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Monday, February 8, 2010

mosquitoes aren't a problem

Email sent Monday 8 Feb 2010

ha its funny about that when they asked us to bring all of that heavy duty repellent, because serisously i haven't used it once because we really don't get bitten at all here. the only time i used it was when i wanted to spray a bunch of ants because i wanted to see how they would react to it. sadly nothing happened. i was hoping they would like shrivel up and die or something cool like that, but it was to no avail.

Thats so weird that the super bowl is going on right now, i haven't even really thought of anything like that happening, but now that i think of it it is about time for that to happen! ha its so weird hearing about winter and seasonal stuff, because there is no seasons here it is always the same HOT! maybe that is why it is going so fast at this point!

But ya this week was a good week. it has been getting hotter and hotter which makes proselyting a little less enjoyable but it is still good. we have contiuned to teach the Sam Fam and they are still progressing. we taught the father on Friday and asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said that him and his family would like too! Sweet, so we are planning a baptism for the 20th of this month! it was funny as we were teaching him he was also asking questions about the temple and stuff too, how cool would that be if they were able to be baptized and then go to the temple and get sealed! hopefully everything goes well, but we will be baptizing the mom and dad and two of their kids! and also maybe a few other people too, but we'll see about that one.

Basketball last week was way fun, we were all a little rusty due to the fact that we haven't played in quite a long time, but i played pretty well, i can still drill my 10 foot jump shots in the lane, but i airballed every 3pointer i shot lol. ha couldn't expect to much though, it was just a fun time. and we were so tired and sore after. Man i was beat. Today we are having a fufu party at the senior couples (lambs) apartment! fufu is so good and were having chicken and stuff with it so im excited for that

i have been slowly progressing on the guitar lately. Elder hill has been teaching me some easy songs that he knows and ive been practicing a little bit. the worst part about learning the guitar is that you have to get calluses on your finger tips, and when that is happening it hurts way bad to push in the frets and everything. but the calluses are coming and everything is going good. im also playing hymns from the hymns made easy book too. So over time hopefully ill get good!

Tell Jeff Kunz and Eric good luck for me! and also give them my address so that they can write me! i would like a letter from them!

Time is short at the cafe this time because we are needing to go and by stuff for the week before we go the the Lambs so that is all i have for this week!

i love you


Email from Elder Joseph


thanks for all the mail you have been sending it really make my monday sweet and as you said that the work is sweet i am experience that now in my life even as a missionary i really like the people they are really receptive to the message we have for them and for the family they are progressing and we will be baptising them on the 20 of feb and is going to be a wonderful one because it will be the last saturday of this our tranfer and three day before the conference

for the basketball it was good because i can play before ui came on mission so i do not have a hard time with it just that i have a blitter on my foot for not using shoes but i still enjoy it

Have a wonderful week

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