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Monday, January 11, 2010

Transfers are this week not last week

Email sent 11 Jan 2010

So we still don't know what will be happening with anything to do with that stuff. We will probably be getting a call later today about that stuff and we will figure that all out! So you will just have to wait till next week to hear what is happening to me. There are i think only 4 or 6 missionaries coming to the mission this transfer so it is a lot smaller of a group then the last couple have been. Elder Joseph and i's proselyting area is Kojokrom and we are the only ones that proselyte there. but the other elders proselyte in ares that are really close by. There is a place called Nketziakrom, and Mpinstin that are the other two wards that worship at our chapel. And those are covered by the elders in the other Apartment nearby. Elder JAckson and Hill's area is called Sofokrom and they have to take a trotro every day to get there because it is pretty far away. and they have there own chapel. That chapel is cool because it is the oldest chapel in Ghana and was built right when the church started coming to Ghana by the members! Our zone has 14 missionaries in it including the two zone leaders, and there are two districts within each zone. My zone leaders right now are Elder Halling from California and Elder Adamson from Ghana.

Sounds like Tyler Dean has his work cut out for him! playing the piano all of the time. ha i was always so nervous when i would have to play the piano at things like that.. i don't know why, and i would always make alot of mistakes and i felt like people were judging me lol. Since i have been here though it has been sweet. I feel like i have been given the gift of keys... i just made that up. But i haven't had any problem playing any of the hymns which is sweet so i can just play any hymn that they ask to in Sacrament or whether it is for the ward choir! I feel blessed that it has actually been that easy to do that, and it really does help the ward sing not quite as bad as they usually do.

I don't usually print out the emails, that would cost too much. It costs 20 Peswas to print one page, and usually costs 90 Peswas for the time we spend at the cafe. but all of that stuff is covered by the subsistence that we have been given.. i have become pretty good at managing my money which i think is a really cool new skill! i am able to manage my sub really well so i can have plenty for the 4 weeks sub is given!

So do you like the Boney M? ha its kinda funny.. but ya i would say that the most misused piece of equipment in Ghana is the Speakers. on any given street corner there is someone blasting music and if you are close by you can't even hear yourself talk. its actually pretty annoying, and that is were we hear all the Boney M. its funny while we have been at the cafe we sometimes hear someone blasting Mormom Tabernacle choir outside, and so we think that is really cool.

So this week was a struggle. The water in our apartment was out for three days straight! so we were having to buy a huge bag of pure water bags and bring them to our apartment. we had to use them to cook to clean and even to shower! Have you ever tried Showering with 1 liter of water, well its weird i will tell you! ha but the water is back now and we are showering like normal human beings again it is sweet!

Elder Joseph has been getting somehow sick this last few days. Apparently 8 missionaries in our mission right now have the swine flu! and thats what it might be with elder joseph. so we have been taking it kinda easy the last couple days. We had a big training with all of the ward missionaries in our wards, and kind of taught them more about missionary work and about preach my gospel. The ward missionaries in my ward are so freaking sweet. They help us out so much and im so greatful for them! It will be way weird if i am transferedd because i don't want to leave my ward because i really like them and they are really helpful in doing all of the proseltying and everything. but i guess thats part of being a missionary!

I'll write you next week with more stories about investigators and things! i love ya'll


PS the picture that i am sending is me standing by a car that looks exactly like ours back home! and i almost got arrested for taking this picture! lol it was funny as Elder Joseph was taking the picture this guy came up to us and started yelling and said we need to ask permission first and all of this crazy stuff, so we told him he could take us to the police if he wanted too. He would have looked so dumb if he had taken us there and said i want these people arrested for taking a picture.. so obviously he didn't do anything and we still have this picture! ha so our car is in Ghana too!

Click on the picture which will make it bigger and take a close look at the store names as well as the people.  Note the lady in back by the building has a cushion on her head that the people use when they carry things on their heads.  There is a lady behind the table to Quinton's left.  Notice the items on the tables out in front of the stores.  Really interesting seeing how the people do things in Ghana.
Email from Elder Joseph

We are still together as companion and today will be transfer news so we will know if we are still together but we have a wonderful time together in kojokrom ward.

For fante i am trying best to learn but not all that good. here we help people to pound fufu for the investigator and members and is a wonderful experience and that is one of my service i can do well.

for cooking i am not all that good but i can prepare some of my local meals.

For africa the weather is always warm or hot and a few time cold and we do not experience inversion

for the numbers of children there alot of them in our ward and i do not teach any class

thank for all you done i hope of having more time with elder Petersen on the mission field

hope to hear from you again

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