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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One lap down...one to go

Email sent Monday 16 Aug 2010

haha i like to live my mission through an 800m race, so right now i have raced the first 400, well at least by Saturday i will have done that! im actually pretty stoked about it. everything from here on out is downhill! sweet!

Ya so i have plenty of things to talk to you about this week! because there was alot of things that happened. me being transfered was the most prominent thing that has happened. Basically on monday and tuesday i packed and didnt do a whole of a lot we just hung out with the other missionaries and stuff, and we actually went to town so i could stock up on mountain dew, because i didnt think they had it in Takoradi, little did i know that they do! haha so that was kinda a waste, but whatever. haha

On wednesday we headed to the STC staion, STC is a huge bus thing (a tour bus) like the ones that we take to footlocker, and we boarded that thing and left everyone. im gonna miss alot of the people up in Kumasi because i got to be really close to some of them. Elder Jackson, and Elder Russel rode the bus down with me, which was cool. all 3 of us started our mission in the kojokrom district, and then we all got transfered up to kumasi and then we all got transfered back down at the same time! all three of us were called to be district leaders, but we're all in seperate zones so i dont get to see them anymore. so after a long time on the STC bus, i finally made it to takoradi. My companion is really cool, he is from Enoch, UT which is right by cedar city so we have stuff in common there. im living with Elder Tracy, who went to the MTC with me. Hes a really good friend so we are gonna enjoy. and his compnion is elder Kuniando from Zimbabwe. the people in our apartment are cool. our apartment on the other hand isnt. there is a serious infestation of mosquitos in there like way bad. im sleeping in my mosquito net again because it is so bad, right now i would say i have a total of 50 mosquito bites on my feet, and thats even with sleeping in a net. apparently i taste really good. were getting some permethryn soon so we can take care of the mosquito problem.

My new area is huge, and we actually ride bikes everywhere. this area is one of the only biking areas in the mission. id say we ride like 6 to 8 miles in a day, so its pretty cool, its always nice for a change of pace, because im not gonna lie i was getting pretty tired in my other area. but now im here. my companion is super green, but its sweet. Im in the actual town of takoradi, so its not the same as kojokrom. kojokrom was like a villagey sort of thing about 30minutes from takoradi. but im in the center of town now, its really cool.

I have to play the piano in church again. its kinda scary because i havent played in 6 months now, so i messed up a few times, but it was ok. all in good time it will come back to me. My ward is cool, i guess its kinda too early to tell now, but it seems like this area will be a really good one, and i could see myself staying here for a while. the sweetest thing is that a couple days ago they were having like a youth conference thing for the whole stake at the stake center, and we went there, and i got there and there was just millions of people i knew from my old areas, little kids i had baptized and stuff, its crazy after six months how much bigger they have gotten. and then there was even tons of other people that were calling my name and saying hi to me that i didnt even remember, i must have made quite the impression over there :) haha

But now i am back in Fante town. Twi is so much easier than Fante, i could seriously understand almost everything people said up in kumasi, but here the speak fante, so im gonna need to get used to that again :( oh joy.

Now your ready for it...the sweetest thing about this new area! drum rollllllllllllllll, there is this little shop that sells hamburger like things and they are only 50 peswas! they are so good and there cheep, so basically im gonna be eating these hamburger things every day, because i love them. you probably dont understand my joy over them, but its sweet!

My headaches havent gone, but i am still taking the medicine sister sabey told me to take, so we will see what happens with that.

yup so that is basically the news for the week, i am now on my last 90 days of those contacts, so you should be getting that package ready to send me with 6 months worth in it please :) also if you could include a ton of gatorade powder inside it i would love that. i really miss gatorade.

That is all



Email from Elder Joseph (former companion)

that is really true i have seen it in my course of teaching the gospel and now i am with my mtc mate as companion and we are even Nigerian and the work has been a wonderful one in my new area and i know that as time goes on the lord will help us to finish the work

how is Melinda doing i hope she is doing well

send my greeting to your family and have a wonderful week

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