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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm sunburnt

Email sent Monday 3 May 2010

What else is new.. its a Pday. today was freaking tiring. we went to Bantama today because we were playing a legit full pitchfootball game with the missionaries against bantama ward. of course all the Ghanaians showed up late which was really frustrating. but we finally started to play and got the thing going. we were playing on a dirt field and it has been raining alot lately so it was kinda muddy in parts... the first play of the game i was running and had beat my defender and was going for the goal until i ran into the mud... i hit the dirt hard and got all muddy and had to play like that for the rest of the game. man i was freaking angry. playing on dirt is way harder than playing on grass. so i was angry the rest of the game. but i have some sweet battle wounds now! ha but once again i forgot to bring my card reader so i cant send pictures today but i will soon i promise! ha i got ElderClements to takepictures of the game so he got some good ones!

its crazy to think back home what is happening. you guyshave to be super busy! its already the end of school and this week i realized that state (track & field) was coming up in like two weeks. i have already been gone for a full year of school whichi think is pretty cool. so the time is moving no matter how slow or fast it feels sometimes. The back of my eears are sun burnt.

The Harmatan is over now, and it came way later than usual. i was expecting to miss it cuz i was in takoradi, but when i got to kumasi is right when it started. it was kinda like fog.. but with dust. it really stunk, it made my contacts all dry and covered everything in our rooms with like small films of dust. but now the rainy season is coming on, so it rains about every other night! one thing that i seriously love is falling asleep to the sound of rain. maybe ill move to oregon when i get home so that can happen even when im home.

Yes i hold the phone in our apartment.. im the oldest guy in the apartment which is weird because i feel like a small boy still! Me and Elder Lehr are actually the oldest in the district too... our mission is young.

Elder Togagae Emails but he doesnt do it for too long. idon't think he is very good at typingso he doesnt type alot. Mario teaches typing is a serious blessing in my life :) his email is ...... so you could email him if you want! he is good at english, but hes not the best. he can get his point across but sometimes its hard and he doesnt make sense but he is fine! he is a sweet guy. hes not the best at teaching but we are progressing. once again this goal is not easy. we don't have a solid family that we are teaching which stinks.. we have been working with a ward member whos wife is not a member and he said he would bring her to church next week! so that should be cool. we are seeing them on wednesday. Elder Isagara is progressing, we are kinda breaking him in!  A mission does really make people change so you just have to experience it.

as for the phone call i really don't know what time im gonna call you yet. we will do a test call with my new chip maybe friday or saturday and we can figure that out ok! thanks so expect a phone call sometime then!B

Brandy your ceramics are legit!

i love you, pictures next week i promise!


Email from Elder Joseph (a former companion)

Re: Mother's Day is coming

That is wonderful to have a duagther serving a mission and that will really help her to prepare forthe rest of her life and tell her that she should go with faith and the lord will be with her and that she will have many stories to tell when she return

it wonderful for us we just have our vidoe conference yesterday and it was wonderful to hear from the general authorities most espacially elder jeffrey R Holland on the saturday session it is really inspiraing and it gave me the zeal to do the work more

it exiciting to have mother`s day coming soon the only day to hear from my family again and i am looking to that day though in ghana it is not a big celebration but for we it is a big one for us to have the chance to speak to our families

i am so gateful to have your son as a companion even thoug i am not with them i can still remeber those days

Have a wonderful weeks and prepare your sister missionary that the day will come and one wonderful thing is that i left home the same day she will leave home to the mtc and it will be five days after my birthday which is 21 may so tell her to keep the good work going

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