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Monday, November 23, 2009

So no email??

Email sent 23 Nov 2009

Why didnt you guys send an email this week......

Whatever im not exactly sure why you guys didnt get time but you better have a pretty good reason.

This week was normal nothing too excting happened. We had a fufu party with all of our zone last monday and we had a limbo competition, for some reason i didn't do as well as i usually do, but i still dominated, so it was a little frustrating though. While at the party we were talking about family and me and Elder Holmes (the kid from south Jordan) were talking. i told him i had cousins that went to Alta and i didn't think he would know them, but i said i was cousins with Corie and Catie and Cam. Well wouldn't ya know it me and Elder Holmes are related lol. Elder Holmes brother is married to our cousins cousin. ha thats a little funny coincedence i guess. So now whenever i see Holmes i call him cousin. We are playing another zone from our mission in a football (soccer) match today which is gonna be sweet! im really excited because we'll get to see alot of our friends from other zones and then get to play a football game. I bought a Soccer Jersey the other day, it was only 5 citis, or about 3 dollars!! ha its a Manchester United Jersey! I like it but it is possibly a little small, but they didn't have any other sizes so i bought it. Other than that it was just a normal week of proselyting where not much happened.


You need to check out a band called Seawolf. They have a song called Middle Distance Runner that sounds really cool! I have never actually heard the real song i've only heard elder Hill play it on the Guitar. but i think you should check it out cuz it sounds really good.

So im not really sure what else to write about this time because you guys didn't send an email..

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving though! and you can send me stuffing in my next package :) lol jk

PS i am now 3 months on mission! im one eighth through so that is exciting as well!

I better be recieving an email from You next week because monday really is what us as missionaries have to look forward to each week, and hearing from our family is what keeps us going. and when its not there its kinda sad. So i will be talking to you all next week. Sorry this was so short...



WOW did we mess up!  We were up writing Quinton's email and checked to see if his had come through.  It had come 11 minutes earlier (1:11 AM), which was a half hour earlier than he has sent it before.  So immediately emailed ours, but he must not have checked to see if he received anything before he signed off.  OOPS!!!

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