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Monday, July 12, 2010

Another year older and wiser ... probably not

Email sent Monday 12 July 2010

yep so it was my birthday on saturday, im finally out of the teens, i would like to tell you that i feel different but i feel exactly the same haha. in the morning for my birthday i made the executive decision that me and elder Lunt, who's first name is Casey btw, would go to the Kumasi stadium. because i wanted to run some! ha i was planing on running a mile but when i got there i realized that i am incredibly out of shape and running a mile would kill me. so i raced this huge black guy in two one hundreds. he won one and i won one! then i ran a 200 and had it times, this is how pathetic i am i ran a 29 and was dead. my running muscles just havent been used like that for a long time so i was tired, and i got a huge latic acid headache afterward too lol. but ya that was pretty much the extent of celebrating my birthday, after that we just went home and did normal proselyting things like missionaries do. one sweet thing was that we had zone conference on thursday, and not only did i get one package from you, i got two! i was super stoked about that, and all of the stuff inside of it was way sweet. the best thing was probably that little book about noah that you sent me. ha i read it to Elder White while he was jump roping, so i think he enjoyed it. oh and also the pictures were really good too. so thank you so much for all of that stuff and remembering my birthday, because i almost forgot myself :)

we have a blender in our apartment that is elder lunt and i have basically been making sweet shakes everyday twice a day, i use bananas, funny thing about bananas the only way that i can actually remember how to spell it is i have to sing that song by Gwen stefani that says eat bananas B a n a n a s! ha random. but ya the shakes are legit, im gonna be a shake making machine when i come home, i might even buy a magic bullet! maybe

zone conference was good, the talks were all good, President Sabeys son came, he actually just finished his mission in the same mission as Andrew Unker. i asked him if he knew him, he only really knew of him though, so whats cool. zone conference was just the two zones in Kumasi, and there is about like 40 missionaries up here. we are kind of in our own mission here because we get left out of tons of stuff. just the day before all of the southern zones had a combined zone conference which is cool for them, but not for us because we dont get to see them. i seriously don't know anyone in this mission except for the people in kumasi, ha if i ever get transfered down there i will be like a greeny to everyone because noone knows me lol

The scripture bags that i oredered a long time ago finally came too! so ill probably just send them to the mission home so i can have them when i leave because sending them to you in a package would be pretty expensive so ya, they look really cool though!

Im so glad that Boozer is finally gone! that guy is a deadbeat. all he is really after is money and he would never have the drive to do really well for the jazz, so good riddance! hopefully they pick up someone good to take his place! Thats cool that lebron went to the heat, i think that they could actually do really well! him and D-wade shuold seriously tear it up.

The boil on my nose is gone, i destroyed that thing ;)

And also the headaches have gone away, im not really sure what they were but its gone now so its cool, one of them probably was a migraine but its gone now so ya!

yup so i love yall and thanks for thinking of little old me out here in Ghana


Email from Elder Joseph (former companion)

i am really grateful for us to be able to accomplish this goal and this experience has strengthen my testimony some are really progressing and we hope that they will progress toward baptism

the area has been a sweet one also have a wonderful week

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