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Monday, December 7, 2009

A Week of Christmas

Email sent 7 Dec 2009

so i had this whole letter written out to you guys this morning and then the cafes internet went down and i have been very angry because then my computer froze and i lost the whole letter that i wrote to you guys :(

but now i will write a slightly smaller version!

I got your guys first package last week and i was way happy! the package was sweet and i have eaten alot of the things in it already lol. I was also way excited to get the Conference talk ensign because we don't have that here yet! so ive been reading a talk or two every day now! The package was way sweet because it was pretty stuffed! alot of other peoples parents don't pack them as much as you guys did and that made it really cool! I loved the mashed potatoes and gravy, i still have one of them left! Im very excited for the packages to come as well! so as for the watch, i don't think i will be needing a new watch. i guess you can just send me the watch bands, but im not sure if i know how to get them on. But i can try and see! and as for the camera i decided that we should scratch that idea because its too expensive and too big of a risk if it is lost or broken or something! so no need for a new camera ill just make do with what i have for now.

it is seriously getting hotter every day. it is kind of coming into the "summer" months in ghana and the heat and humidity is getting bad. but im used to it and as long as i wear my sunscreen i don't get burnt.

Me and Elder Joseph are still companion which is sweet because i really really like the guy. he is a very cool companion and a very good missionary. and Elder Hill and Elder jackson are still companions so nothing changed in our apartment. but the zone that we were in last transfer split and so now we are in a new zone so there are alot of things that are different but our day to day things changed very little!

sorry this is so short!

brandy, you did way good at footlocker im proud! and im glad you actually got to run the real course this year because it is a very fun and hard course! 21:34 is legit, and i am pretty sure that is what i ran my freshman year...the exact same time! or close to it, and the next year i ran 18:46 so i think that you should be able to do that next year as well :) good luck with running in the snow!

So mom yes i do like it when you send copies of other emails in the emails because it helps me know what my friends are doing which is cool! Don't forget that the Christmas season is a time for giving and not for getting. as i look back on how i was back home i kind of was a bad son. I didn't participate much with the family and really didn't help out any around the house or anything, so when i get home i vow to change that because i really do see that i missed out on alot of cool stuff because i was preoccupied "being a teenager" or something like that.

I love you all so much,


PS im not sure what is gonna happen with the phone call yet so when i find out ill keep you posted

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