and is just crazy, we don't know what happened but its really weird lol.

Brandy! Good luck in region, i know you will kick some butt! and i haven't gotten your letter yet, but hopefully i will on wednesday and ill be sure to write you back!

I would much apprecieate lots of skittles, and tons and tons of pictures :) pictures of our house, of us, of me and my friends from facebook, of anything really.. cuz it is just really cool to be able to look at them at the end of the day, and also to show each other different pictures and stuff! Those little photo albums that Austen's parents gave to me are great so you could just send alot of those or something!

You pretty much know when you have malaria because you have the symptoms, it's alot like saying you have a cold in the US, its just really common. But the symptoms i had was diareea (spelled that wrong) fever, aches, and dizzyness. But is was lucky to not have a bad case of it!

We walk everywhere.. ha i would say that we walk about 4-5 miles a day, somewhere around there. so im staying in pretty good shape.. somehow. Our apartment is gonna go running tomorrow morning so im looking forward to that!

Im becoming pretty good at cooking some things, the thing i really like to make is a make spaghetti, and cut up some hot dogs really small in the spaghetti, then i drain the water and i put oil in the bottom of the pot and kinda fry the spaghetti, and put soy sauce on it... it sounds weird but it kinda makes chow mein noodles. And i came up with doing that myself! lol I have 3 macaroni boxes left, those are like my treasures that i only use on special occasions... but i am now out of peanut butter :( yes its a sad day i know!

I hope you guys are doing well! tell Justin hi for me, and that i hope everything goes well!

I love you,

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