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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Well i'm still here

Email sent Monday 2 Aug 2010

haha ya so the lat few days have been interesting as you guys could probably assume. The infection isnt a common thing, sister sabey said that having pain sometimes is common. but for the pain to actually last like mine was is not a normal thing and not good. The doctor said that if i didn't take care of it well it could turn into something called an Absess or something like that, and that would require surgery. so that would not really be a good thing if that happened. basically i will just give you the low down of the stuff that happened this week. haha but first of all i would like to say that regardless of all this i thought that my email last week was pretty good, despite the severity of what it was i was still able to add a little bit of humor into it. :)

So last monday i played football, come to find out that wasnt really the best idea, in Sister Sabeys words it was stupid. haha but ya i was feeling fine so i played.

Then tuesday came and something weird happened, the pain in the right side had really decreased, but now there was pain on the left. I was worried because the pain was not getting worse in the left one. but i called up sister sabey again and had another nice conversation, and she said it might be normal just getting the infection out, so it might be worse before it gets better. I said great that is exactly what i want. but you just gotta roll with the punches. so she told me that i should try and rest and keep my legs elevated, therefore that is what i did

Wednesday rolls around, and i was on splits with Elder Izekor, one of the zone leaders in our apartment. about 2 hours into the day i told him we just needed to head home because i was tired and stioo had pain. so i basically just came home and slept. then called sister sabey again and she told me that the doctor said that i need to just lay down for 48 hours...and not do anything. i don't know about you but laying down for 48 hours doesnt seem like that fun of a thing when you have no TV, Halo or anything of that sort. but ya so i had my next few days planned out for me, hoping that this would make it better.

Thursday, i layed down... yup thats basically it

Friday, what did i do... i layed down. so basically for two days straight thats what i did is just lay down. it was pretty miserable. and even me the king of naps couldnt take it. you know i love taking naps, but i couldnt handle it for 48 hours. haha but slowly but surely it kept getting better and better and didnt hurt as much as it used to.

And saturday we rested in the morning and proselyted in the evening.

Right now it is feeling pretty much better, sis sabey told me just to keep taking my medicine and everything should be ok. so things are going ok over here on that front.

On another front, part of the medication i am taking is double doses of doxy, and you know that doxy makes your skin sensitive to the sun, now just imagine me, double sensitive to the sun... basically if i even think about the sun i get burnt right now. it seriuosly sucks im not gonna lie to you. im miserable right now, i walk outside and i can feel the sun just like cutting into my skin, so i think tommorow im gonna walk around with an umbrella. seriously im gonna do it, cuz im sick of it.

ya so i havent exactly been having the best couple weeks, im sick of being sick, and i just freaking want it to get better so i can feel like a normal person again, because i feel like im just a shell of a person right now, i never have energy anymore, i always have headaches and im just tired all the time. i don't know i guess im just tired haha sorry im kinda venting in this email but it needs to be done.

so ya thats really whats up with me, unfortunately we did not go golfing today, people decided 30 citis was too much to pay for golf, i still wanted to go, so sometime i will probably go with select few that want too cuz it would be cool to golf in Ghana. funny thing too as we were having our p day activity these little kids walked in with golf clubs haha. they also had a makeshift golfball, it was actually an orange peel crushed up and surrounded in tape, so obviously i took a few swings, i was using an eight iron. it kinda just felt good to swing a club again, but i had a couple good shots

yup, so im sorry this email isnt really that long or good, but next week when im not so sunburnt i will type more interesting stuff



Email from Elder Joseph (former companion)

This week has reaslly been a streeful one because i have few lesson onlike kojokrom that there there are many opportunity to teach here many of the people has know the church so teaching has been a little bit hard but with all the work has been a good one and i hope i will be a good one by the end of this week

Melinda experience was the same with mine when i was coming it was alsoi my first time to fly but it turn to be one of my sweetest one

i also hope that elder Petersen will be fine so that he can go back to work

have a wonderful week

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