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Monday, December 28, 2009

After Christmas

Email sent 28 Dec 2009

Christmas caroling and delivering green oranges

It was so cool to be able to talk to you guys on Christmas, it really did make my day! im already looking forward to Mothers day when we get to talk again!  Christmas sounded fun for you guys i do miss being there alot! seeing those pictures though helped me out and now im not so far away from home!  This christmas i have kinda gotten homesick but i guess that is to be expected at this time of year that has so many memories..but i really am greatful to be out here and serving and i wouldn't have it any other way... for the next 19 months of course, then i would only want to be home! lol

This week we didn't get much done proselyting wise. Because we were getting ready for christmas and everything there was so much excitement in the air! lol so i just have a couple things to talk about this week! When i got the package i thought it was so funny that you guys included those sweatbands that i have had in my room for years! i really did laugh, so today we are playing football against the cape coast zone and indeed i am going to wear one of the sweatbands! ha it will be funny!

This is a question for mom and dad. have you ever heard of the band Boney M? This is an old band in like the seventies, but Ghanaians freaking love this band and play it all the time everywhere and i have actually grown pretty fond of them as well so if you havent' heard of them you should probably check them out from the library of something! cuz they are legit! lol

ok and so now talking about the camera that i have gone back and forth on forever.. Elder Hancey's parents just sent him a brand new camera through the mail, just using those some packages that you guys use. and it got here safe and everything!!! His camera is sweet and i would really like it if you could buy one and send it sometime! you can even use my money for it! the camera i am wanting is the same as Hancey's, it is a Kodak M340 and i think it would be under 200 dollars. What Hancey's parents did is they sent it with some hot wheels and some other things, so i think that would be sweet if i could get a new camera so i would be able to carry it around all of the time :)

Sorry this email is really crappy and doesn't have much to do with anything important.

I love you,


Email from Elder Joseph - we asked him why he goes by his first name

Happy christmas and have a wonderful new year. my father choose to be called Joseph the reason i do not know but the name always motivate me to be good.

For Elder petersen, he is doing great in football for the past nine weeks we have together he has improve in football and if he continue he can play in a proffessional team. for runing i do not do it for i am not all that good my favourite sport are football,volleyball and table tennis. i also love to play basketball but not all that good.

I teach computer operation in a computer firm and some of the program i teach are microsoft office and graphice like coral draw.

Yes i call them and it was love to hear my family for the past seven month and they are doing fine

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