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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Going downhill feels so good!

Email sent Monday 23 August 2010

yup, so it is deinitely official, i have been out here in this ocuntry for more than 365 days. its actually kinda a weird feeling, because when i came out i thought that the missionaries that were at a year were so old and had everything together, but i dont really feel like that at all haha. i still feel new here, its kinda weird. but i am definitely happy that it has come. to celebrate our one year we went to this resteraunt called North Sea. everything is way expensive there, and i didnt really wanna spend money so i only bought some 3 cedi egg roll things. they werent even that good. but it was fun talking and just hanging out with everyone. Elder Tracy in my apartment, and he was in the mtc with me, and mackay is in the sekondi zone so he came with us too. so ya that was fun.

This week was a lot different of a week because we had so many different things going on that we really didnt even get that much time to do actual proselyting. Tuesday we had District meeting, Wednesday a baptism, thursday zone conference, friday was normal, and saturday we had a huge service project, and then played football with our ward and celebrated the 1 year.

so ya it was intense. i also had to do my first ever baptismal interview on tuesday night, it was actually alot easier and not as scary as i was making the thing out to be in my mind, so i was really thankful for that. it was basically just the same as a lesson, but i was the only guy in the lesson. ha but i have to do another one on wednesday so i will be getting alot of practice i think.

I am NOT living in the same apartment. im living in the actual town of takoradi, and not kojokrom. this place is actually really nice for Ghana. there are tons of nice houses in our area and stuff, its basically a 180 from kojokrom. i keep seeing people i know from kojokrom though and its sweet. one day me and my comp are just gonna go visit them!

My district is pretty sweet, it is actually our entire zone, and it has 12 people in it. Me, my comp, Tracy, Elder Kundiona, Elder Evans, NAthaniel, Stubbufield, Tweh, Sister Garba, Nagasau, Izidor, and Mkwezalamba. they are all cool people, and im liking it down here. today for P day we played card games and stuff like that! we played a big game of spoons with our district and it came down to me and sister Nagasau from Fiji, and of course i won...why you ask? because im awesome :) haha but seriously i won and it was cool.

We had the all africa service project on Saturday, and that is were all of the church throughout africa take a day for service, and what we did is we cleaned up this huge strip of road right in front of our chapel. so we had tons of members and even investigators there helping it was really cool and it was actually really hard work.

so ya thats basically whats going on. we have another baptism in 1.5 weeks, with two way cool guys so that should be cool.

my headaches are still here, but they are diminishing a little bit. the infection is gone i think, so everything down there is cool. haha i didnt have to pay the hospital bill. i only payed the first 2 cedis and then the church insurance covers the rest. we also constituted a war on mosquitos in our apartment and dowsed the whole thing with permethryn. and after we did that they really havent been a problem! cool huh. i dont get mosquito bites any more, but im still sleeping in my net because right now it doesnt bug me :)

have a great week



Email from Elder Joseph (former companion)

Missionary work goes on

that is really a wonderful experience for her (Elder Joseph is talking about Quinton's sister, Melinda, because I told him she was on her own with two seventeen year old missionaries her second week in the field and she was contacting spanish speaking people) the same thing happen to me when i came the first time to Ghana i was just sleeping during sacrament meeting because i can`t hear (understand) anything that they speak and even teaching the lesson if not that my trainer was a Ghanaian who do all the teaching and i just bear testimony after but as time goes on she will come to understand the language and the people and then missionary work will be sweet

it has been a wonderful time in my new area and my days are drawing to an end and i am doing well next week we will be have a football match with Elder Petersen in Takoradi

have a wonderful week

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