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Monday, November 16, 2009


Email sent 16 Nov 2009

Wow, so much is happening i really do love to get emails, it is definitely one of the highlights of my week!!

This week went by so incredibly fast it was really weird! i dont exactly know why, but for some reason when you are putting in a full day of proselyting the days seem to fly by. It really does just seem like yesterday that i was emailing you guys, but that was a whole week ago... I don't count my time here in days, if i did that would be way to depressing so i count it in weeks and it is weird how i can really just see the weeks speeding up as time goes by! Not much exciting did happen this week though except for a few things. I had another baptism this week! We were supposed to be baptising 4 people, but for some reason only two of them showed up and i don't know why this one boy didn't. We will have to have a little talk with him tomorrow and find out why. And the other lady that didnt come to her baptism her name is Agnes... she has now been given at least five baptismal dates and has not showed up to any of them :( i don't know why) so for this baptism she actually did show up, but she showed up an hour and a half late and we were already done with the baptism so maybe she will actually be able to get baptised next time!...hopefully. The two that actually came to the baptism were both 17 year old girls one is named Felecia and one is named Esther. Esther has been coming to church now for more then a year and noone really knows why she wasnt baptised before, but its ok because now she is! Before i started teaching her i actually thought that she was a member lol. And Felecia we have been teaching for some time, even before i came Elder Hurst was teaching her, and so right after he left we were able to give her a baptismal date and she accepted so that is sweet!

Im not sure if i told you guys about this or not, but about a month ago there was the under 23 world cup (soccer) going on, and Ghana was doing very well in it! we could always tell when ghana was playing a game because there would be noone out on the road and noone would want us to teach them because they were all watching the game. Then randomly as we were walking down the street the whole country would erupt into cheers and yells as Ghana scored a goal, it was really funny! Well Ghana actually won the under 23 world cup!! which is sweet and is a really big deal if you guys didnt know. so i am proud to be in Ghana if only for there amazing football (soccer) skills!

So i am trying to keep you updated as well on weird things that i eat... this week i ate goat stomach!! it was so weird, but actually didnt taste that bad at all! When you look at the stomach it looks like one of those balls that children play with with water inside and spikes on the outside, do you know what i mean? sorry if you don't, but i ate goat stomach which was really cool, and im happy to say that i did it!

Now to answer some of your guys questions. A transfer is 6 weeks in the mission field. Each transfer you might or might not be assigned to a new area with a new companion, but sometimes you can stay as well. So when Elder Hurst left that was the end of the transfer and so i am on my second transfer in the mission field right now. Me and Elder Joseph could stay together for the next transfer or we could be assigned to a new companion, we never know until two days before so it is always a big guessing game. At the last transfer there were 20 or so new missionaries that came into the mission, and this next transfer we will be getting 14 more, that is right at the start of December, so there is a possibility i could be training one of them, but really we are not sure what will happen.

Elder Joseph doesnt speak Fante as good as me, which is funny because all the Ghanaians try and talk to him in fante because they think that he is Ghanaian, when he is not, so he doesn't understand, and sometimes i have to save him, and sometimes he has to save me. He can understand the fante a little bit better then me, but i can speak a little bit better then him. Its a weird combination, but our ward missionaries are way freaking cool and they go out with us almost every day so that helps us out a ton!

That christmas idea sounds totally fine! it will definitely be easier then having them ship me something that would be really costly or something! Maybe you guys could give me Spencers pouch adress if he has one! because it is alot easier for us to send mail here then for us to get on the internet because we only have a certain amount of time. so if you can get me his adress ill definitely send him some letters, and also if you can still work on getting some of my friends adresses as well :)

Im way excited to be getting the package :) its kinda like christmas when stuff like that comes because we get to kind of unwrap a gift! lol


wow bingham is doing pretty legit in football right now! Its funny because I went to Bingham and Elder Hill went to Davis so whoever wins will have bragging rights in the apartment for a little while! go Bingham! Im way jealous of your day activity because that sounds freaking sweet! you are probably gonna have to take me to do that when i come home... you know me i love shooting guns :) Im glad you had fun at the dance it sounds fun!

As for clay in ceramics, next time you buy clay you should buy B-mix... it is the best clay to use for the pottery wheel, it is a little different to get used to, but once you get used to it it makes your projects look a ton better! so try that next time ok :) Mrs. Bennet is lying to you though because she is just nice to the people that arent very good so that they don't get discouraged ;) lol jk you are probably better then me, your better then me at alot of things that i started.. running, pottery! LOL but i still am going to have a higher score on the ACT then you in the end so eat it! haha.

The language is coming along small small. I learn new things every day, but it is a lot to process because you are bombarded with language every day, so eventually i will get better and better, it will just take time, but for now i can get around because i know alot of the common phrases and the things people say in normal conversation so thats good!

I am sorry you got the piggy flu! when i had that it stunk! but im glad your feeling better. Good luck in your footlocker training and stuff!

That is definitely long enough for now! haha

Ill be writing you next week as always :)



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