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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I have a serious headache

Email sent Monday 12 April 2010

My letters might be getting smaller, but i think that is because we email after we go to pday and so i am really tired, so sorry if there getting smaller. but ya right now i have a huge lactic acid headache. we played football for pday today and then we actually played a legit game of volleyball so it was fun. Volleyball really brings out the worst in me because if i am playing with people that don't know how to play i might kinda get angry sometimes! ha im working on not freaking out at people cuz there not good. but luckily almost everyone we played with today was good so i was only a little bit frustrated! oh and PS i blocked a 6'5" guy's spike. so that was kinda cool

This week has been super long, we got transfer calls on monday and then just packed and waited until wednesday night were we got our new companions. Elder Togagae is actually a pretty cool guy. when he came on mission he didn't know any english at all so sometimes he struggles a little bit but he is doing sweet and we are having a good time. Elder Jeppesen is training a guy from Uganda. His name is Elder Isagara.

So we are basically opening a new area now, and we have like 4 investigators so it really stinks. things are kinda hard but we are working together to kinda get to know the area and figure out where to go. Our area is huge now! and if we wanted to we could travel every day but i think we are gonna stay pretty close to the chapel, thats my executive senior companion decision. lol

An interesting thing happened on Tuesday we were gonna have district meeting and everything was cool. The Elders from Asokwa came to our apartment because they got there really early and we ended up having the district meeting at our apartment which was actually a huge blessing we came to find out! halfway through the meeting Elder Harris, one of the Asokwa elders comes out of the bathroom and is shaking and sweating profusely. he asks for a blessing so we give it to him and he says he is in extreme pain. so we call sister sabey and she said to take him straight to a hospital so we all grab as much money as we can and hurry and get a car and take him to the hospital. it was a crazy little experience but they ended up keeping him overnight and they actually found a cist or something of some sort in his kidney... he is going to a eurologist on wednesday for some more tests. It is partially kidney stones but they don't know what the cist thing is so hopefully theyll be able to find out. that was a crazy day.. so we were at the hospital pretty much all day!

The bags are 8 Citis each so there not too expensive so that will definitely be enough. i don't really have a story for this week but next week ill be sure to have one to tell you ok! im angry melindas call didn't come! thats what i was looking forward to today, but i guess ill have to wait just like all of you.

Guess what this transfer i get to call you guys again! sweet huh im excited, im gonna start writing down things that i will remember to talk about!

i love you guys (and girls, gotta be gender neutral)


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