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Monday, May 17, 2010

This email is in tribute to my pen that has lasted me 9 months of mission!!!

Email sent Monday 17 May 2010

Hey family, so ya the same pen i have been using every day, except for writing in my journal has now lasted me 9 whole months! the little guy is a trooper and i am proud of him. he is still going strong so im hoping he'll last at least a year. so we will see. i like how i am referring to a pan as he... whatever.

First thing, i thought we still had a goldfish, when did he die? i must not have loved him that much or i probably would have known he was dead. oh well guess i can't eat him. too bad

Second thing. Happy Birthday Brandy! wooo! you probably thought that i forgot but i didn't i really did remember. and your way lucky you got to celebrate your birthday at state track and field, i wish i could have been there. lol those are quite possibly my two most favorite days of the year! so ya im glad that you had a good birthday!

So this week went by really really fast, and even today is transfer day! crazy it has already been one transfer that i have been with this crazy Samoan guy! ha but i really do love him, he always keeps me laughing. we'll probably stay together for a little while so i don't think that i will be getting transfered but hey anything can happen! We had to take him to the hospital this week because he says that he broke a tooth or something like that, so we had to go to the hospital and wait there pretty much all day for them to tell us that we had to come back this friday. im not exactly sure what they need to do, but hopefully it doesnt take to long and doesnt interfere with too much proselyting time.

The Assistants went on splits with our apartment this week, and we went with a guy named Elder Dunford. he is sweet and was my zone leader back in Takoradi. We had a good day going with them. its good going on splits because it kinda motivates you and you also learn new ways to teach things and stuff, so that was fun.

I want to know what is my blood type. i always forget so if you could tell me that would be sweet.

We are teaching a lady right now named Rebecca. we have only taught her a few times. her husband is a member and so she would fulfill the family goal that we have. the only problem is that she only speaks twi. ha so we always have to bring members with us when we teach her... the other problem is that she always works inside of a market in our area. ha so the market is one of the busiest and loudest places ever, and its not exactly a prime lesson spot, but thats where we have to teach her lol. ha but she is way cool, and guess what she came to church yesterday! so we are hoping that as we continue teaching her she'll keep coming to church. So the goal is coming along, slowly but surely, were praying that these few possibilities we have will work out.

On Saturdays we usually travel out to a little town called Fumusua and we have some people we are teaching there, this saturday we went out there and when we were coming back it started to pour rain. and the place where we get off of the trotro is about a mile from our apartment, so we got out of the trotro and started booking it back to the apt. but it was pouring so hard we got totally drenched lol but it was seriously fun just running in the rain and getting totally soaked!

ha so ya i am sending two pictures again! they are both of me and Elder Togagae. in one of them we are being thugs lol, Elder Togagae looks like a mexican with that hat on lol. and the other one is just us at our chapel.

it doesnt take long to download pictures so you can always send them that would be sweet :)

i love you guys- and girls :)

Elder Togagae and Elder Petersen at Chapel in Kumasi

Email from current companion Elder Togagae

Re:  Fun to talk to you

well thank you for your e-mail to me i hope to continue to do the good work with my brother this time for me i am very happy, to serve with elder Petersen, thank for your advise thank for allow me to talk to you family. May God to continue to bless your family.

Email from former companion Elder Joseph

Re:  busy week

we were doing fine and the mission goal is sweet it help us to have direction in our work though sometime it is reaaly hard to fine this people to teach but all is well

it really hard to fine family but we were able to teach a part-member family and baptize her and now we have accomplish our part of the goal but we still have to work hard for other missionaries in case they need help so that we can accomplish the goal as a mission

sometime the work look hard and truely the area elder petersen is serving is a unversity area so it very hard to teach family but i know that somehow they will fulfill their part

Have a wonderful week also

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