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Monday, July 19, 2010

I dont even have very much to say

Email sent Monday 19 July 2010

haha so you asked a ton of questions this email. i will be sure and try to answer all of them but seriously there are a ton so sorry if i dont.

We have been playing alot of football(soccer) lately for Pday activities, last week we played on a full pitch, but the pitch was actually dirt. ha so ya it was the two Kumasi zones against each other, and this time we won! i think the score was 4-2 or something like that. it was really fun, and i even scored a goal so im kinda a big deal, but im sure you already know that! today we just played football on the little grass they have at the church, that was fun but kinda stunk because i have been having the headaches again. This time they are worse so im not really sure what is going wrong with me. There was a mission doctor here today i asked him why i would be having it and he really didnt know, but he told me a couple things i could do to maybe help them. i dont think they will, but ill try it. cuz even right now it is hard to concentrate on writing you this thing because my head is throbbing. but im in Africa so ill get over it. This next week we are playing a full pitch match again zone vs zone and my zone will win, but the really kicker that im excited for is two weeks from today. We are going golfing! sick huh? well our district is going golfing so it will probably cost like 30 citis but apparently there is a legit course up here in Kumasi and were gonna do it. im totally excited for that, it will be kinda a late birthday present to myself.

i have about 4 months left of contacts, so what i was thinking is you could just send me six months worth of contacts out, and then i could just wear my glasses sometimes too. so i think that is the best course of action to be taken here.

the cookies are very good! (Note: For Quinton's birthday, we sent two packages, both with cookies in the lays stax containers. The first package I sent June 15 with peanut butter cookies, the second package on June 22 with oatmeal raisin cookies. He received both packages Thursday, July 8. He is about six hours from the mission home and it takes a package two weeks to get there if everything goes as it should. Package arrival to Kumasi then depends on someone from the mission home traveling to Kumasi. We were hoping that both packages would make it in time for his birthday, and they did! There was a zone conference on July 8, so the packages made it.)

there are like 135ish missionaries in our mission right now. We have heard about the stuff in Accra but not really anything other than about the court case. its really to bad that it happened. Whether it is true or not missionaries were doing what they werent supposed to, hopefully the truth comes out whatever it is.

its funny that you would mention haircuts at a time like this. ha so last week we had the full pitch match and me and Elder lunt decided that we would be intimidating when we got to the match, so we decided to shave mohawks into our hair lol so for that Pday i had a sweet mohawk, i will send the pics next week and you will see for yourself. but now my hair is cut down to a 1, thats 1/8th of an inch. my hair hasnt been this short since ..well along time ago so ya, i actually think i got it sunburnt today but thats life.

i love yall


Email from Elder Joseph (former companion)

truely we rreally have a wonderful mission president who teach us wonderful thing and i can bear testimony of that from our last conference all the thing we have recieve from him have been a lot of help to us as missionaries and the people we teach i really take him as a father since i have been on mission and i have seen faith oif many missionaries and they have strengthen my testimony.

have a wonderful week

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