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Monday, February 15, 2010

hey hey hey

Email sent Monday 15 Feb 2010

So ya it was Valentines day yesterday! what did we do to celebrate it, absolutely nothing is the answer and i am totally fine with that! ha i have always felt that is kinda a dumb holliday, maybe that is just cuz ive never had a girlfriend though. so maybe my aspect will change on that when i get home but we will see.

Bowling sounds like tons of fun! i do miss that alot, and probably when i come home i will be terrible though. im losing alot of skills but i think i am gaining alot of new ones too!

So this week was cool, we are preparing the Sam Fam for their baptism and we went to their house on tuesday and was continuing to talk to them about being baptized and the wife said that she didn't want to be baptized yet :( obviously we were kinda bummed about that and we really couldn't say anything to her at that time to change her mind. so we kinda left it at that. but then on Saturday we taught them again with our elders quorum president and and he was actually able to help them resolve their concerns and now all of them have accepted to be baptized on Saturday! so we are baptizing the wife and husband, and two of their kids so that will be cool! We are also baptizing one other older lady who has been coming to church for forever but has missed a ton of baptismal dates. Ha she actually pays tithing but she hasn't been baptized yet, so we just really need to get her soaked so that everything is cool!

Yesterday was an interesting day. the Sam Fam said that we needed to be at their house in the morning because they were going to feed us. When we got their it was really early like 8 am or so and they fed us rice balls with guess what kind of meat??? The correct answer is cow stomach! oh joy haha it actually doesn't taste too bad but its not something i would make a habit of eating. So ya for breakfast i had alot of rice and some cow stomach. Then in that same day we went to a different investigators house and were talking to them and they fed us as well, but this time they gave us fufu and Palm nut soup! which is my favorite! but guess what meat they gave us....once again the correct answer is cow stomach! ha so i ate cow stomach twice in a day, never thought that that would happen. but luckily Elder Joseph likes it so if i didn't want all of it a could just give it to him.

So are you guys still working on the camera. because you should really just buy one and send it to me! it doesn't have to be the kind that i asked for, i just want it to be a nice skinny kind like that for about 150 dollars. Just think of it this way, the more time you guys wait and don't buy one to send the less pictures i will have when i get home! ha so just remember that, i know of a couple elders now that have had there parents send them a camera and everything was cool with it. so just look for a good one and buy it por favor.

so one thing that makes me angry is inflation! they just raised the price of all the coke in Ghana :( it used to be 50 peswa for a bottle but now it is 60 :( i just though i would let you guys know that!

That is way cool that Bingham Wrestling did good! those guys are all cool.

Elder hills first name is Patrick but he goes by his middle name which is Joseph. Elder jacksons first name is james. the other apartment close by is still having the same elders as before. Elder Hancey, Elder Russel (both americans) and Elder Tadeo Zimbabweean, and Elder Smith from Ghana. we talk to them alot and they are all really cool guys!

I haven't heard alot from my friends but i have heard some. i got a letter from Austen along time ago and he has never sent one back, or it probably got lost in the mail i feel like that is probably what is happening with alot of the mail that is coming to me it gets lost in some black hole in Ghana. but ya i have heard from nate and he is doing well and ive written a letter to connor, zach, and andrew so hopefully ill get one coming back sometime soon. Thats crazy that they saw connor! and way cool i guess that it really is a small world after all

The Fante is coming along nicely i am studying more now and trying to figure out everything, i can get around buying things and doing small conversation stuff, but im nowhere near good enough so i will just keep working!

Sorry i forgot to bring my camera this time so i don't have any pictures to send you but usually it doesn't take long at all so i can send them! you guys should send pictures to me sometimes too on the email so i don't totally forget what all of you look like :)

i love you


Email from Elder Joseph

Re: Valentines Day

Yes i know a little bit about valentine because i do celebrate it back home before i came on mission but it is not a big deal on mission but a time to show our investigator that we care for them

thanks for the card.

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