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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Email sent Monday 10 May 2010

so i don't have a whole lot to say since we just talked yesterday. ha but i am finally sending some more pictures! sweet huh. one picture is of me from last pday were i was all in the mud and stuff. That picture was even after i had cleaned off a little bit so you can imagine how dirty i was! the other picture is kinda crappy quality but its of me pounding fufu the other day. right before i ate fufu and huge freaking snails! those snails were so weird but i ate like three the size of my hand so ya! the taste didn't really bug me it was just the texture that was kinda weird. needless to say i wont be cathcing the snails in our garden when i come home! ha but if our fish is still alive i might just eat him! haha jk but seriously i might! ive never tasted goldfish before

As far as all of the districts in the mission i really don't know all of them. i can probably name all of the zones. lets see there is Takoradi, Sekondi, Abura, Cape Coast, Swedru, Dichemso, and Bantama. im pretty sure that that is all of the zones in the mission.

I can't remember what i spent the money on. but it was a neccesity thats all i really remember! haha jk i think some of it was from the 3 times we ate pizza and then some other small things. i still have most of the stuff i just took out and ill be buying the scripture bags with that stuff.

I am really tired and have a big headache so i think that that will have to suffice for the email today! ha it will be better next week when i haven't talked to you in like a week!

love ya


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