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Monday, January 18, 2010

idk my bff jill

Email sent 18 Jan 2010

(Note:  for those who don't know, the title stands for 'I don't know my best friend forever jill' which is from a commercial for a cell phone company.)

Ha sorry i was just thinking about that phone commercial were that girl says it so i decided to put that as the subject line! ha so ya We are not quite sure what Elder Joseph has had, it is actually getting worse right now. it seems alot like alergies or a cold so hopefully it gets better soon. He has been sneezing and sniffing all week!

All right now onto the big news... what happened on Transfers. not much, but alot at the same time. We got the call right after we got home from the beach last monday and the first thing they tell us is that Jackson will be transfered to Kumasi. That was sad because we had gotten to be really good friends because we have been together for our entire mission. So then after they told us that we then wondered what was gonna happen to us. Well now Me, Elder Joseph, and Elder Hill are in a threesome! It's really weird, we are not quite sure why President decided to do this, but so now we are all companions, and there is only us three living in our apartment. So we are covering both of our old areas, and we decided that we will switch off days. So i am still in Kojokrom, but half of the week we are also in Sofokrom and Inchaban. Its really weird because really nothing changed but alot did at the same time!

Thats funny that you are reading books about running, now you are learning all of the things that i already now :) lol that whole running barefoot is called minimalistic or something like that running. and that is why i actually got the Nike Free's. because they are supposed to simulate barefoot running and make your feet stronger. ha so im glad you guys are learning cool things! youll have to refresh my memory when i get home because ill probably have forgotten alot of it!

We heard about the earthquake in Haiti and that sounded really bad. Just this morning at 4 AM we recieved a call from our zone leaders that we needed to leave our house because there had been an earthquake warning for all of Ghana. So we went outside and sat around for a while. we thought it was kinda weird because everyone was outside. Somehow someone had said that their was gonna be an earthquake. We later found out that it was fake and somehow every single person in Ghana had been notified to something that was fake! haha so its ok there aren't any earthquakes here. But you are right if there was we would be in trouble because all of the buildings are made from cement so there would definitely be some problems!

I saw a goat get killed this week.... haha we were just walking out of our apartment and were passing by this chop bar (resteraunt) right by our house and there was our neighbor holding a knife to the goats neck. he was killing it for the resteraunt. and so we just watched as he killed it. It was kinda gross, but it was one of those things were your disgusted but can't look away. sorry if that grosses you out :)

We had a sweet lesson this week with one lady we have been teaching for a while. Her name is Beatrice. and we had a whole lesson plan of the things that we were going to teach her and everything, and for some reason going into the lesson i just changed it. I know that it was the spirit helping me to say what she needed to hear! the lesson went really well, but we need to get her to start coming to church again! we'll work on that next week!

The Africa cup of NAtions has just started so once again Ghana shuts down whenever there is a football match. It was funny actually Ghana was playing Ivory Coast and they lost by alot so everyone in Ghana was way sad.

Well so ya thats it for this week, right now i have two companions, we are having a baptism this week with 3 of Elder Hills investigators so that should be sweet!

Olive juice


my riding a way small bike at our bishops house.. all these little kids were chasing me and screaming, it was way funny :)

Email from Elder Joseph

we are still together as a missionary in the same apartment and the work is going forward greatly just that i am sick this past day but i am getting better gradually

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