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Thursday, September 24, 2009

I had eight baptisms for my first baptism...

Emailed Mon 21 Sep 2009

lol but really my first baptism was this week and we had eight people! It was sweet, we were supposed to have nine though but one kids parent wouldn't let him get baptized so we need to go and have a little chat with her to straighten her out! But it was an awesome thing to see so many people get baptized and hopefully the people im teaching now will follow in there footsteps!

It's been a strange week, and it flew by way fast. Apparently alot of my MTC mates are already getting sick with malaria and stuff so that kinda stinks but were praying for them so they will get better. two kids in my Apartment who were in the MTC with me have already gotten malaria! its sorta crazy, One of them is named Elder Jackson and he is super tall and a way cool guy. A couple days after he got over his malaria which only lasted a day he got sick again and has been pretty much out for the past couple days. So he has just been sleeping in the apartment cuz he is to sick to get up :( we think he has typhoid, so President came yesterday to give him some medicine and stuff so he will get better! But as for me im just happy that i haven't been sick yet and i wanna keep it that way so make sure you guys pray for me!

One other thing i think that i should tell you guys right now is that i am definitely going to come home with some pretty bad broken english and possibly a hard accent because Elder Hurst has a big accent and we don't actually talk to good because when we are teaching we kinda have to dumb it down a little sometimes, so thats just a warning, but i think its sweet. As for the twi and fante languages im trying to learn but its really difficult. In Kojokrom were i am now it is mostly fante speakers, and it is harder to learn fante then it is to learn twi so elder hurst is teaching me the twi stuff that he knows and usually the understand. How are you is "ete sen" in twi but it is "oh te den" in fante so ya im slowly learning different things, there is two extra vowels added into the twi language and they say the vowels different so it is harder to read.

Church is a different experience because the speak mostly fante during it so it is hard to pay attention when i don't understand anything, but it helps that they add english words in every once in a while because they don't have words for alot of things in fante.

There is alot of things that are different over here but i am making the best of them and im loving every second of it. As i walked into church last week a learned something. The women that have babies are not bashful as to where they breast feed apparently. I never thought i'd see someone breastfeeding in church but apparently its a regular occurance lol. Its pretty awkward.

The food situation is good, i eat a buttload of egg sandwhiches, alot of rice and spaghetti so im liking it. During the MTC most of us white elders got really constipated and that made things uncomfortable for 4 days. President Harmon gave me some laxitaves and they didn't work! So eventually are started keeeping track of what days i was able to "relieve myself" so i knew if i went longer then 4 days i would need to do something about it, but now i am on a very good schedule!!! :) (i thought you guys would want to know) ((This is an edited version of how Quinton described his new diet and the effects.))

Fufu is pretty good, ive had it twice and i really like it, but my favorite African food or drink ive had so far is called Alvaro, its a kind of soda pop thing and it's very close tasting to Vault so obviously i love it! The pineapple's here are the greatest things i have ever tasted. thats about all i can think about now.

Keep the emails coming its really nice to have some connection with the outside world :)

Love you all,

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