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Monday, January 4, 2010

Another semi good week

Email sent 3 Jan 2010

so this week was kinda cool because we still had that whole christmas spirit thing going which is cool, but it is also sad because we are leaving Christmas time. the past few weeks have been going by pretty slowly and that is annoying because i like it when the time goes by fast!!!

There were a couple of things that made it so that the time really did go by slowly this week. On tuesday the power in our apartment went out, and that is usually a normal thing, but then we went to look at the meter and there was still power to it so we really didn't know what was going on. We talked to the power company and found out that it was of no fault of theres so we found out that there is some sort of problem with the electricity in out house itself :( It took quite a while to figure this out actually so we had no power in our room until Saturday night! when we had an electrician come and they found out that our whole breaker box had blown a huge fuze and melted and stuff so we had to get that thing fixed... but its all better and working now and that is really all that matter!

So while this was going on i had a little bout of sickness as well... On Wednesday night i wasnt feeling to good so i went to bed and was still not feeling good. i woke up in the night at about 1 i think and had to take a trip to the bathroom, and i through up, and that is when the floodgates opened! so i was throwing up all night, and then about halfway through the night i started to have diareha as well :( so i was literally flowing from both ends at the same time. Eventually it somehow calmed down and i went back to bed. So when i woke up in the morning i knew that i had some sort of Malaria because i was throwing up, pooping rivers, had a fever of 101.7, and was super achy everywhere so i called sister Sabey and she told me what i already knew.. i have Malaria again :( so i called the zone leaders and had them bring over the malaria medicine. so i basically just slept and rested all day cuz i felt like total crap. Malaria isn't all that fun, but luckily i still haven't had a bad case of it yet, because when you have a bad case it puts you down for a couple days. by friday i was feeling mostly better so that was good! and now on monday i would say that im about 94% back to normal health! Oh but i went to bed at 10 on New Years eve, but luckily i woke up right before twelve and kinda just celebrated half awake.. its a new decade! wow

So that was the week in a nutshell not much proselyting activity because of all of the crazy things that happened :(

I got the package that you guys sent! it was really sweet, i got it on Saturday and once again it was totally packed full! the cookies are way good that you sent, and i thought it was way funny that you sent running articles and a picture of Usain Bolt! lol much appreciated :) The best part again was the pictures! it was really cool and the funniest ones were you and dad trying to be Ghanain with the basket on your heads, that gave us a good laugh!

Things are going really well over here, and im glad to see that you guys are doing well too! This will be the last week of this transfer, so i could be moving or staying we really have no idea, but its always a kind of anticipation waiting for the transfers to see what happens. Me and Elder Jackson have been together for our whole mission now, right from the plane flight! and it would be weird if we got seperated but i could see something like that happening this transfer, but all we can do is wait and see!

Tell cookie hi for me :)

I love ya parentals and siblings!


Email from Elder Joseph

Thank you - I am so grateful for remembering me all the time. and most of all is this wonderful past Christmas for us as missionaries we were ask by our mission president to do serve and it make this Christmas one of my best ever.

for tennis we play some few times and Petersen is also trying i hope you also enjoy the Christmas and greet your family for me

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