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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Don't panic im still here!

Email sent Tuesday 27 April 2010

ha ya i so yesterday we had our interviews with President because he is having some big mission president convention thing in Accra. so yesterday we had the interviews and everything was cool. he told me that i should be really trying to help my companion learn English. so im pretty sure we'll be staying together for a while. but ya that was cool. and then after we went and got pizza! i love pizza and i actually still have a little left in the fridge. we are kind of enjoying ourselves this transfer lol but ya. oh and while we were there some tourists pulled up... they were probably the first good looking white people i have seen in Ghana :) lol

a sweet thing happened to me the other day, we were walking in our area and something caught my eye. It was a polka dotted biking jersey. i told people here about it but they didn't really understand and i think dad at least will. but it is a King of the MTn jersey from the tour de france. so i bought it! ha its probably fake but its nice so ill be able to have that when i bike when i get home!

This goal we are working on is seriously tough stuff. we are almost halfway done with the goal and our whole district doesnt really have any possiblities of finding a family that they will be able to teach and baptise. its hard but we are working and trying to fine. and when were doing that, im sure we will be able to find them.

We did a service project this week at our chapel. there is a big huge lawn that needed mowing, and it was way freaking long, so of course i was all over that! mowing made me feel like i was back home! ha it was sweet, the mower was somehow crappy but i made it work and did a huge part of the lawn. i was sweating so freaking bad though. it wasn't even hot, but Ghana you sweat even when you just sit outside!

Today for pday we headed over to the Bantama chapel and played sports again. but today was sweet because it started to rain the whole time we were there. so we were able to play some football in the rain and have fun. The field that we play on there is small though which stinks because i am better at a big field were i can run and kick hard, but i played well. im sure you wanted to know that. i wish there was soccer leagues back home for old people because i would seriously want to play if there was! maybe ill just join Real Salt Lake and win a championship with them instead!

I never got the letter you sent :(

I am indeed 1/3 done with my mission which is sweet! so im coming home soon! haha not really but sooner than i was eight months ago. Samoan is a sweet language. Elder Togagae talks in his sleep alot and he talks in Samoan so i get to hear some sometimes! ha but ya he says that they don't do the haka there.. only in tonga apparently. so we can't learn that.

ya so Mothers day is coming! ha sweet, it will be just like last time i think, ill buy a card and some units and be able to talk to you. i don't exactly know what we would be able to do about the time. We have stake conference in the morning and then after that we'll probably come back to the apartment. we will figure everything out this week and ill tell you next week when i email, cuz we will need ample time to talk. and guess what after this phone call it will be the longest time you will ever go without talking to me :) lol 7 months till December, but that will get here sooner than you know it i think. that is all!

Love ya

ya i forgot to send a picture sorry. i forgot to bring my camera with me! but ya. Austen sounds like he is doing good! i don't know that Elder Darrows guy but i would say that is a pretty acurate interpretation of ghana. obviously there is more but that is good in a nut shell. if he is in sekondi i think he's being trained by Elder Bahme, that guys cool. I miss sekondi and Takoradi! but kumasi is cool to so im here now.

Email from Elder Joseph sent Monday 26 April 2010

Re:  Your positive attitude and influence

i am also happy to hear from you every week because it makes my day wonderful it really give the desire to do the work i am so grateful for that yes sometime i fill tired but with the desire to make the lord proud i keep to the best i can and there are blessing i have receive from the service and i know the Elder Petersen still have that testimony as a missionary and he will tell you when he return

one sweet thing about this week is that we will be viewing the conference report this with Elder Dickson a member of the west Africa presidency this coming Sunday so i am looking forward to that day i will be calling home soon i know that my family are expecting my call soon and i am still excited for that day

thank you for the prayer you have been praying for us as a missionaries i can feel it in my daily life as we go out to teach the gospel and may our heavenly father richly bless you the wonderful work done

the last time you told me about your daughter who has sent her mission form, how is she doing with her preparation to go on a mission sometime i think that is a big this to do but our mission president has once said that when we think that we don`t know many we should know that we know enough so tell her that

for our mission goal we are planing to baptize a part member family by 8 of may and that will be good if that happen

have a wonderful week


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