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Monday, April 19, 2010

Life with an inny belly button is hard work!!

Email sent Monday 19 April 2010

I have to be sure i wash in there otherwise i might get some residue or something left in there.... haha that was random, but true! That is way exciting about Melindas call! she is gonna be working with tons of Mexicans down there! she should start going to Mcdonalds more often... haha (Melinda, Quinton's sister, received her mission call on Wed., Apr. 14 to Texas McAllen Spanish speaking and goes to the MTC on May 26.)

Elder Togagaes first name is Alapati. sometimes he speaks in Samoan in his sleep and its a cool sounding language! This week has been really cool. i have learned alot of things out here on mission and one thing is to not judge people based on first impressions. my first impression of my companion was that i really didn't like him, but now that we are working together and really getting to know each other he is a way cool guy. he is a typical Samoan just a happy guy that always speaks what is on his mind and he is usually loud. We have started playing a card game at night when we get back to the apartment called stupid and he is way good. i'd say he beats us 80 percent of the time.

So this last week i was kinda sick...with what you may ask, well it was a cold! how can i get a cold in Ghana. i don't even remember what it feels like to be cold! ha but i got a cold with a stuffy runny nose and the works! but im mostly better now! im actually feeling a little dizzy. today at Pday we played football and then volleyball again. i continue to exert myself like i am in shape. my mind hasnt quite grasped yet that my body can't do the things that it used to! ha so after i exert myself on p days i usually have a huge headache the rest of the night because im not in shape enough to play sports! lol

I got letters from both Connor and Andrew Unker this week which was sweet! it takes a long time for mail to get from here all the way to Argentina which stinks. but Andrew says that he is doing really good. And Connor says that West Virginia is hill billy and he has eaten sqiurell haha! im glad they are doing good and its good to hear from them.

Something about Ghana...girls don't shave there legs here. so you can be walking down the road and see some hairy mammoth girl with legs hairier than mine! ha random bit of information but i thought that you guys would like to know that!

We are still working hard trying to find a husband and wife family to baptise for this goal. right now our teaching pool is still to small but we just got a sweet referall from a member and he is the only member in his family and he wants us to teach his wife and kids! so there is potential there for something good to happen! i contacted a guy at this house this week and he was from Delaware! he answered the door and i said to myself this guy isnt from ghana, and i was right. so just like alot of Americans do he politely said im busy and i don't want to hear your message lol.

Kyle Van Wagenen is Travis's cousins so ive hung out with him a little bit. He got back from his mission right before i left. The 6'5 guy i blocked is named Elder Vanchiere or something like that he's from Timpanogas.

Im really blessed to be here and even though sometimes its hard i am greatful for this experience! i am learning a lot and hopefully growing a little :)



ps this computer doesnt have a usb port that i can get to so youll have to wait for pictures till next week kthxbye :)

2nd email received

We did have zone conference last week and it was really really good! plus the food was pretty good so that made it even sweeter.

We just came from a place called On The Run. its like a Gas Station/Restaraunt like in the US! i had a pizza and it was really sweet. i think im gonna get fat when i get home cuz im just gonna eat all of these foods that i haven't had for so long and just keep eating them! haha we will see


Email from Elder Joseph

That is wonderful for her i have come to admire sister who serve mission for they will be powerful people in the future i will like you to tell her to continue the great work she has begin for the lord will bless her

for us this week has been a wonderful one because we have our zone conference and our mission president was telling us our current goal and from the look of thing we really have to work extra hard for the mission to accomplish the mission goal and we are still behind so we have been having a serious lesson with family but no baptism yet

thanks for the wonderful things

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