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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A transfer full of meetings...

Email sent Monday 30 August 2010

This transfer has been kinda weird, because as melinda talked about in her emails we have been having alot of training sessions about the whole new lessons and stuff, but our mission president is doing it differently then hers i think. he has had a couple training sessions with all of the missionaries, but this next week on tuesday wednesday and friday the district leaders, zone leaders, and prospective trainers will be going to cape coast for some meetings and stuff. ya so i have to go to those, which means that we wont be getting a whole lot of proselyting done in this next week. my companion will be staying with the two other elders in the apartment and i will go to cape coast with the zone leaders in my zone. its kinda a hastle, but it must be important if were doing that stuff so im excited. and ill get to see alot of people there too so that will be fun.

You are correct this week we played a football match against the Assin Fosu zone. and elder joseph came. its the first time ive seen him in seven months so it was really good to see him. We won the game 6-2! so we dominated pretty well. it was a fun game and i had 2 sweet assists off of corner kicks. it was really fun. i had missed playing on this full pitch down here, because it really is a nice field. especially compared to what we played on at kumasi.

We are teaching a guy right now that was once paralyzed. he is way awesome, and hes not paralyzed anymore, but he still walks funny cuz he basically has no muscles in his legs from being paralyzed for so long. he is super cool, and we will actually be baptizing him and one other guy on wednesday. This paralyzed guys name is julius. he's a barber and lives in the air force barracks for some reason. He is also a draft master. now your probably thinking what is draft, well its a game like checkers, that is way sweet we play in our apartment at the end of the day sometimes. but seriously julius wins like major tournaments for it, so he is way legit and a way cool investigator.

i know that kalen is in the phillipines, and i heard mckell was coming here. you should get her to bring me something! that would be really cool to see her. shes not a way good friend of mine, but it would be cool to see someone from home.

I will be sending melinda seperate emails, but she doesnt have tons of time so she just writes me small emails too. but still forward me her emails, cuz i wanna read them. i havent been able to take any pictures lately because the camera is broken. its still in kumasi, and elder lunt is getting someone to fix it up there then he will send it down with the assistants. my other camera that i brought on mission i actually sold when i got this new one. i sold it to a missionary who was going home that was from ghana that really wanted one.

ya so everything is cool here. im just trying to gear up for this next year. i kinda feel like i went through a mid mission crisis and i was really having a hard time thinking i was only half way done and that i had to do another year all over again. but thats basically over now. i know why im here and for what purpose and thats what matter. i like my companion he is a really good example to me and we get along well.

i really wanna know what is going on in the running world. you should send me any results of the races that bingham and brandy are in... both boys and girls just because i wanna see how they are doing. thank you :)

love you


Email from Elder Joseph (former companion)
Thans also for your mail it has really make my pday going i also know that the gospel is true and my prayer is that the people i baptize should continue in the gospel
it was good before now i and elder Petersen has been playing on same team but now i am in Assin foso and he is in takoradi but they win us today
we still have good time together

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