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Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello Mother.. Hello Father

Email sent 1 Feb 2010

"flees ticks mosquitoes really bother! thanks for the package thats why im writing. K9 advantix stopped all the biting. Swimming hiking and tent pitching, their not biting, im not itching. Can't wait to show you all my new tricks! thanks again for sending me k9 advantix"   :) lol i just remembered that commercial the other day so i thought that it applied nicely so im using it to start an email!

Yes i did get the package this week! i had even forgotten that it was coming so when i got it i was really excited. it will be really cool to give out those things to kids, i am looking forward to it!

So this week alot of unexpected things happened. on wednesday we were proselyting and we were on top of a huge hill and we looked out over this valley in a town called Inchaban and we see some small body of water aways away. so we decided that we would go on an adventure and go and find out what it was. so eventually we made our way over there and it was actually a big dam! and behind the dam was the most beautiful lake that i had ever seen! wow, it kinda looked like a lake that you would see in the land before time or jurassic park of something. so we got on top of the dam and took some pictures and walked around the lake a little and then we went for a swim ;) jkjk we didn't do that! ha but the lake was really cool.

Then thursday we get a call from President Sabey, and he talks to elder hill and says that there is a missionary in his old area that is going to come and be here with elder hill. So now we aren't in a 3some aymore :( which is dumb. Elder Hills new companion is named elder okwori, from nigeria. So far he has been here and is a nice guy.

yup so now its just me and elder joseph like old times proselyting in good ole kojokrom. We are still teaching that family, and all of them came to church this week! They are way cool, and i played with the 1 year old son for most of church, his name is Bismark he's a funny little guy. ha so we are hoping that this week we will be able to give their whole family a baptismal date and have them all baptised together! that would be sweet to do a whole family! They are really receptive to everything and we really don't even have to ask them to do anything they just want to do it all on their own! we didn't have to ask them to read, we didn't have to ask them to come to church, these people were just prepared! ha the only problem with teaching them is the wife doesn't speak a lick of english, yes i did just say a lick of english. Ha so we have to bring ward missionaries with us whenever we go but its still fine! ive been learning more and more fante/twi and i have even been studying now so im progressing slowly!

Ghana has been going crazy with football madness this week, they had the semifinal and final matches of the africa cup of nations. and it was pretty nuts. Ghana beat nigeria in the semifinal and people were going crazy cheering on their country it was pretty funny. and then they played Egypt in the final and they lost. so the people weren't to happy about that, but they'll get over it some time. i can't imagine what ghana will be like during the world cup...crazy

So the really cool thing that we just figured out that will be happening in 3 weeks! we are having an entire mission conference! an entire mission conference were everyone from the whole mission gets together for talks and stuff..........and guess who is Speaking to us?! an Apostle! ha Jeffrey R. Holland is coming and so is Steven E. Snow!!! we are way excited, it will be the coolest thing every to hear from them and meet them and all of that! so that will be happening the 23rd of February! i can't wait!

So thats all for now!

Jeffrey R. Holland and Steven E. Snow! way cool, so we are obivously way excited for that, and that will be on the 23rd of February so we are so excited!

thats all for now the picture that im sending you is one of me Joseph and hill outside of the mission home! the mission home is sweet and we got to take a tour of it last week! so there is the picture

love ya guys


Elder Petersen, Elder Hill, Elder Joseph

Email from Elder Joseph

Another great trip

I am so grateful for the thought you have in writing me it really make my day memorable one i will like to tell that our mission will be having another trip this time an Apostles will be coming to instruct us and is going to be Jeffrey R. Holland and a member of the presindecy of the seventy steven E snow and we are waiting to have them speak to us on 23 feb 2010

still we are together but no longer in 3some because we have a new missionary in our apartment so we are back to our main area

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